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June 2013 Newsletter


Fug'sup Peoples?!


Welcome to the June newsletter! Yeah, we're a day early, but we thought we'd try to get beyond punctual with this one ;) So anyway, has everybody been blazing up dat grill and gettin' hawt? We've been steady cookin' out the past few weeks, needless to say it's been glorious! Though, we could really use an official pair of grill tongs, as Joel's arm hair has been taking quite a beating at the hands of the regular, short kitchen tongs. TONG-TA-TONG-TONG-TONG! So we'll now be accepting grilling accessories in exchange for the records you want. Not really, but please buy some records so we can buy some grilling accessories ;) Speaking of cooking out, check out these historical facts about the almighty grill and cooking out:


- Until well into the 1940's, grilling mostly happened at campsites and picnics. After World War II, as the middle class began to move to the suburbs, backyard grilling caught on, becoming all the rage by the 1950's. Yeah 'burbs!

In suburban Chicago, George Stephen, a metalworker by trade and an inventor by habit, had grown frustrated with the brazier-style grills common at the time. Once he inherited controlling interest in the Weber Bros. Metal Spinning Co, a company best-known as a maker of harbor buoys, he decided the buoy needed some modification. He cut it along its equator, added a grate, used the top as a lid and cut vents for controlling temperature. The Weber grill was born and backyard cooking has never been the same. Thanks George! Go Weber!


BBQ goes back to 18th-century colonial America, specifically the settlements along the Southeastern seaboard. The direct descendant of that original American barbecue is Eastern Carolina-style pit barbecue.


- And most importantly: grilling and barbecuing are not the same thing. While the terms are often used interchangeably (particularly in the northern United States), the truth is that grilling and barbecuing are two very different cooking methods. Grilling is the most basic form of cooking. It is, quite simply, the method of cooking a food directly over an open flame or high heat source. Barbecue, on the other hand, is a low and slow method of cooking over indirect heat. Because of the long, slow cooking process, barbecued meat soaks up the smoky flavors and spice rubs, rendering the finished product moist and tender. Barbecue is more suited to bigger, tougher cuts of meat that do well with slow, even cooking like ribs, pulled pork, brisket, etc. Grilling is reserved for foods that can cook more quickly, like veggies, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, hot dogs, seafood.

WORD. Remember to be safe though, fire ain't no joke! Alrighty lets get into some music news, enjoy the June newsletter guys!!


Take Shelter 7"



Just a quick update on the preorder status for the new 7" by Lavinia Take Shelter. These should be here within the next two weeks and we'll pack them like rabid packing lunatics to ensure you receive them as quickly as possible. They took a bit longer at the plant than anticipated, but we're told production on them has wrapped up so now we're just waiting for them to make the trip to Sheath HQ. You can read full details of the release and order a copy HERE. There are a few vinyl colors to choose from, get up on 'em! There's only about 5 or 6 copies left of both the splatter version (/100) and the test press version (/43), so ya know, you should grab one of those before you continue reading this here newslettah'. There are some pretty sweet package deals available as well, so kick it! And don't forget that you can stream the track Halo over at Alternative Press HERE! And you can stream the track New Blood over at MetalSucks HERE! Thanks again to everyone that preordered the 7", we promise to get them out as soon as humanly possible, and we certainly appreciate your patience - like WOAH!  
The Four Trees 2xLP 
Oh, and one more quick update - the repress of Caspian's debut full-length The Four Trees is going to be shipping from the plant to us with the Lavinia 7", so these will ship out to everyone that preordered at the same time :) We'll be certain to keep everyone posted, it shouldn't be too long at all! Also, you can order a copy HERE if you so desire :) Bronze vinyl still available, but selling queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Thanks again for your patience, gang! And sorry again for the delays :)
Deny The Absolute b/w The Truce 7"
That moment when you have the opportunity to put out some material by one of your all-time favorite artists... what tops it? We're beyond elated to say we'll be putting out a limited edition 7" for the dudes in Pelican, featuring two brand-freakin'-new tracks and needless to say, they rip HARD. We'll be taking preorders for this mighty 7" slab in just a few weeks, after we get all the current Caspian & Lavinia preorders mailed out to everyone, and we're aiming at an August street date, with preorders shipping a few weeks ahead of retail. Pressing info, cover art, and all those deetz coming soon. Prepare yourself, for it most certainly cometh my friends. 




Aeges/Dust Moth
Bad Blood split 7" 
2013, A.K.A. the year of the 7", continues this summer as we release yet another 7" :) This one is a split between the our L.A. heartthrobs in Aeges and a new band up in Seattle, Dust Moth. Dust Moth is made up of current and former members of XVIII Individual Eyes, These Arms Are Snakes, Minus The Bear, Sparkmaker, and also includes Mark Holcomb, former Aeges guitarist (as well as Shift and Undertow). The title of the 7", Bad Blood , is poking fun at how Mark and Aeges parted ways last year on less than amicable terms :)  More on this as it unfolds! Be sure to head over to the Dust Moth Facebook page and "like" them RIGHT HERE and check out the video for their stunning track Selector RIGHT HERE! And if you are still not hip to the Aeges riff machine, first off all.... WTF??? Second of all, please for the love of god - GET HIP, DUFUS. More on this split soon!  

Living Phantoms 

Constants' mastermind Will Benoit is never short on ideas, and he has begun a new, electronic side project called Living Phantoms. The stud has already had one of  his remixes used in a commercial for God of War : Ascension "From Ashes" during the Super Bowl and done several more badass remixes for Gifts From Enola, Bad Rabbits, and Graveyard Lovers. The best part? He's also put together some incredible original tunes which the Sheath will be giddily releasing for him later this year. All the details on this soon, but you can expect a cassette and digital release. And in the meantime, go check out Living Phantoms on Facebook HERE and give it a solid liking :) And do yourself a favor and view the absolutely epic God of War commercial below:

God of War: Ascension
God of War: Ascension "From Ashes" Super Bowl 2013 Commercial - Full Version

Boris' BBQ 
Buy One, Get One Free Sale!

"Oh, well hello old friend... Your Dearest Boris here. As you can see in my new press photo above, I've been cooking up a few things around the HQ in my free time >;) But all this fun in the sun I've been having must have also caused a little mind-melting, because I suddenly have the undying urge to jump into this newsletter and offer you beloveds some of my seared deals >=)
Over in the Sheath webstore I am matching all purchases today with free jams. So if you order a 7", I'll match you one random 7". If you order an LP, I'll match you one random LP. If you order a 2xLP, I'll match you one random 2xLP. Do you see a pattern here, Einstein? If you order two LP's, I'll match you two random LP's. And so on and so forth (and before you email me, yes this also applies to CD's). In a nutshell - any quantity/format you purchase, I will randomly match it with a release of my choice on that same format when my minions pack & ship your package >=)  

So feast, my feral ones, but be wary not to burn yourself on this deal which is so hot it's on fire. But like all fires, they must be put out before the inferno... so you've only got until midnight EST, muahahaha.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Visit the store HERE and load up 'ol chap, and I promise to double your bounty... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!"
Dammit Boris! What the heck, get out of here! Sorry guys, I don't know how he got in here, let's move on to the rest of the newsletter...



Gifts From Enola Final Show 



And don't forget that Gifts From Enola will be performing for the final time on June 8th in Harrisonburg, VA at The Blue Nile. The show is sold out, but maybe you can offer somebody your first-born child in exchange for their ticket? Deetz can be found HERE. If anybody gets any good footage, pleeeeease share it with us, as we will not be able to make the voyage up there, sadly :( Have an amazing time if you'll be there, and send the band off in a blaze of glory, they deserve it :) 



Wrap Up

And that's the fiiiiiiiiiiiaaahhh! Hope y'all enjoyed the update, feel free to share with anyone you know that might give a crap! It's going to get busy 'round these here parts over the next few months, so get on board and lets take the ride together - BUCKLE UP!
See y'all in July <3

Lindsay & Joel