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A picture is worth a thousand words.
We all know it. The buyer wants to see what they are buying.

Today's pet owners want to "see" the diagnosis and treatment plan.  The price may not change, but it is their willingness to say "yes" that could change.

With today's technology, it is easy to share visual information.  How many of us use our cell phones to snap a picture and then immediately send it to a friend?   

In the veterinary practice we can "Show and Tell" with ease.  Recently, we worked with a practice to help them snap photos directly into Metron.  The doctor then displayed both the X-Ray images and photos on his iPad in the exam room. 

Recently this same doctor called to report that he had mounted a 40" TV in an exam room and with just one "click" was displaying the same Metron images from his iPad on that big screen television!  Now he could visually share and discuss the diagnostics with his pet owners with even more impact through X-Rays and photographs.

This new technology can be a wonderful addition to your own treatment plan presentations.  We have created a collection of how-to documents that will help you implement this same capability in your practice.


And so many of you are asking........

We receive and answer many questions during the day. Many of you ask how can you take advantage and benefit in your practice from devices you currently own? 

Here is one of the "Top 5 Questions" we recently answered!


Q Can I show my clients their images on a tablet?
A Yes, you can show your patients their X-Rays on an iPad with our Metron app that can be download for $29.99 from the App store. You can also export images to Google Drive on an Android device. A technician can set this up for you and show you how to export images to it. This is a great way to show your patients their X-Rays using the latest forms of technology.

Let's get you thinking with these How-To Documents. 
Time to "Show & Tell" Metron in your Practice.

How to Install, Configure and Use Metron for iPad or iPhone

This document will explain how to take advantage of this new functionality from the export of the images out of Metron and on to a cloud server for web viewing, to the installation and usage of the new Metron iPhone and iPad app which can be found in Apple's App Store.




Metron Web-Viewer, Android & More

The document contains detailed steps to send Metron Image files to the Metron Web-Viewer to display on your Chromebook, Windows tablet or any Android device (including your phone). 


Note: If you are using a phone to display images, it must have an Android OS System.



 Apple TV and iOS Device AirPlay Mirroring Setup 

You can use AirPlay Mirroring to mirror exactly what's on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your HDTV via Apple TV. Now you too could display Metron images in your exam rooms - beneficial for you and the pet owners!


These documents plus additional choices highlighting "Communications with Metron" are available on your Metron Support Services site. Give a read!


Want some advice or assistance getting started in your practice?

Contact us. We are always happy to help!




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