Welcome to The Bookies' Latest Update!                      November 2015 Issue 3
The Bookies Newsletter
Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break! Just a reminder that we'll be closed on Thursday, 26th and Friday, 27th of November. Our best wishes to all on this most American family day!

Paul Aertker
Join Us for Our Biggest Ever Author Day!

It's a record!  On Small Business Saturday, November 28th, we'll be hosting over 20 authors for a book signing and meet and greet!

Drop in from 10:00a.m. onward to meet authors from all genres - from picture books to adult thrillers. Signed books make awesome holiday gifts and our usual discounts apply. Find our full list of authors and books here.

Chanukah Gifts!
With Chanukah following hard on the heels of Thanksgiving, it's a busy holiday season!

If you're still looking for Chanukah gifts, come into the store and let us help you out. We still have plenty of gelt and dreidels, and lots of gift ideas, for adults and children:

Books - of course! We have a great selection of Chanukah books, both traditional and contemporary
Spot it Shalom

Activity books, like word puzzles and coloring
Soft toys and puppets
Scarves and jewelry
Soap, lip balm and other personal treats
Games ("Spot It Shalom" has been particularly popular this year)
Star Wars activities and models (the go-to movie for these holidays)
Bookies gift cards - ideal for when you run out of ideas, or you need to mail a gift

And don't forget our free wrapping service - we have a range of Chanukah papers and will be happy to wrap your gifts for you!

Sharing Books for the Holidays!
Talking about Books
Look at all those thoughtful faces... A group of staff got together before work last week to talk about the best books we've read recently - many of them we'll be recommending these holidays! More details in the next newsletter, but here are a few to whet your appetite...

Stanley_s Diner
For our youngest readers, Stanley's Diner by William Bee is a simple story about running a diner, with beautiful pictures, evocative of the simplicity of Dick Bruna's  Miffy. Stanley the hamster appears in a series of books in which he tries out different types of job - he's a hard worker, but luckily he has friends to help him out!

Malcolm at Midnight
Malcolm at Midnight by W. H. Beck, illustrated by Brian Lies, is a wonderful book for fifth grade and up. Malcolm is a fifth grade classroom pet. Everybody, humans and other classroom pets alike, think he's a mouse, but he's actually a very small rat. And rats are disgusting, right? When the iguana leader of the classroom pet association disappears, it's up to Malcolm to find her and prove that rats aren't all that bad!

I Was Here
I Was Here is the latest novel by Gayle Forman, bestselling author of If I Stay. When Cody's best friend Meg commits suicide, a disbelieving Cody is determined to find out why. She takes on the task of packing up Meg's college belongings - and what she uncovers makes her wonder if she really knew Meg at all. Part mystery, part romance, and massively heartbreaking, this is one for older teenagers, particularly girls.

National Book Awards
Speaking of great books, congratulations to Ta-Nehisi Coates and all the other 2015 National Book Award winners!

Sue Lubeck