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Issue: #16May 2014 
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5 Reasons to Make Giving More Convenient
Why Do People Give?
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As we discussed in our last newsletter, technology has taken over our lives - we have the Internet, smartphones, tablets, and more. Technology also gives us more ways to accept capital campaign donations, including electronic funds transfer and online giving options.


In this issue, we'll explain how to put this technology to use and make it even more convenient for members to support your campaign. We'll also review the reasons why people will give to your capital campaign.

5 Reasons to Make Giving More Convenient

Electronic Funds Transfer and Online Giving


The religious sector tends to be more traditional when it comes to taking money. We often restrict our members to donating by cash or check.
If you aren't already, it may be time to consider accepting electronic payments from your members. Electronic funds transfer is one of the fastest growing trends in financial services today. Church members are choosing to have contributions automatically withdrawn from a personal checking or savings accounts.
Here are 5 reasons why your church should make giving to your capital campaign more convenient for its members:

More Options to Donate
People like to have choices. By having more options and methods of donating, it will give members more opportunities to give on their terms.

Younger Generation of Donors
You most likely have a younger generation of members who are already paying all of their bills online. These members may not even own a checkbook. It's important to provide ways for these members to easily support your campaign.

Consistent Giving
With an electronic giving program, you help create more consistent givers. Donations can be made on a regular basis, encouraging ongoing support. You can also let members know about special opportunities to give.

Increased Donations
Some churches have experienced strong support by incorporating these new technologies into their giving strategies. By having the convenience to donate online or through electronic transfer, your members may give more frequently or in larger amounts.

Save Time and Money
Electronic giving means fewer checks to process and less paperwork. You can free up volunteers or staff to focus on other tasks or projects.
Why Do People Give?

As you plan your capital campaign, it's also important to keep in mind why people give. We need to focus on the people involved, not the physical needs. Keep in mind that members donate for emotional reasons, and not necessarily rational ones. The reasons for supporting a cause are very personal.


Learn more about why people may want to support your capital campaign in our blog: 6 Reasons Why People Give.

To learn more about how Church Campaign Services can help you incorporate electronic funds transfer and online donations into your capital campaign, please call us at 888.558.6873 or email us today.


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