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    Ten Years on the Gulf   

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"Yeah, we went there- Volunteer-abration  it is!!"


When:  Fall , Winter, & Spring 

Alternative Break 2014-2015


Where:   Camp Wilkes Mississippi Gulf Coast 

Food and Lodging provided at beautiful Camp Wilkes

Who:  College and University Alternative Break Volunteer Teams

Great Projects !!

Environmental Restoration, Early Childhood Education, Disaster Recovery, Hunger and Homelessness


Gulf Coast Communities Need You!

Come on down!

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Space is limited.



A Decade of Service on the Gulf

Beginning with Hurricane Katrina, the coastal communities of the Gulf Coast have faced a steady onslaught of both natural and human-caused disasters, 

  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina
  • 2005 Hurricane Rita
  • 2008 Hurricane Gustav     
  • 2008 Hurricane Ike   
  • 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Ten Years of Hard Work

Volunteer teams from 120 Universities and Colleges, 

7000 student volunteers, 

210,000 hours of service, 

795 homes repaired or rebuilt, 

133 miles of trail repaired and rebuilt, 

1100 youth mentored, 

60 miles of shoreline clean up and restoration,  

3000 trees planted, 

7 tons of debris removed from rivers and estuaries...

and we're just getting started!!

Reserve space for your volunteer team!


Project Reports


Framingham State University Gulf Coast Blog 2013


I never thought that I would be excited to wake up at 6AM. I never thought I would enjoy bagging oyster shells. I never thought that after one week I would have 29 people in my life that I could genuinely call friends. I never thought I would have the privilege of meeting so many inspirational people in Biloxi, Mississippi- but I thought wrong. I'm not exactly sure what my expectations were going into ASB, but I am certain that I was underestimating the power of this experience. My eyes were opened and I learned more about myself, my trip mates, and the people of Mississippi than I ever thought possible. It would take days to recount every positive experience I had on ASB, so here are two of the most impactful moments for me:  READ MORE


Project Videos 

Community Colaborations International
Gulf Coast Restoration

Reserve space for your volunteer team! 



We  also need university and college volunteer teams to work on our ongoing domestic and international projects this coming fall, winter,  and spring.

 (click on projects below for details)

DOMESTIC PROJECTS 2014-2015 2013 2014 Projects



Community Development, Sustainable Farming, Support for local artisans 



 Youth development, environmental restoration, hunger, homelessness



 Rural community development, sustainable agriculture, poverty, Environmental Restoration


Clean water, housing, rural agriculture


Sustainable cacao farming, indigenous communities, clean water, environment


Questions about our any of our projects?


 Community Collaborations International


Visit our website to learn more about our domestic and international projects

Voice/fax: 212 208 2522

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