December 21, 2015
Is Your Agency Ready For El Nino? 
CASA Executive Director Bobbi Larson
CASA Executive Director Bobbi Larson
In an interview with California Water Environment Association, CASA Executive Director Bobbi Larson discusses how agencies can prepare for the much-anticipated El Nino, including what to do in the case of a sanitary sewer overflow. Read more... 

Congress Reaches Deal on Omnibus Spending Bill; Drought Relief Legislation Pushed Out
The White House
Congress reached a compromise on an omnibus spending bill to maintain federal spending for the remainder of fiscal year 2016. Additionally, Congress will not vote on a drought package this year. Read more...
Local Governments Seek Constitutional Amendment
Last week the Association of California Water Agencies, the California State Association of Counties and the League of California Cities filed a constitutional amendment that would create a new, optional funding mechanism allowing local agencies to finance stormwater, flood control and other projects. The amendment also would allow for conservation-based water rates or lifeline rates for low-income households. Read more...
Help Prepare the Next Generation of Clean Water Professionals
college studentDon't miss this year's Associates Reception at our winter conference in Palm Springs. The associates have partnered with the CASA Education Foundation to bring you a fun-filled evening that includes a silent auction and raffle. With some pretty incredible items up for grabs, you could easily walk away with something you love

auction items The Foundation needs your support. Please donate an item for the auction or raffle and help fund the scholarship program that rewards hard-working students seeking to advance the clean water mission. Read more...
Happy Holidays from CASA!
At CASA, we work hard, but we also appreciate the importance of play. In that spirit, on behalf of CASA staff & consultants, we wish you a happy holiday season and a bright and happy new year!

From Adam Link, Greg Kester, Brooke Sobol, Debbie Welch, Cheryl MacKelvie, Eric Sapirstein, Jessica Gauger, Mike Dillon and Bobbi Larson.
Important Hotel Room Info for January Conference Attendees
Our block of reduced-rate rooms for the winter conference have all been reserved. If you have not yet booked your room, please contact Cheryl MacKelvie by email or phone (916.446.0388) to see if we have had any recent cancellations at the reduced rate. 

Additionally, we'd like to ask that anyone canceling a reservation contact Cheryl before you cancel so she can transfer your reduced-rate reservation to another member. Thank you for your help in ensuring a great experience for all conference attendees!
Agency News
DSRSD logo
Dublin San Ramon Services District was honored with the Association of California Water Agencies'
Huell Howser Best in Blue Award for its innovative water conservation outreach program. Read more...

Silicon Valley Clean Water gives an update on the Force Main Reliability Improvement Project - the 14-year effort to restore Bair Island in Redwood City to tidal wetlands, bringing back conditions not seen since the late 1800s. The project reached reality Thursday, Dec. 10, when the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service breached the levees following a ceremony that involved numerous agencies and project proponents. Read more...
Mixed Bag
Check out Japan's Toilet Museum!
The Toto toilet company recently opened a $60 million museum for toilets in Kitakyushu. Everything from giant sumo wrestler toilets to Gen. Douglas MacArthur's humble washroom to high-tech electric thrones are on display. 

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