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The Cloud of Everything 

"Cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud".  


Everyone talks about the cloud, having information in the cloud, storing in the cloud, etc."  


The question is ... What is the cloud in 2015? Is it the same as the cloud of 2012?  No - it is WAY more! 


The cloud is just a quick, easy connection from our computers to other computers somewhere else on the planet.  We have no clue how it all works, we just use it. 


Today's cloud is involved with everything - even in-home healthcare. Our wrist watch can now have a cloud connection. And don't forget your cell phone - what you sometimes even talk on - that is now the driver!  Isn't it awesome to get a text message that your medical prescription is ready for pickup?  All this technology that we take for granted has happened in just a few years. 

We are soon to be using computers just to connect, click, and type.  The apps we are typing in will all be cloud-based - many are already.  The many millions of us who use Gmail are actually typing into a cloud app and all of our email details are stored in the cloud.


Assume that the "Cloud of Things" will only get bigger, better, and faster using the cloud as the carrier and the operator.  In your practice, you too can be communicating with your clients in ways that are both informative and convenient - using the cloud-based apps. 


Great tools are available to automate most any cloud function - plug it in and you are cloud-enabled with your clients.  Use tools like ePetHealth, Vetstreet ®, and VetSource to conveniently present and delivery most any information and many of your products.  

Metron also has convenient cloud-based tools that make it easy to share diagnostic images with colleagues and clients. With Metron, images can be viewed from any site and on multiple devices in several ways with anyone and anywhere.

Your clients expect it - and will love every bit of it.

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Metron Support Services

Opinions of your colleagues!

I recently called Deschutes Animal Clinic and spoke with Dr. John Flory. The reason for the call was to check on their image quality following their recent DR system install with Metron Imaging Software.


Dr. Flory said he has been "thrilled" and "blown away" with the image quality so far. The clinic switched from an analog system and he and his partners have been thrilled by the level of detail in the images and "overwhelmed" by some images wherein they have been able to determine foreign bodies or pulmonary edema so easily as compared to their analog system.


He said often-times there is too much detail...a good thing! He also mentioned how easy it is to use, the conveniences of the Metron Guided Mark-Up features, and how much simpler vertebral heart score assessments have been when using Metron.



Lighting another candle in May!

The Metron Support Services team is celebrating 6 awesome years of servicing you! Metron Imaging was born in 1999 so the software is also in a party mood at Sweet 16 years of age. 

Sure...we could look back at our beginnings ... however we prefer and have more fun looking forward to all that is happening now! Metron continues to integrate with today's technology making it easier for you to tell your "story" to your clients and diagnose their patients. 

Use of the iPad, iPhone, and integrating Metron Image View with Google Drive so you are able to view Metron images wherever you are in your practice or on the road! Metron can be as mobile as you are! 

Cool to have such a "partner" at your side every day.

Learn more about all the "Communications with Metron" on your support site.
You might be surprised what you can integrate in your practice.


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The Cloud of Everything
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Be Kind to Animals Week
Memorial Day Holiday
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Correcting Incorrect Patient Entry


Be Kind to Animals Week
May 4-10

Interesting that we have "officially" shown kindness to animals for 99 years! As veterinarians...your care is displayed every week for your patients. It is what you do!


Memorial Day Holiday
Metron Support Closed

Metron Support Services will be closed Memorial Day, Monday May 25 so our team can enjoy the holiday with their families. 

Let us all take time that day to honor those who have given their lives so we can enjoy the freedom this day and every day offers. 

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST resume Tuesday, May 26.



Metron Imaging Software was recently installed in two veterinary practices in Sweden! Metron is now represented in 32 countries and all 50 United States!


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Support Services Tips
"I added a patient to an incorrect owner. Can I fix that? 

That happens a lot. We have an easy way to move a patient from one owner to another. 

First, you must create the intended owner. Next, display the patient that is currently attached to the incorrect owner. Click the patient "Edit" button and and find the option "Assign to another Owner". Pick the target owner from the pull-down list and complete.



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