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Dec 2012 - Vol 7, Issue 9
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Happy Holidays,
I hope this issue of AV Matters finds you enjoying the Holiday Season with family and friends. One thing most of my readers have in common is that the weeks around Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years are generally slow and allow time to think and reflect. I wish you the opportunity to do that in your own way.

If you are a regular reader and perhaps even look forward to AV Matters, then I apologize for being offline since August. While I had managed to get an issue out each and every month for six years running, in September 2012 I discovered my personal limits on business capacity and something on my end had to give. I don't see business letting up, but I do plan on re-prioritizing my time to rekindle my blogging.

Before I became pleasantly swamped with work, I managed to record a handful of videos on business topics and I will release one each month. Special thanks to the good folks at Magic Production Group in Dallas, TX for their support and inspiration. Producer Jason Croft exceeded all expectations and delivered a fantastic product. See the article below to access this month's installment. Plus, there is a bonus video on my YouTube page.

Oh and before I forget, check out my home page update. The rotating banners and quotes are all new (sorry, the Rooster is gone...for now). Let me know what you think. I am always grateful to Dane Miller and Brad Nance at Azure Marketing for all the things they do for me. They not only updated my website this year, but were the creative half of my team at the Alford Media Chili Cookoff. We were first runner up in presentation for our Theory of Chili-tivity theme.


Thanks for Reading,
Tom Stimson
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Best Practices Series on Video

Bring Structure to an Important Conversation

This is the first in a series of video episodes on key business topics. They will be available on my Youtube channel and you are welcome to share them with your colleagues. 

The past two issues of AV Matters have focused on business planning. In this video I summarize the elements of a business plan and an expedited process for getting the Executive Team involved.

The 90 Minute Business Plan
The 90 Minute Business Plan 00:08:41
Each Best Practices video will be added to my YouTube page and as inspiration permits, you may see additional video blogs from time to time. I hope you find the content helpful. -Tom

ClosingThoughts Closing Thoughts

Here's a few scribbles from the margins:

In business, life, and politics (and they are not the same thing), you have to read beyond the blurbs and listen beyond the sound bites. But who am I kidding? Too many folks read and listen until they see or hear what they want to believe. Sigh. Critical listening and learning applies to your business as well. Whether you are giving credit or assigning blame, the first answer that fits your assumptions often suffices as the truth. Instead, look for the root causes of any success or failure: Circumstances allow individuals to shine or fail. As a manager, you create the positive or negative response. You responsibility is to provide processes that allow better outcomes and eliminate processes that permit bad outcomes. When you do that, then your employees will suddenly be more praiseworthy and so will you. 

About Thomas R. Stimson, MBA, CTS
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Tom Stimson has thrived for over twenty-five years in the Audiovisual and Live Events industries. As a Consultant, Tom helps companies define their goals and then design a plan that will take them there. For more information visit the website.