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Hey peepz!


We are SO STOKED this evening to be getting in touch with you, cuz we've got some rock solid goodies we're offering up for preorder! New jams from Lavinia and classic jams from Caspian. And since Lavinia & Caspian share some band member bloodline, we figured why not just do the preorders for both of these releases together??? 


So first off, lets talk about the brand new two-song 7" by Lavinia entitled Take Shelter. To say that these new songs are amazing would not be doing them justice - so we figure the best way to explain their awesomeness is for you to just listen to one of them. You can check out the A-side jam New Blood over on the bands' Bandcamp page HERE... 


...you back yet? Ok, good - wait... have you picked your jaw up off the floor? Ok, sweet, then lets talk about this bad little 7" mamma jamma! We've got four versions to choose from and several packages as well. First of all, there is a test press version. We had additional test presses made on this one, just to have a groovy, different version that would be more limited, in addition to the regular versions. So there are 43 of the test presses... why 43? Because this is Sheath043, our 43rd release, silly! These tests have alternate artwork from the regular versions. Instead of black printing on white stock, these have white printed on black. And these are screen printed by the multi-talented, up-and-coming Badminton phenom, Charlie Wagers. Super sweet! Then we have the regular jacket versions with white side-loading uncoated, reverse board jackets. There are three different vinyl colors on these: white with black splatter (limited to 100), half white/half black (limited to 100), and black/white swirl (limited to 300). All artwork was designed and laid out by the bands' own Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries. Oh, and these are the old school "large hole" style 45's, so we also have our first Mylene Sheath 45 adapters available as well :) Bangin', now lets talk 'bio' to get all the info in a nutshell:


Band: Lavinia


Title: Take Shelter

Catalog Number: Sheath043

Band Line-Up:

- Nathan Shumaker (Guitar/Vocals)

- Philip Jamieson (Guitar)

- Alex Mihm (Drums)

- John Helmig (Bass) 

Recorded: John Helmig @ Verse Media

Mastered: Jason Martin

Artwork Design & Layout: 

N.Shumaker @ Northern Lights Industries


Side A:

New Blood (5:33)

Side B:

Halo (6:17)

"Following their harrowing 2010 debut EP "There Is Light Between Us", Lavinia returns with their follow-up 7", "Take Shelter". Once again featuring Nate Shumaker (ex-Eksi Ekso, On Fire) on guitar and vocals and Alex Mihm (Eksi Ekso) on drums, this time Philip Jamieson (Caspian) moves to guitar instead of bass, and John Helmig (formerly of Everdown, Crown Vict) plays bass. The two new songs push even further into the bleak territory explored on the debut, with a heavier backdrop this time around. The band starts things out with the beautifully haunting "New Blood", as the shimmering guitars gradually ascend into crunchier, nastier terrain before subsiding to allow space for Shumakers refrained vocal passages, then culminating in the heaviest sound the band has ever achieved. Then you're greeted with the sorrow of "Halo", which builds up at a dreamy pace before it chugs and crushes like a forest of falling and colliding trees, a driving close-out to the 7". In addition to his bass duties, Helmig also recorded the songs at Verse Media in Manchester, NH, then they were sent off to Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) for mastering. "Take Shelter" will be released worlwide both digitally and on limited edition vinyl May 28th via The Mylene Sheath."


So don't sleep on that jam because it is AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL that (and more)! 


Our second offering is the long-awaited vinyl repress of one of our favorite albums of all-time, Caspian's debut full length The Four Trees. But rather than just repress the record, we thought it would be more special to rework the art from the ground up. So Nate Shumaker redesigned everything, and laid it out completely different. We now have a heavyweight, wide-spine jacket housing the 2xLP, rather than the gatefold jacket from the first pressing. We've also got three new colors of vinyl to choose from: transparent pilsner with maroon & black splatter (limited to 100), clear vinyl with bronze swirl (limited to 100), and bronze vinyl (limited to 400). Check out all the info!:


Band: Caspian


Title: The Four Trees

Catalog Number: Sheath004

Band Line-Up:

- Philip Jamieson (Guitar)

- Calvin Joss (Guitar)

- Christopher Friedrich (Bass)

- Joe Vickers (Drums)

Recorded: Ethan Dussault @ New Alliance

Mastered: Nick Zampiello @New Alliance East

Artwork Design & Layout: 

N.Shumaker @ Northern Lights Industries


Side A:

Moksha (9:07)

Some Are White Light (5:26)

Sea Lawn (5:23)


Side B:

Crawlspace (7:37)

Book IX (5:43)


Side C:

The Dropsonde (2:05)

Brombie (5:58)

Our Breath In Winter (3:23)


Side D:

The Dove (3:04)

ASA (7:16)

...Reprise (5:14)


"Originally released on Dopamine Records in 2007, then later reissued the same year on vinyl by The Mylene Sheath, and finally re-released in 2010 on CD & digital formats by The Mylene Sheath, the debut full length by Caspian sounds just as fresh, sincere and genuine today as it did six years ago. Emotive instrumental rock that is essential listening for anyone into "post" anything. This second vinyl pressing, and first since 2007, features all new artwork and layout by long-time collaborator Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries. Since releasing "The Four Trees" the band has gone on to release "Tertia" in 2009 (The Mylene Sheath), "Live at Old South Church" in early 2012 (The Mylene Sheath), and most recently, "Waking Season" in the fall of 2012 (Triple Crown), all to widespread critical acclaim. After two years of headlining, sold-out SXSW showcases and successful US tours with the likes of Minus The Bear, Cursive, Red Sparowes, Native, and Junius, as well as several European jaunts, the band appears poised for world takeover. Indeed it's high-time to make this landmark debut full-length available on vinyl once again, for the first time in half a decade. "The Four Trees" will finally be reissued on vinyl May 28th via The Mylene Sheath." 



Ok, there's all the info on these beauties, now lets take a look at all the preorder options!


 Ultimate Preorder Package Deal!


The motherload of all preorder package deals, this combines both releases into one glorious mega-package! It includes:

  • Preorder-exclusive Lavinia Take Shelter T-shirt
  • Lavinia Take Shelter 7" (all three colors)
  • Lavinia Take Shelter 7" TEST PRESS
  • Caspian The Four Trees 2xLP (all three colors)
  • Mylene Sheath 45 Adapter
  • Various posters, stickers, pins, etc

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'Take Shelter' Preorder Package Deal 

Here is a Take Shelter-specific package deal that offers the following kick-assage:
  • Preorder-exclusive Lavinia Take Shelter T-shirt
  • Lavinia Take Shelter 7" (all three colors)
  • Lavinia Take Shelter 7" TEST PRESS
  • Mylene Sheath 45 Adapter
  • Various posters, stickers, pins, etc 

'The Four Trees' Preorder Package Deal   


This righteous package deal includes all three colors of The Four Trees repress, w00t!: 
  • Translucent pilsner vinyl w/maroon & black splatter (limited to 100 copies)
  • Clear vinyl w/bronze swirl (limited to 100 copies)
  • Bronze vinyl (limited to 400)

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'Splatter' Package Deal

This deal is for for both releases' 'splatter" variants, it just made sense to make a package deal for them!: 
  • Caspian The Four Trees 2xLP on translucent pilsner vinyl w/maroon & black splatter (limited to 100 copies)
  • Lavinia Take Shelter 7" on white vinyl w/black splatter (limited to 100 copies)

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Lavinia Package Deal 


This package deal allows you to bundle up Lavinia's 2010 debut EP There Is Light Between Us with their new 7", Take Shelter. Choose which color of the 7" you'd like!
  • Take Shelter 7" on your choice of color (or all three)
  • There Is Light Between Us 12" on bronze/silver swirl (limited to 300 copies)

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Caspian Package Deal

 This package gets you both The Four Trees 2xLP repress on your choice of color, and a copy of the Tertia 2xLP on translucent pilsner vinyl (limited to 400).

  • The Four Trees 2xLP on your choice of color (or all three)
  • Tertia 2xLP on translucent pilsner (limited to 400)

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And of course, if you're not into package deals that give you more jammage for less damage, you're always welcome to order any of the above items individually as well, you can view everything over on the preorder page on the website RIGHT HERE!


Over on the message board, we'll be having a bit of a PREORDER PARTAAAAAAY! Nathan Shumaker who sings and plays guitar in Lavinia (as well as the designer for countless Caspian and other Sheath band releases) will be joining us throughout the evening for some Q&A about the new Lavinia 7", graphic design, album packaging, life, love, and the pursuit of happiness :) So be sure to stop by and get ya chat on with him HERE!  


I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that likes good music ;) We appreciate it, and depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time! Lets do this!!
Oh yeah, all preorders will ship in May with tracking.


Thank you guys <3333333333


Lindsay & Joel