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2015 WTCQD Reports Flowing in From Worldwide!
2nd installment ... featuring WTCQD Events in Wyoming (USA); Camaroon (Africa); Tehran, Iran; Jerusalem, Israel; Hong Kong; Texas maximum security prison (Allred Unit); Trowbridge, United Kingdom ... and a tribute to Nepal's WTCQD family ...

This newsletter quickly FILLED, but more are coming...from the incredibly beautiful WTCQD Tai Chi & Qigong Family ...

If you missed the 1st installment of WTCQD 2015 Reports, click here to view it. Please share these links and newsletters widely ...

"We are all one big family."
-- Jet Li

"On one day each year ... all borders and boundaries disappear ... and all we are left with is "human beings" ... all permeated by the same joyful and healthful Qi (Chi) that knows no names, no borders, and includes all of Earth's children in its loving embrace, like the precious blue atmosphere we all share."
-- Bill Douglas and Angela Wong-Douglas,
Founders of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 

Earth Blue Glow

Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom report ...

UK, Great Yarmouth

United Kingdom, Great Yarmouth WTCQD event        



Hi Bill & World Tai Chi & Qigong Day,


... many thanks to all those that turned up for the World Tai Chi Qigong celebration  on the Gorleston Cliffs, Great Yarmouth. UK


Practicing Tai Chi with the rest of the world is something else, it's a good feeling to realize we are sharing our internal energy and thoughts with so many countries throughout the World. It's not politics but the total belief that the world can pull together for the good of all men one day.


We felt good inside knowing we were a part of the healing wave of energy circling earth.

As we finished our practice the sun came out giving a warm glow on the calm sea, we too felt warm inside as we made our way home.




Colin Orr, Great Yarmouth,
United Kingdom

To Honor Our Brothers & Sisters in Nepal ...
a past WTCQD event in Nepal photo montage ...
(see "how-to-donate to Nepal" below) 

Nepal earthquake: how to donate



Tunisia, North Africa's MASSIVE
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2015 Event ...

WORLD TAI CHI/QIGONG  DAY  In Tunisia (April 25th 2015)
WORLD TAI CHI/QIGONG DAY In Tunisia (April 25th 2015)

Hi Mr Bill Douglas & World Tai Chi & Qigong Day,
This is our 3rd edition of Worldtaichiday in Tunisia 
this year we have the participation of other city in Tunisia 
thnak you kiki emoticon
peace, love & Harmony
Mohamed Ghariani, Tunisia 




In Tunisia (April 25th 2015)
Mohamed Ghariani Maître Azzouz Lotfi
Maitre LiJing Maitre Mansour Kharroubi (Sfax)
Fédération Tunisienne Wushu Kung Fu
Ambassade de la République Populaire de Chine


Special Thanks to 


Tai Chi & Qigong Medical Research ...

WorldTaiChiDay.org's WTCQD 2015
Press Releases educate media worldwide!

Tai Chi Can Increase Brain Size, Boost Immune Function, Treat Heart Disease, and Much More

Click to see entire WTCQD Press Release


Everyone, PLEASE
upload your videos onto Youtube, and then send us the Youtube link. It is way less work for us that way, plus you get increased outreach for your photos/video. You can use Windows Movie Maker, a free video editing program, where you can add titles & music to imported photos or video.

Also, if you post your photos on a Facebook page, and send us the link, or post them in your WTCQD Event Listing, and then send us the link. But, Youtube and Movie Maker are great tools to learn how to use for your own local school's promotion!

Gillette, Wyoming (USA)'s WTCQD report ...

Hi Bill and Angela and World Tai Chi & QG Day,

What a wonderful world we live in today, that we can join together and experience a global event of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Thank you for all your hard work in building this worldwide phenomenon!  

By the way, both of the t shirt orders arrived in time and everyone was very pleased with this year's color and design.  Need to order a few more now.  

Kate Johnston, 
Gillette, Wyoming

Towbridge (United Kingdom)'s WTCQD Gains Media Attention in UK ...

Trowbridge UK's Community Sensory Gardens received media coverage of their event from the Wiltshire Times Newspaper!

Gillette Wyoming (USA) & Trowbridge (UK) Illustrate the VALUE of MEDIA EXPOSURE!

Media Coverage of WTCQD

Gillette, Wyoming (USA)'s population is about 20,000, and Trowbridge (United Kingdom)'s population is slightly more than 30,000. I went to school in a town about this size. The hometown newspapers are WIDELY read as THE SOURCE ... imagine how many Gillette Wyomingians, or Trowbridge, UK citizens, will see these group's LARGE COLOR-PHOTOS ARTICLES  (above) on Tai Chi and Qigong's benefits!

We give you tools to get your local media's attention, and we collect media addresses, phone numbers, emails and easy to use links for your local media. Then you can use our free WTCQD Tai Chi Medical Research Library to find PROOF that Tai Chi can help the majority of citizens in your community (heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia, etc. etc.), so you can then educate the public via your media coverage about this research. Tai Chi & Qigong teachers are not wealthy, typically, so you literally CANNOT BUY MEDIA LIKE THIS.

Yes, we know, WTCQD 2015 just passed, but start thinking about "next year's WTCQD 2016 event, and bookmark our above tools for future reference.

So, you're probably thinking, "Now how much is this gonna' cost me, people don't help promote my classes/school for free?"

You are wrong. We do this all for free as a public service, because Tai Chi and Qigong changed our lives, and change the lives of our students, and we want this to expand out worldwide. We help Tai Chi and Qigong teachers expand their teaching into: public education; special education; corporate wellness; penal rehabilitation; major health institutions; Churches / Mosques / Temples / Synagogues, places of worship, etc., and give free resources above to help you do it. (Above links)

WHY? To make a better world. It is satisfying to contribute to the well-being of others. It makes us feel good, when we help you help others feel good. IF YOU ARE NOT A TEACHER, but a student who is benefiting from Tai Chi and Qigong, it will make you feel better to spread the word on this good thing you've found ... it will help your teacher ... and in the end it will lower health costs for the whole society.


Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters,

A few things happened here in Kansas City that we thought we should share. Before WTCQD 2015, one of our local students put up a "World Tai Chi Day Kansas City" event page on Facebook ... we did not ask him to ... he just did it because he wanted the goals of WTCQD to expand through the planet ...

... then following the event another student took the WTCQD Kansas City event video I had produced the evening after our event ... and he posted it all over Facebook ... we did not ask him to do it ... he just did it, because he loves the idea of WTCQD, expanding Tai Chi & Qigong to create a calmer, clearer, and healthier planet.

THIS is how World Tai Chi & Qigong Day came into being ... individuals ... like you ... deciding something healing should be promoted to expand out through the fibers of the community, nation, and global mind.  When these people began habitually talking about WTCQD on their emails, and in classes, and on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. ... that is what made this mass global event possible ... and YOU TOO can play a role in this amazing global family of Tai Chi and Qigong connection and expansion for the betterment of society.

Forward your emails to friends. Post them and our videos, medical research, etc., on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and consider yourself a World Tai Chi & Qigong Day ambassador.

Yours in Qi,

Bill Douglas and Angela Wong-Douglas,
Founders of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

Tehran, Iran WTCQD 2015!

Just in from Sifu Hossein Mir Mohammadi ...

"We (as Wushu, Taichi, and Internal Styles Training Center of Iran) held our WTCQD celebration in the Mellat Park (an old and famous park of Tehran).

More than 200 persons were attended. We began with warm up exercises, and " Ba Duan Jing " after that. Then some individual and group tai chi bare hand and weapon routines were demonstrated in Chen, Yang , and Wu styles.

There were voluminous positive energy between the attendants, and every body was happy. Thanks a lot for your innovation!"

-- Sifu Hossein Mir Mohammadi,
Tehran, Iran

Jerusalem, Israel WTCQD 2015!


Just in from Simcha Baruch Ben-Avida ...

Kabbalah Tai Chi workout by lifeinmotion.com.au
Kabbalah Tai Chi workout by lifeinmotion.com.au

"Sacred practice, meditation in motion, kabbalah Tai Chi, Psalms Qi Gong, spiritual exercising, and a spiritual workout to enhance self confidence, self esteem..."

Indonesia's Solo City Organizes a WTCQD 2015

These are another pictures, taken on last Saturday in celebrating World Tai Chi Qigong day. in Solo city-Indonesia.


Solo City, Indonesia World Tai Chi & Qigong Day organizers


WTCQD 2015

Just in from WTCQD Hong Kong organizer, and MA champion, Dr. Luk, with photos by Wai Sum Luk.



Texas Maximum Security Prison, Organizes for WTCQD 2015


WorldTaiChiDay.org Supports Prison Tai Chi & Qigong Programs globally ... 
Willie, a Tai Chi Meditation program facilitator in Texas's Allred Unit, informed us of efforts to organize a World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2015 in that Texas maximum security prison with involving the inmates participating in that institution's Tai Chi and Qigong Meditation Program.

He has also reached out to other prisons, in an effort to expand the use of Tai Chi and Qigong as Penal Rehabilitation, including prisons in:
and Oklahoma

WorldTaiChiDay.org has inspired, facilitated, or contributed to rehab. programs from Kansas's Womens Correctional Facility in Topeka, at Folsom Prison in California (Judith Trethway is the founder of that Folsom Tai Chi Chih Program), Kansas City's Jackson County Court System, and Perth, Australia's Bandyup Women's Prison (founded by Perth WTCQD organizer, Bev Abela).

WTCQD organizers, Bev Abela, founder of Tai Chi Meditation                
program for    Perth, Australia's Bandyup Women's Prison                

Women's Prison, Topeka, Kansas
Kansas Tai Chi teacher, Linda Bowers, founder of Tai Chi Meditation                
program for Kansas Women's Prison  

WorldTaiChiDay.org and WorldQigongDay.org are cited as sources by the U.S. Bureau of Prison's National Institute of Corrections, where we help both penal rehab. professionals and Tai Chi and Qigong teachers envision ways to create penal rehab. programs involving Tai Chi and Qigong--and provide them tools to help make an effective proposal to do so.

"The best Tai Chi book I've read!"


From the Founders of
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day ... 

A book to help the modern world understand the BEST PARTS of Tai Chi, and explained in a way that modern students "can get."

Tai Chi & Qigong teachers worldwide use this book as a teaching tool.

This book has an Appendix that links readers to teachers of all styles worldwide who list in the free WorldTaiChiDay.org teachers directory.

See Excerpts of 90% 5 & 4 Star Reviews from Amazon below!

"Excellent, complete guide to T'ai Chi and Qi Gong. The graphics and pictures make this easy to understand. This is the best T'ai Chi book I've read to date."
-- Madi Betz

CIG 4th Edition

"The best Tai Chi book I've read."
-- C. Paris Anderson

"Excellent book on Tai Chi. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Tai Chi. Web video support is superb!! There is so much packed into this edition. This will be my go-to reference on Tai Chi."
-- Victor Logan

"... one of the best books I have found on the subject."
-- Scott48

"Excellent book! Best on T'ai Chi that I have read!"
-- Kevin Cabell

"This was my first intro to Tai Chi and I really enjoyed it. The online support is fun--I can spend hours there!"
-- CH

"As a 40-year practitioner and teacher of tai chi and energy work, I have found this book to be the most up-to-date, user-friendly, and complete package for the study of this ancient art that can be found anywhere in the world."
-- Jennifer

Available in:


The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong: Chapter 1 - Overview of Book's Web Video Support
The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong: Chapter 1 - Overview of Book's Web Video Support

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