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Issue: #18July 2014 
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What are the keys to creating a successful capital campaign? At Church Campaign Services, we have spent several months determining what we believe are the most vital components in the church campaign process. 
In this issue, we'll present the three primary pillars of creating a successful campaign. We'll also go into more detail about the first pillar: Inspiring Leadership.
The Three Pillars of a Successful Capital Campaign

Pillar One: Inspiring Leadership


At CCS, we have recognized three pillars for achieving an effective capital campaign for your church. These pillars include Inspiring Leadership, Two Financial Questions Every Member Shares, and Owning the Plan.


In this newsletter, we will explain the first pillar: Inspiring Leadership. For a campaign to reach its goals, the church leaders must be cheerleaders and advocates for the vision and mission.


Particularly, the Pastor and Campaign Chairpersons must be articulate and able to explain their vision, showing their passion for the ministry and their commitment to the community of faith.


At a secondary level, your campaign consultant will be called upon during team meetings and coaching sessions with members, to inspire them to be true witnesses for Christ.


These attributes must be present for a campaign to unite and encourage every member in every pew to act generously in response to the gifts that they have been abundantly given.


CCS understands what it takes to cultivate the right leadership and create a successful capital campaign. Call us at 888-558-6873 to discuss your next campaign.

The Importance of Inspiring Leaders
As you plan your capital campaign, it's important to enlist leaders with vision who send out vibes that electrify everything they do. Great leaders are great motivators - they are excited about the cause and can build excitement in others.
Learn more about how the right leaders can bring vitality and energy to your campaign in our blog: The Importance of Inspiring Leaders.

To learn more about how Church Campaign Services can help you create a successful capital campaign, please call us at 888.558.6873 or email us today.


Yours in Christ,


Bob Kukla 
Church Campaign Services 

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