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V4 #3                                                                              may/June 2011 

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Who do you know that could use some free help when the economy feels sluggish at best?  Have you thought that maybe there could be some use if they could use some of these tips to make their life, or their business work better? And what about a relationship that could use some spring cleaning? I'm suggesting you click on the envelope and forward this issue to a friend of yours.  They will decide if they'd like the help or not.  If nothing else, they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.  And that's a blessing in it's own right!





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     As a member of the Seattle Design Center, I find it fascinating to follow what interior designers in that market are looking at. I am not a designer (not an ASID designer) but I was fascinated to see part of what I teach and recommend being spotlighted by them.

     Read on friend, and realize you're getting more than you thought for your money (not quite the right analogy as this newsletter is free. Oh well...)



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The Bedroom

Interior Designers are starting to consider the fact that "in recent years, scientific and medical research has proven our need for a good night sleep and has uncovered the interconnection between design related environmental factors and out delicate biological clock." Goodness!  Amazing!  Well, if you needed confirmation, this is it! OK, so I'm being a little snide, but it makes me wonder why it has taken so long for the importance of how the bedroom is set up, what sort of lighting, the lack of clutter to reach the professional eye.


So here are a few tips for a better relationship, for a better night's sleep:

* Remove as much as you can from the room: books, magazines, TV's, sewing machines, collections.

Simplify the furniture.  It should be a bed, side tables, the dresser and perhaps a chair, nothing more.

Have the bed in the right position with relation to the doors (send me a email and I'll send you a diagram which will show the best positions for a bed.)

Keep the colors simple and restful, nothing too

Good Bedroom

jarring. What you want to aim for is a distinct lack of stimulation. When you enter the room, you should feel, "Ahh, nothing to do here, I think I'll get into bed." 


By being on the Zen side, you allow space for your personality (and that of your partner's) to flow and fill the space.  Given lots of room, You can fill the space with enough room to relax.  Try it - at first you'll feel like the room is incomplete, but after than, Ahhhhh 



Color Outdoors

I'm often called on to help prepare a home for sale. Other clients want me to help them choose the right home from say, three they are considering. After working with one couple, I photographed 2 homes on the same street(neither one is theirs.) less than 5 houses apart.  Here's the first:


House w good color


And the 2nd:


Lesser House


Driving down this street which one draws your eye?  If you are considering selling your home, do I need to say more? But even if you are not currently contemplating selling, consider which one would you like to come home to. . . . . 


The Bathroom

Using Feng Shui in your bathroom can have a major effect in the way you feel about yourself, and how you operate in the world. It in recent years, the size of the Bath has gotten larger and the materials have become more luxurious. But I am reminded of the time I stayed in an old home on Beacon Hill in Boston. A wonderful claw foot bathtub, painted chromium yellow, sat against  white wainscoting below pen and ink wallpaper of clipper ship maidenheads -  who would not want to crawl into that tub and luxuriate?


So how do we get there from here?


First, train everyone to Put The Lid Down.  Can't take a bath unless you stop the drain. With the lid up, energy goes you know where.  OK...First, clear out clutter and organize what's left. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create your own spa. On the counter have only things you love to look at. Pay attention to the aesthetics.


Gift Yourself - find a good sale and renew your towels, and perhaps a matching or contrasting rug. I recently found great new towels - the reason I bought them? On sale yes, but more importantly the way they felt in my hand.


Keep the door open, unless you can see the toilet from the bed. In that case, close it at night.

Hang a round Swarovski crystal, or a group of 3, 6 or 9 about 9" from the ceiling. At night, let candlelight play on the faucets.


Use color in thBath Plaine bathroom.  White is nice, but unrelieved it is overly antiseptic.  You can balance it by using hints of all the colors: white, black or dark blue, green, earth, red. Bring all the elements of the five-element cycle into balance. Plants for wood; Bath good1mirror for metal, silver or gold frames, or candlesticks, the bath for water of course; candles for fire and stones or gold, yellow and terracotta for earth.  Paint the ceiling a wonderful delicious color you love to look at.


Now add fresh flowers from the garden - a perfect rose, a small group of mixed blooms, let your imagination run riot.


Bath good 2THEN, treat yourself like you were going to some 5th Ave spa. Add essential oils to the bath water OR if you are really stressed out:

In a clean tub, dissolve 1 cup sea salt and 1 cup baking soda. Soak for 45 minutes to an hour.  You will emerge from your bath in a very different state than you entered it. You will have also drained off all the excess EMFs you pick up going through your day. Guaranteed!

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Till mid-year, and if Spring ever really comes to Ashland, I'll be able to plant my garden. Going down to 27 tonight.And up to 70 tomorrow.....



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