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In this update: Read about the ministry's recent outreach at the homosexual celebration "OutFest," its warning against apostasy at "America for Jesus" and its stand for Biblical truth and voice for the unborn at the Democratic National Convention. 

Repent America Reaches Out at 'OutFest'

OutFest On October 7th, Repent America (RA) returned to preach the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ at "OutFest," one of several public celebrations of homosexuality that take place in Philadelphia each year. 

It was at this same festival that eleven Christians with Repent America, who became known as "the Philadelphia 11," were unlawfully arrested in 2004 for their witness and charged under Pennsylvania's "hate crimes" law. After being vindicated of all charges, their arrests later led to the law being struck down in the courts as unconstitutional. 

While things went smoothly this year in regard to being permitted to preach freely, attendees at the festival railed and raged against God and His word throughout the day. At one point, as per the request of event organizers, a marching band began playing their instruments loudly to drown out the preaching and witnessing. A crossdresser then danced provocatively around the speaker to add to the distraction as a crowd formed to watch the sight. 

Later in the day, as the ministry persevered, police told the band to cease, and many gathered to listen intently as the word of God went forth. Please pray that those who heard the preaching will repent and believe the Gospel. 

"[I send thee] to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in Me." - Acts 26:18


Apostasy Exposed at 'America for Jesus'

America for Jesus Repent America (RA) recently attended "America for Jesus" at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to warn against and expose apostasy. 

The prayer gathering, which was attended by an estimated eight to ten thousand professing Christians, was led by megachurch "Bishop" Anne Gimenez of Church on the Rock in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Gimenez, author of the autobiography Born to Preach, spoke extensively to the crowds throughout the two-day event.

Rick Joyner of Morningstar International, the spiritual adviser to "faith healer" Todd Bentley, also spoke to the audience, as well as Prophetess Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, who has claimed that a staff member was visited by the angel Gabriel. Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in California, who espouses concerning teaching that Jesus "became a sinner for us and had to be born again," also spearheaded an event in conjunction with the gathering. 

Other guest speakers included Rick Scarborough of Vision America, Lou Engle of The Call, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network and many others. A recorded prayer was also broadcasted from Joel Osteen, and a written message from Billy Graham was read to the audience. 

In addition to preaching against the false teachings of a number of the speakers, RA spoke with attendees about how they intended to vote this November. The ministry outlined that the guidelines for choosing rulers are not based upon man's subjective opinions, but rather on an absolute standard given by Divine authority. 
While many were unwilling to heed warnings about yoking together with false teachers, others engaged the ministry in sincere discussion. Please pray that those who heard the message will turn to the Scriptures and put their hope in the word of God instead of men.
Click here to read more about the outreach in an article written by Christian News Network, a ministry of Repent America. 

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears." - 2 Timothy 4:3


Democrats Denounced at National Convention
Outreach at Democratic National Convention Repent America (RA) traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina last month to share the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with attendees of the Democratic National Convention, and to speak up for those without a voice, who are being murdered through abortion.

The ministry spent the week admonishing the thousands that gathered in support of Barack Obama, calling upon them to turn from their rebellion against Almighty God. Sadly, as the Gospel went forth, many attempted to drown out the preaching by chanting slogans such as "four more years!" Vendors also sold merchandise hailing Obama as a messiah and even used Scripture in an attempt to justify their idolatry.

On the first day of the convention, a group of approximately 500 women gathered in downtown Charlotte to host a rally in support of Planned Parenthood. RA preached to those at the event and countered the darkness with the light, while many women cheered at the ministry's signs, which contained photographs of precious children that had lost their lives to abortion. 

Despite the rebellion of the people, the ministry was thankful that it was given much freedom to share the Gospel with attendees. In 2004, at the Republican National Convention in New York City, police arrested RA director Michael Marcavage and hundreds of others after the city issued orders for all First Amendment activity to be conducted from a "free speech zone," a case that is now making its way upon appeal to the United States Supreme Court. This year, the ministry was even able to preach to those waiting in line to hear Obama's acceptance speech, and was free to speak in any location that it desired. 

Christian News Network, a ministry of Repent America, covered the outreach extensively. Click here to read more, and here to watch the ministry exposing the Democratic Party and the unfruitful works of darkness at the event. 

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil." - John 3:19

About Repent America

Repent America (RA) is an evangelistic organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which zealously labors to further the Kingdom of God through Biblical evangelism. RA is a small operation with a BIG mission as it reaches out to tens of thousands of people each month with the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether it be the public proclamation of the Gospel message (Romans 10:14-15), opening thy mouth for the voiceless (Proverbs 31:8-9), preaching to the poor and comforting the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18), warning the wicked of their way (Ezekiel 33:8-9), or working to preserve our liberties to do so, Repent America continues to "fight the good fight of faith." (1 Timothy 6:12) Please join in the fight with us by making a donation to keep us on the streets as we continue to impact America with the truth of God's Word!

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