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San Francisco Bay Area       Human Service and Environmental Restoration Projects
Volunteer Teams Needed
We take care of: 
all food, lodging, tools, safety equipment, permits, and project coordination. 
You take care of:
the Community

December 14-19          22 volunteers needed
January 4-10                18 volunteers needed
March 1-7                    31 volunteers needed 
March 15-21                21 volunteers needed
March 22-28                33 volunteers needed             
Environmental Restoration

"They really do everything," said Greg Moore executive director of the conservancy. "They grow native plants, they band wild hawks in the Marin Headlands, they do historical restoration work, they volunteer at the flower gardens on Alcatraz."




It felt good to give people healthy food.
Emily, CC International Volunteer 2014
"Those of us working in the field of hunger and food insecurity want the best for the people we serve,"  says Patricia Crawford, Cooperative Extension specialist and director of UC Berkeley's Atkins Center for Weight and Health (CWH), a partnership between the College of Natural Resources and the School of Public Health.. "There is a moral imperative to do more than to provide just calories. We must provide foods that will help protect the health of the most vulnerable in our society."

"We volunteered at a food bank, on a community farm, and distributed produce to families.It was great to see the entire process."  Lisa , CC International 2014 volunteer.


"They are vulnerable. They need more help, and our funding has been reduced. It's very troubling."said Elaine deColigny, executive director of EveryOne Home, Alameda County's main homeless-help coordination agency.

Early Childhood Education 

"Head Start kids in the morning and Boys and Girls Clubs after school programs. It was awesome, the kids were great!!"
Amanda, CC International Volunteer 2014

Plenty of work to do in the Bay Area and we need more volunteers.

We  also need university and college volunteer teams to work on our ongoing domestic and international projects this coming summer, winter,  and spring.

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DOMESTIC PROJECTS 2014-2015 2013 2014 Projects



GUATEMALA Community Development, Sustainable Farming, Support for local artisans 



PUERTO RICO Youth development, environmental restoration, hunger, homelessness



 Rural community development, sustainable agriculture, poverty,environment


HAITI Clean water, housing, rural agriculture


PANAMA  Sustainable cacao farming, indigenous communities, clean water, environment. 


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