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Issue: #19August 2014 
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Pillar Two of a Successful Capital Campaign:
How Much Money Can Your Campaign Raise?
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Last month, we shared the first pillar of capital campaign success: Inspiring Leadership. Your church leaders must be cheerleaders and advocates for the vision and mission.  

In this issue, we'll present the second pillar of creating a successful campaign: Two Financial Questions Every Member Shares. We'll also talk about how much money you can expect your campaign to raise.
Pillar Two of a Successful Capital Campaign:

Two Financial Questions Every Member Shares


We have each been Blessed, but not necessarily equally or in the same ways. Your first instinct when setting campaign goals may be to divide the goal equally by the number of members. However, this method doesn't work. It's important for leadership and members to use other means of setting giving expectations.


Here are two financial questions each member must keep in mind:


1. What's my share?

This may be the success factor most often ignored by congregations choosing to do their own campaign without proper consul. There is a disconnect between current income and the actual financial net worth of many members. The disconnect comes from the fact that as we mature we accumulate wealth through savings, investments, or real estate holdings. These assets may not reflect current income, or the income is automatically re-invested and not normally available to the owner.


For these members, it's customary for them to participate by responding to a challenge to account for a leadership level of gift, pre-determined by a financial plan of campaign that is necessary for the financial goal to be achieved. Members are asked to prayerfully consider a specific gift amount. This usually represents about 20% of the membership.


There are obviously a significant number of members whose accumulated resources are fully allocated to current and future living costs. These members will be asked to prayerfully consider a gift at a pre-determined percentage of income. From a practical standpoint, it's our experience that members usually are capable of contributing 5% of their income over three years in a capital campaign.


2. Will my gift make a difference?

Like most results of being a generous giver, the benefit each of us shares is to know in our hearts that we have responded to the call of the church and have fulfilled the call to be "Blessed to be a Blessing" to others. We all know this feeling of being part of a team effort, sharing the vision and dreams for a better place with the community of faith that you live and play with, and that great feeling of success when the goal is reached. Yes indeed, every gift is important - not equal in financial value, but equal in being a part of something bigger than yourself.


CCS understands that talking about and setting financial goals can be difficult. We can help you establish giving expectations. Call us at 888.558.6873 to discuss your capital campaign.

How Much Money Can Your Campaign Raise?
Some of the factors that impact your capital campaign's success are out of your control. However, you can change or positively address many factors that will contribute to the results of your campaign.


Learn the three primary factors that have the greatest impact on how much money you can raise in our blog: How Much Money Can Your Church Expect From a Capital Campaign?

To learn more about how Church Campaign Services can help you create a successful capital campaign, please call us at 888.558.6873 or email us today.


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