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Once again I'm offering a personal horoscope for you or for your loved one based on the Chinese system - The Year of the Snake!  Remember, almost all Chinese philosophies regarding medicine, astronomy, warfare, agriculture and architecture had Feng Shui principles inside them. It all came from the I Ching, a book still studied. Now quantum physics is intersecting the principles contained in  the I Ching and we are only beginning to understand the connection to this ancient wisdom.
 So make out a check for $49, and send it along with the name, and birthdate of the person receiving the analysis. 
In a couple of weeks, you will receive the reading ready for holiday gifting. That's $49 made out to Sugeet and mailed to: Creative Visions, 45 Crocker St. Ashland, OR 97520.
2013 Yr of Snake
What's on the horizon?
Sick Male
Interesting, is it not, how things cn get reorganized by life without any  interference from us? In my case, it was a complicated recovery (still going on) from spine surgery. My priorities changed, what was near the top of my list fell off, and basically I let things o into flide which I concentrated on handling the pain.  But, like I say elswhere, the world goes on, no matter what condition I am in.  And I'm tryin to get regular with posts on my blog. But for a hosrt, easy time now and again, please go to my Facebook page. I've like it especially well if you'd chick on the 'like' button. T
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Sugeet carries the highest level of certification from the International Feng Shui Guild. His tool kit includes many other talents and skills. He offers a free initial conversation to learn what your situation is. He only accepts situation where he knows he can make a major difference. In other words, if it's not a good fit for you and for him, you have just had an illuminating conversation. He will even
pay for the call!
Just send an email to him and put
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Time to Lighten Up!
V5 #6

Every time fall comes around, I find myself having a different feeling predominate.  One year it feels bitter sweet, another feels rather joyful. This fall? I am overwhelmed by the sheer beauty nature displays. My wish? That it's illegal for the trees to drop their leaves for another month so we can enjoy this incredible painter's palate.

I want to take a deeper look at what's weighing us Pencil sketch Sugeetdown. The economy is sour, many are having trouble making ends meet and the situation can get depressing. So being light and nimble, being able to respond quickly to changes gives you a real advantage. We'll take a look at that.

And finally, again I want to offer that unique holiday gift - a personalized Chinese horoscope.

Sugeet Yuks it up at the Co-op
Me/Bhodi Laugh.png Once again Sugeet will be thrilling a vast audience on Monday, December 17. He will be unraveling the secrets of how to start to Reclaim You Life. You may not even know you lost it - so you had better plan on attending. What exactly is reclamation of a life?  If there is an appropriate analogy, I would say it's like the slow growth of barnacles on a boat's hull. Most of us have no idea just how slow we've gotten because it happens gradually over a period of years, We may be keeping p a marvelous pace, but the truth is, it gets harder and harder as the barnacles make it harder to proceed. Come and find out what all the fuss is about, and how you might reclaim your life. 7PM Monday Dec 17 at the Co-op's community classroom.

Coop classroom
Ashland Food Coop Community Classroom
 Let's start a conversation, and let me help you reclaim your life.

Feng Shui is 4,000 years old. How does it stack up against today's Environmental Movement?
Environmental sustainability concerns itself with:
    Air qualityenvirment logo

    Availability of light
    Off gassing of building materials  
    Movement of air within a structure
Which one of these is not a major component of Feng S
Shui? Are these not just some of the adjustments that make a house a home and a business productive and profitable? Most of us don't know what we're missing until it's pointed out to us (hopefully by a Feng Shui Master!)
The Importance of the First Step toward Good Feng Shui

I know first-hand how it feels when you enter a space that's dirty, cluttered, or messed up.All of a sudden I become aware that there are 'barnacles' that slow me down - or worse yet, slow me to a stop. It's as if I'm defeated before I begin-because there are things in front of what I want to do - things that slow or stop me. That's exactly what happened when I returned home from the hospital. Just walking through tMesshe front door, I immediately  noticed was that my home was dirty, a bit of a mess. It brought me down instantly - not an attitude conducive to healing, my number one priority. It was not until I could prevail on a friend to help at least vacuum and dust, that I could give my attention to getting better.

While we are often aware that we feel happier and more productive "once I get this place straightened out," most of us never get there. The reason? Life doesn't stop for us. It keeps right on moving. Truth be told, life isn't neat and orderly, it IS messy and the mess keeps happening. Dirt keeps settling, and what we thought we had under control once-upon-a-time, now feels very much i out-of-control. Sometimes we make a concerted effort to clean up a small area,, only to realize how much more there is still to do. That, in itself, can feel defeating when we are struggling to overcome the problem on our own. That's just one one reason to attend a class - your teacher and your fellow students encourage each other to keep moving- out of the woods and into the light.

Clutter(or 'barnacles') are not just the excess of physical 'stuff'. Clutter also exists on the mental level, and on the emotional level. When we are honest enough with ourselves to admit that we have not been successful physically decluttering our space we have taken a giant step in the right direction. This is not so different from those who seek out a 12 step program. Joining a 12 step program means the person admits s/he has a problem they have been unable to solve by themselves. There folks know they can get better through helping others get better -. and I know that's just as true for everyone who decides to join one of my classes.

There is always a breakthrough for each person. It may come at a different point for each one - but it always comes.  That's the marvelous thing about working together. There's a certain synergy that happens, that can't happen when we work alone. Reading books about decluttering, or taking an online course, just doesn't have the same positive affect that being in the presence of others with the same problem provides.

Here are some experiences of those who have taken previous classes:

Once I see myself allowing papers to stack up on my desk, I make a time to put them all in the appropriate place rather than letting them pile up.  Seeing all my spaces clean and clear of clutter makes me feel wonderful.  I appreciate all you taught me!

Sugeet really gets you to look at why you are holding no stuff you no longer need or use.  His ideas help you to create much needed space for positive change to happen.  I highly recommend his classes.

...clutter that I thought was every day life was stopping me from opening my life to people.  I was becoming a recluse because of my clutter...

While the class may not be for everyone, everyone can avail themselves of my free webinar to learn some of the basics. This may be enough for some folks and for others additional coaching may be critical. You'll receive a notice when the date of the webinar is finalized.

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