Welcome to The Bookies' Latest Update!                      November 2015 Issue 2
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Thanksgiving for Families, Friends and Bookies
This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our colleagues, who make The Bookies such a wonderful place. So our staff can fully enjoy Thanksgiving, we will be closed on both Thursday, 26th and Friday, 27th November. Our best wishes to all on this most American family day!

Small Business Saturday Author Extravaganza!
We're also thankful for you, our great community of Bookies supporters. And we'd like to thank you with a special event. We'll be re-opening on Small Business Saturday, November 28th, with a bang, for our our increasingly popular Author Day!

Why not start your holiday shopping with a book, signed by the author? Or ask our authors or staff what they will give their friends and family for the holidays? Our usual store discounts apply! Last year the store was buzzing on Small Business Saturday and we're looking forward to more fun this year - we have some amazing authors for you to meet! And in case you're shy, we've suggested a few ice-breakers to get the conversations started.

Our Schedule of Authors and Books

10:00 a.m. - Noon

Judith Robbins Rose
Finding unexpected friendship and support
Brand new - published September 2015 - Grade 4 and up
Look Both Ways in The Barrio Blanco
Ask Judy why she chose to write about undocumented immigrants in the US!

Patricia Long
The Stitches Fairy
Children's picture book on overcoming fears
Ask Pat about growing up with eight - yes eight! - brothers and sisters!

Too Mad to Trust
Josh Nathan
Josh Nathan
Children's picture book on anger and friendship
Too Mad To Trust
Ask Josh for tips on children's moods!

Todd Fahnestock
Todd Fahnestock
Epic young adult fantasy, Grade 7 and up
Ask Todd about his other books, written with writing partner Giles Carwyn!

Cassi Clark
Breastfeeding is a Bitch
Cassi Clark
Breastfeeding Is a Bitch, but We Lovingly Do It Anyway
Ask Cassi how she found humor in pain!

Edward Loffredo
Edward Loffredo
An exciting story about the western experience for Grade 3 and up
The Lost Aztiki Tribe and The Mysterious Cave of Gold
Ask Edward about his inspiration for the Lost Tribe!

11:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Spy adventure for Grade 5 and up - Crime Travelers series
Ask Paul what he has planned for the third in the Crime Travelers' series!

Noon - 2:00 p.m.

Journey to Kona
Karen Brown
Karen Brown
How an ultra-athlete achieved her dream
Journey to Kona
Ask Karen what an ultra-athlete is allowed to eat and drink!

Danette Scott
Shimmy-Dee Learns to Share
Danette Scott
Children's picture book about friendship
Shimmy-Dee Learns to Share
Ask Danette why she chose to write about a snake!

The Christmas Child
Mary Elizabeth Robinson
Christmas novel for Grade 4 and up
The Christmas Child
Ask Mary about her new creative projects!

_MoneyConscious Student
John Schneider & David Auten
Advice targeted to the cash-strapped student
#MoneyConscious Student
Ask John and David about other #MoneyConscious books!

Don Morreale
Cowboys_ Yogis and One-Legged Ski Bums
Don Morreale
Extraordinary stories about 'ordinary' Coloradans
Cowboys, Yogis, & One-Legged Ski Bums
Ask Don about some of the amazing people he has met in Colorado!

Jimmy M Smith
Slobber _ Sanity
Jimmy M. Smith
Hilarious dog stories for adults
Slobber and Sanity
Ask Jimmy about some of his other interesting animals!

Ross Boone
Squire and Daniel
Raw Spoon
Children's picture book on loss and sorrow
Squire and Daniel
Ask why the author is known as 'Raw Spoon'!

David Sage
David Sage
The Medallion Series - action and adventure for Grade 6 up
Adzul, Cuto and Lita
Ask David about his plans for new books in the series!

I_ve Been Dirty
Linda Siegel Carney
Linda Siegel Carney
Chldren's picture book
I've Been Dirty and I've Been Clean
Ask Linda how long it took to see her book in print!

2:00 p.m. -  4:00 p.m.

The Scourge
A G Henley
A. G. Henley
YA Fantasy, grade 7 and up,
The Brilliant Darkness series -  The Scourge and The Defiance, and - just published - The Fire Sisters!
Ask A. G. what is special about her main character!

The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace
Ellen Byerrum
Ellen Byerrum
Darker mystery and suspense for adult readers
The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace
Ask Ellen about her Crime of Fashion series!

Some Parts are Not for Sharing
Julie Federico
Children's picture book about physical privacy
Some Parts are Not for Sharing
Ask Julie about her other books that help children understand difficult concepts!

Dusty Saunders
Heeere_s Dusty_
Dusty Saunders
Stories from a long-serving Denver journalist
Heeere's Dusty!
Ask Dusty for more stories from his newspaper days!

Nancy Sharp
Both Sides Now
Nancy Sharp
Autobiography about finding strength in loss and challenge
Both Sides Now
Ask Nancy why she moved to Denver!

Small Business Saturday has been put together by our own Larry Yoder.  For more about the Myth That is Larry, and why he is known as The Old Dude, check out this video, made by Stories from the Street. And look out for YoderSpace on our upcoming blog - where the many reviews that Larry writes for us will appear in full!

Trick or Treating With Books
At the end of October, we went to the Halloween party at the Glendale Sports Center, where we treated over 300 kids, and their parents, to a new book.

Some of these kids had never owned a book of their own before. We'd like to thank everybody who donated books for this great cause. No tricks were played and everybody had a wonderful time!

SMBS 2015
We're getting excited about this year's Small Business Saturday. This is a wonderful initiative celebrating small, local stores, and it's a day that independent bookstores, like us, have embraced. Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild (the book on which the Reese Witherspoon movie was based) is acting as the spokesperson for indie bookstores this year and has written a letter about the importance of this day.

Our photo shows a few of last year's writers - this year we have more than ever turning up! In fact, I don't think we've ever had so many writers in the store at one time. Some are debut authors, some have been published for many years, and some are self-published. This will be a fun meet and greet, with plenty of time to talk, as well as to get books signed. Please come and join us!
Sue Lubeck