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Message from DCAR Government Affairs

The Washington Post Supports DCAR-Endorsed Candidate

Patrick Mara

The DC Association of REALTORS® (DCAR) is pleased to report that the The Washington Post has endorsed DCAR RPAC candidate Patrick Mara for At-Large member of the DC Council in the April 23 Special Election.


The Post asserts that "Patrick the best choice, offering a record of energetic service to the community marked by a thoughtful approach to the issues and a willingness to speak his own mind." They go on to stress his commitment to "integrity and strengthened ethics in government," and "keen appreciation for the importance of education."


The Post's coveted endorsement of DCAR RPAC candidate Patrick Mara reinforces that he is the right choice to lead DC in a positive direction. Most importantly, he will advocate for the real estate community by fighting to lower tax burdens on homeowners, exploring ways to roll back recordation and transfer taxes, and making DC's regulatory system more business- friendly.


A vote for DCAR RPAC Candidate Patrick Mara on April 23 is a vote in support of a REALTOR® Champion.  


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For election and voter information, visit DC's Board of Elections' website.


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