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 Kathleen in Jersey

Kathleen and her colleagues can help you look at possibilities and turn them

into probabilities that will

enrich and enhance your professional and personal life.

Would you like to obtain knowledge and clarity? Take the step to where you are no longer just surviving but THRIVING!

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"The Way of the Horse"

"The Way of the Horse,"
a Horse Spirit Connections interview with Kathleen Ingram

Program for Returning Vets


Kathleen is Co-Creator, 

Mental Health and PTSD consultant for IFEAL's "Dare to Live" programme.


"I have never been a  
horse person, but this brings you out of that depression
and loss, and shows you
all is not lost"


~Adam, Dare to Live Participant
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Hannah's Gift: How the Horses Heal 

"To know our soul apart from our ego is the first step toward accomplishing the supreme deliverance"   

~ Rabindranath Tagore



Have you ever found yourself in a place when your body knew something that was not available to your conscious mind?

I was visiting Maude Maude and Hannah Beauchamp at her ranch in Sacramento, California, hanging out with her horses and looking for inspiration and guidance for our workshop in September (more information below) when just that happened to me.  


Passing the horses after a hike, I felt the nudge to ask Maude for a riding experience the next day.  I had not been on a horse since my fateful fall down a full flight of stairs in London in 2010.  This resulted in a broken ankle which required surgery and an extended period of convalescence, including a stay at a rehabilitation facility and a nursing home due to complications. 


Maude had suggested that we begin the "lesson" in the arena with her mare, Hannah.  I sat on a straw bale and watched Maude ride Hannah around the arena.  It was a beautiful day and upon checking in with myself I felt good, open, and excited about the ride.  Prior to any experience with the horse, we do a body scan or are led and guided by the facilitator.  I scanned my own body and felt an open heart, connection and excitement about the opportunity.  My body felt calm and centered.  


As I lifted my leg over the saddle to get seated on Hannah  I immediately felt the entire memory of the fall down the stairs which resulted in many injuries, trauma and the right ankle broken in a few places. Both Maude and I, being good facilitators, knew that I needed to step off the horse and to process this memory. It is important to know that I did not go into this experience with a goal or a conscious desire to recreate the experience of falling.  However, I know from my experience and from watching and facilitating others that the body always remembers and holds that memory.  


full circle We took the time needed, I shed a few tears and talked about the experience and when we both felt I was ready, I got back up on Hannah. Maude was leading Hannah and I was there to enjoy the ride and to allow my body to experience the guidance and safety that both of them were giving me.  If my breathing was even a little bit unsteady we would stop and wait for me to come back to a place of homeostasis and relaxation.  I could feel my legs, my bottom and my whole body in sync with Hannah as Maude led us around the arena.



There are a few very important points I would like to stress about this experience for me that might also be helpful for others: 

1.  My body and my spirit were ready to process and heal the trauma from the fall.  I did not set out to re-experience it and have it healed and released.  It was released and healed because it was time.  

2.  You must feel safe and protected when you are processing any trauma and know you are in capable hands.  

3.  Your body and your mind have an opportunity through limbic connection to experience limbic revision (for more on that listen to the interview, "Lymbic Lessons," below).


In this work we teach about the difference between an outside fear and threat of physical, spiritual or emotional harm and the inside "fear" of vulnerability.  My body did not know the difference and was at first responding to the situation as if it was a fearful place and one to run from or avoid.  It takes some time to differentiate between these two types of fear. Both fear and vulnerability feel the same in the body and the body responds as if there is an outside threat. 


Many people remain stuck in uncomfortable situations and dead end jobs or relationships because of the inability to differentiate between these two emotions.  Real fear where there is a threat helps us to survive, however, learning to feel and experience the difference takes us to the place where we can thrive and live bigger more expansive lives.  It allows our body and our minds to experience what Daniel Siegel calls a wider "window of tolerance." His books and research on this topic and on the effects of trauma are excellent resources:  www.DrDanSiegel.com


I felt it important to share this experience with my readers because even though I am a teacher in this field of equine experiential learning and psychotherapy I was not consciously aware of the memory my body was holding.  I have done a lot of healing, body work and processing around the experience but my body, having a "mind" of its own knew that further release and rejuvenation was needed.   I do feel that the process with Maude and Hannah allowed for a complete release and a baby step to riding on the trails again.  I am forever grateful to both of these "wise mares" for their love and guidance. 


For more information on body memory and trauma look at Peter Levine's work; "Waking the Tiger" Healing Trauma and the "The Body Remembers" The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment by Babette Rothschild.  These books have been useful for those of us working with trauma and the new neuroscience of emotions has given us even more evidence about the body's innate wisdom. 


Kathleen in Jersey  

Many blessings, 




Kathleen Barry Ingram

July, 2013



Lymbic Lessons and the Healing with Horse Tele-Summit

Congratulations to Jennifer Oikle and fellow interviewees on a successful month - long tele-summit!   

To listen to Kathleen's interview, "Lymbic Lessons," click here.  

The entire summit is available on Jennifer's website: www.HealingWithHorse.com.  
EFL Mentorship Experiences


"In exchange for the promise of security, many people put a barrier between themselves and the adventures in consciousness that could put a whole new light on their personal lives."

~ June Singer 


Kathleen continues to do the individual mentorship program in equine facilitated learning.  Her recent graduates have written in their own words what their experiences meant to them.  Both Toni (Vatonia) and Allyson are seasoned mental health counselors with a passion for horses. 


Whether you are a horse professional with interest in human development, a mental health counselor, a life or business coach or a health care professional this might be the right program for you.  For more information visit Kathleen's website or contact her directly at kathleenbarryingram@gmail.com



Allyson Danielson Payson, Arizona and Telluride, Colorado 

Allyson and Theo

"My experience with Kathleen in EFL training was phenomenal. Theo (my horse partner) and I undertook this wonderful journey with Kathleen as my first practice client! 


The program that Kathleen provides was as challenging and thought provoking as any of my past graduate work. The first day I met Kathleen there was an instant connection. The program is one on one with personalized training that was perfect for me. 


Kathleen was powerful, positive and perceptive during our work together. I was fortunate to take this journey in my senior years of life and combine two of my passions, counseling and equines. Thank you Kathleen for all your wisdom, experience and continual support to complete the certification program."





Vatonia Harris, Alberta, Canada 

"My experience in Kathleen's mentorship program was truly life changing. The thought-provoking reading assignments and consultations profoundly expanded my awareness of the equine facilitated learning field, in addition to transforming my overall understanding of human relatedness and connectivity. 


Her incredible wisdom of the healing potential of the horse-human bond, in addition to Kathleen's vast background as a psychotherapist and her incredible knowledge and passion of neuroscience resulted in numerous discoveries and "a-ha" moments.  Her professionalism and incredible dedication to ethical practice and client / equine well-being and safety is truly admirable. Despite her pioneering status in this field, Kathleen is approachable, humble, down-to-earth, and easily accessible.


Kathleen's teaching style is both supportive and challenging, ensuring a rich and progressive learning experience, no matter your background. Her amazing dedication and passion to this field is truly inspiring, and her "beginners mind" approach to life is remarkable.  


I feel truly blessed to have embarked on this journey, and am both honored and privileged to maintain an ongoing consultative mentorship relationship as I continue on this remarkable path." 



T. 403-807-1428.

September 28 -29: 
"Relax & Renew I" For Men and Women in the Caretaking Professions, California

Are you drained, fatigued, and feeling as though you are about to "hit the wall"?  


Please come join us for a two day recess, to relax and experience a sense of release and relief.  In the company of horses, who have a beautiful ability to sense and bring forth the real us, you will begin to unearth and dust off pieces of yourself that have been neglected, lost or forgotten


During our time together confusion will give way to clarity and tension to ease.   Within the heartfelt sympathy experienced in the presence of our horses, we will reconnect with our true selves and engage in activities to refresh our bodies, minds, and spirits.  With new found insight, hearts full and inspired, we are ready to go forth.


Epona Introductory:  This class meets the requirements for an Epona Introductory workshop and as such will cover all the Epona Fundamentals.


Facilitators:   Kathleen Ingram MA, BCC, Epona Advanced Instructor;  Maude Beauchamp BS, Coach, EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist; Horses of Pilot Peak Hannah, Carisma, Julius, Sunny, Romeo, and Lady


Dates and Schedule:  September 28- 29, 2013    8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Cost & Payment: $595.  Full payment due at time of registration.  

$50 cancellation fee before August 15, 2013.  No refund after August 15, 2013.


Meals:  A healthy vegetarian lunch, snacks, coffee, tea, juices and water are provided.  


Registration:  For registration or further information please contact Maude Beauchamp:  Email: Maude@FullCircleEFL.com / T. 530.217.7124.
Click here for more information, including weather, attire, location, and lodging.

October 10 - 30:

Connecting the Pieces: Equine Assisted Intensives with Kathleen and Sun Tui, UK 

Individualized intensives afford the opportunity for an individual (or partnership) to deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit the ability to reach the fullest true potential. Elemental horse related activities, set within the herd's woodland lake environment are designed to explore and integrate an expansive, yet grounded mind set, capable of endless compassion, innovation, energetic adaptability and creativity. The work includes reflective time to explore the biology of emotions to integrate the Mind and Body.


Horse Way Tai Chi with the Herd is integral to the work. Swimming, therapeutic body treatments and sweat lodge experiences are available upon request.  A biodynamic organic lunch and nutritious snacks are tailored and served to your tastes.


For consultation fees and workshop prices please contact Sun Tui via admin@ifeal.me.


To book, visit: www.IFEAL.me

October 14 - 16:
Zone of Intuitive Knowing, UK
Exploring the Scientific, Psychological and Esoteric Dimensions of Intuitive Knowing
Kathleen's signature concept "Holding the Sacred Space of Possibility" came out of her observations of the horses innate ability to honor and deeply commune with humans who strive authentically to accept their vulnerability. 
The sacred space resides in your heart, your mind and your soul. It is from this deep place within that you access a profound "Zone of Intuitive Knowing"


Your biography becomes your biology. 


This program includes experiential opportunities with the horses that engage our innate abilities to use the body as a tool for self knowledge and perception for health and well being.


The Zone of Intuitive Knowing explores:

  • Developing courage and confidence to chose health and well being
  • Increases presence and effectiveness in life
  • Collaborative relationships with sentient beings with mutual respect for accessing deeper wisdoms
  • Communication and connection with clarity whilst in movement and flow of life

Equine assisted experiences take place with horses working on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no previous experience of horses is required.


For consultation fees and workshop prices please contact Sun Tui via admin@ifeal.me.

October 21 - 25:
Equine Assisted Qualifications: Facilitator Training Programme, Module 2, UK
Kathleen will be assisting with Module 2 of the IFEAL Facilitator Training Program.  
For consultation fees and workshop prices please contact Sun Tui via admin@ifeal.me.
Click here for more information. 
November 13-17
FEEL Certification, Canada
Wanting to impact people through the healing power of horses, Horse Spirit Connections founded the FEEL Certification Program  in 2008. The FEEL Certification Program is six months in duration.  It consists of seventeen days of on-site instruction spread over three sessions.  Kathleen participates in the first of these three FEEL training sessions, sharing insightful learnings in this healing modality. 

Join Kathleen and the Horse Spirit Connections team November 13-17 for the upcoming FEEL Certification Training.  For more information visit: