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Dr. Schreiber at Miracle Hills Animal Hospital contacted us with a question - "Can I import pictures into Metron dental study?"

We said "YES" - with a digital camera, you can connect the camera to the Metron computer and click the File Import button.   

Dr. Schreiber next asked - "Can I use my iPhone or iPad to take the pictures and then through the network somehow just push them into the Metron study that I am collecting X-Rays for that same patient?"

We said "YES" with our new 7.20 "Auto-Import" feature, Metron can monitor a folder and offer to auto-import any images/photos that reside in that folder.  

Adding to the solution, we helped the doctor setup a Dropbox cloud folder on his iPad and the same Dropbox cloud folder on his Metron computer.  With that completed, he now can snap a dental picture with his iPad and minutes later that picture is flashing for import into the active patient study on the Metron screen. It's automatic! No additional steps required!

Dr. Schreiber said to us that as a business goal, he is continuously elevating the client experience. Using real case visual illustration as part of the patient treatment plan and post-care presentation is critical to that goal.  Included in his process, the doctor presents computer screen images as well as printed copy using photo postcards and the Metron Report writer. The dental photos present valuable before and after treatment illustration.  

Right from the start, Dr. Schreiber was eager to describe what he wanted to accomplish.  But when we had a potential solution, he got very excited because his goal was suddenly attainable.

Do you have a goal that needs a technical solution to help reach that goal?   Give us a call, we might have a technical solution or we may have to create a new solution. Our new Auto-Import feature in Metron 7.20 exists in Metron today because someone had a goal and needed a solution to a problem.





Like all other Metron tools and features, Collections will make it quick and easy to get something done.   In this case, you want to display images side by side that are from different moments in time for the same patient or of different patients.


Just mark the image you want to view and click the "Add to Collection" button.  Continue with the same until you have the images you want to compare. Next, click the "Collection" tab which should now display a number that reflects the number of images you added to Collections.

You will now see thumbnail images.  Just click to mark the images you want to view side-by-side and click the "View" button to view.    

Metron is providing an easy way to access and view images from different studies. We often hear of practice staff copying images from one study to another to accomplish the same task - that is a big no-no...   since you did that because you were in a rush in the first place, it is unlikely you will go back and undo what you did.


Collections Collections Collections - it is quick, easy, and awesome.  It leaves all of the images where they belong.  Metron is just giving you convenient access to what you want to see without committing a bit "no-no".

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Learning Center
Metron | The Learning Center

Great place to start and review!



The other day, Tammy, one of our support services technicians, was just beginning a Metron Software one-on-one client training session when the doctor stopped Tammy to let her know the training sessions were very helpful!

Because the doctor had watched the brief videos prior to talking with Tammy, she was knowledgeable and able to ask additional questions pertinent to her dental practice ... especially creating and using the dental reports tool.

Have not checked out The Learning Center? You should! And if you have questions about any of the Metron features or wonder how you can apply them best for your practice, contact us! We are happy to help you get the most out of your Metron Imaging software. 

It is not just the best-in-the-practice diagnostic images, it is all the tools included to get you there!


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Support Services Tips
Support Services Tips

When would I want to use the "Invert" button?

Historically, X-Ray film processing would present the X-Ray on a light box with "White on Black" or sometimes called "White Bone On X-Ray".  With Digital X-Ray, the computer makes it easy to present both styles.   We recommend you make a copy of your X-Ray image by using the Metron Copy and Paste feature.  Next, open the second image and click the Invert button. Return to the study screen and click to view both images side-by-side. This is a cool trick that gives you two unique views of the same X-Ray image side-by-side.


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Did you know? Metron 7.20, you can customize the date format for your on-image annotations and Metron reports! Click "Preferences", select "Annotation Preferences", and click the "Change" button to view all your options.


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