Monday, October 7, 2013



Tomorrow, October 8th, Pax Christi USA is one of the co-sponsors for a live teach-in on "Syria and U.S. Policy in the Region." The event will take place from 6:3-7:30pm, EDT, from D.C. and will live stream at this link: The panel will answer these questions and more: 

  • How did the peace movement in the U.S. and world-wide stop Washington from proceeding with military action in Syria?
  • How can we build on our success to change U.S. policy in the region?
  • What's happening now, on the ground in Syria and on the diplomatic front?

We hope you'll join in the event from wherever you are!


Below is the e-Update for October 2013, a recap of all of the items you may have missed but which are still relevant from the past month or so. We hope you'll take a few moments today or later this week to review them and use them as you see fit. 


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