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Issue: #15April 2014 
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We are living in a digital, multi-media world. Technology has taken over our lives. With the Internet, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, we are always connected. So, why not use technology to connect your capital campaign with potential donors?
In this issue, we'll give you some pointers on using social media to support your church's capital campaign. We will also talk about the do's and don'ts of using social media for your church.
6 Ways to Leverage Social Media in Your Capital Campaign
A capital campaign is a massive undertaking for churches. You may spend six months to a year or more planning for your campaign. The initial launch of the campaign can take six more months. Then, you have a 36 to 60 month pledge fulfillment period.
A capital campaign requires a tremendous amount of strategic planning and coordination among all aspects of the church. Social media can keep the lines of communication open throughout the entire campaign process.
Here are 6 ways you can leverage social media in support of your capital campaign:

Tell your story
Social media is a great way to let people know why you are raising funds for a capital campaign. For example, show photos of the area of the church that needs remodeling. Give progress updates throughout the campaign. Share a video of why people are moved by the campaign.

Make announcements
We are all so busy that we tend to forget about the details. Make it easier for people to participate by sharing a constant stream of information about upcoming meetings and events.

Connect with people
Those who are passionate about your cause will want to know what's happening. For instance, share an infographic that updates members on campaign progress. By giving members regular reminders and information, they can stay more connected to the campaign.

Create a photo gallery
Think about it as an electronic scrapbook. People love to see photos of themselves and of people they know. You can update everyone on progress, events, special committees, and more. Photos can share the ministry of the church with others.

Increase website traffic
If you're taking donations online, social media can help guide donors to your website. After learning more about your cause or catching up on the latest progress, it's just a quick click to make a donation online.

Remind people to give
With hectic schedules and more sporadic church attendance, your members may not be in tune with your capital campaign. Reminding people how they can show their support and making it easy to give helps every member feel like a part of the campaign.
The people sitting in your pews use social media. Put social media to work communicating about your church's capital campaign.
Do's and Don'ts of Social Media


Now you know why you should incorporate social media into your capital campaign. Here are some practical how-to tips to help you be more successful online. By following these Do‚€™s and Don‚€™ts of Social Media, you can help create a powerful fundraising campaign for your church.

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