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October 2013 
Rock Band "Miss Joshua" Joins with Animals' Angels to Create Musical Awareness About Slaughter Horses  


The well known rock band, Miss Joshua has a brand new bunch of four legged fans. Inspired by the devotion of Animals' Angels and other dedicated horse advocates, rock band Miss Joshua has released a new single, "Ride it Out - A Song for Slaughter-Bound Horses."   Written by Lynny Prince, the band's front woman, this heartfelt song is uniquely told from a horse's perspective as it goes to slaughter, featuring haunting images and truly soulful lyrics. The music video for this poignant new single features footage from Animals' Angels investigations.


"We're very happy about this collaboration," said Sonja Meadows, President of Animals' Angels. "This is the first song that we know of which spotlights this horrible practice, so yes, we're quite excited about it."  

Lynny Prince was first exposed to the horrible nature of horse slaughter while attending the Thundering Hooves event in October of 2012, at which Animals' Angels gave a presentation about the horrors that these slaughter bound horses face. She continued to follow the cause and participated in Animals' Angels 2012 "Light the Sky" event, which is held each December to honor the animals who have suffered from abuse or died throughout the year.


"To say that my eyes were opened is a gross understatement," Prince wrote on her website. "This event and the things I learned impacted me to such a degree that I had to do something, anything, to help out. I had a love ballad called "Ride it Out" that I wrote in 1996, and my idea was to change the lyrics. The music was perfect. Pain is universal."


An in-house journalist for Hip Rock Magazine, a filmmaker, an author, and a musician, Ms. Prince is committed to bringing new exposure to the plight of horses that are destined for slaughterhouses. Her new single will undoubtedly foster new awareness in an audience who might not even know horse slaughter exists. Animals' Angels is also hopeful that Ride It Out's thought provoking video will inspire and encourage people to support the fight against the appalling business of horse slaughter.


"Music reaches people in a very intense, personal manner. This stirring song and the amazingly expressive video that goes so well with it are meant to enlighten a new audience to the atrocities of horse slaughter," said Meadows. "Our hope is that it will move people to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves."


"Ride it Out" will be available on iTunes and through Paypal with part of the proceeds going to support Animals' Angels investigations.



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