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International Downtown Association 

 The IDA World Congress and the 59th Annual Conference is coming to New York this October!


This conference will bring together Business Improvement Districts and "Downtowns" like the 125th Street BID from different continents and cultures that share a passion for cities.



 During this three day event, leaders and newcomers of this industry will learn how others in their field have:

  • Transformed Buildings, Places, and Streets through Design
  • Redevelopment
  • Place Management
  • Distinctive Programming

 To learn more about this conference, seminar and event schedules and more -- CLICK HERE

Small Business Resources
Start planning for your Holiday Season ... NOW!
Microsoft Business for Small and Midsize Companies suggests that you start preparing for the holiday season NOW! Here are 7 tips to begin with:
  1. Got enough staff?
  2. Make physical preparations in advance.
  3. Consider advertising and marketing
  4. Don't limit your thinking to December
  5. Don't assume all will go smoothly 
  6. Don't lose a good holiday idea
  7. Keep your personal life organized as well. 

It's never too early to begin getting ready for the hectic holiday season! On September 25th, Check out this FREE Webinar -- Small Business Special "Get Ready fir the Holiday Season"
West 125th Merchant Organizing
Stay in the loop with the BID's Merchant Organizing Initiative by reading our West 125 Blog
Community Resources
Carver Federal Savings Bank
75 West 125th Street
September 30, 2013
Click here to view the Popular Community Bank video about "The Future of Retirement" featuring the locations new Branch Manager Y. Malik Hodges. 
The Future of Retirement
The Future of Retirement
Development on 125th Street
The President's Message
President/CEO Message

Earlier this month, 125th Street was featured in the article Mapping the Changes coming to Harlem's 125th Street by Curbed NY.
This article highlighted the development projects taking place across the corridor, ranging from Columbia University's Manhattanville expansion to the new restaurants, like Red Lobster, coming next to the Apollo Theater.  

Development in the district is an integral aspect of the BID's goals to further business in the community. In 2012, we worked with H2C2's Curtis Sherrod to produce the "Harlem The Future" mini documentary to showcase what we do, where we came from, and where we are going.

The video is narrated by myself and shot along 125th Street highlighting the street's businesses, community, culture, and implementation plan for current and future development. 

This mini documentary gives an inside view of the BID's core programming -- Sanitation and Street Maintenance, and Public Safety; the importance of our popular pedestrian count, that "average approximately 3,500 pedestrians an hour on one side of the street"; the importance of the community organizations to the district because "the business corridor work's when the rest of the community is also addressed"; and the future of marketing and promotion of the area so that it can continue to be a "highly comprehensive corridor" for the stakeholders, property owners, business owners, community members, and the tourists.

As the corridor continues to expand, the BID is taking a leading role in continuing communication and building the economic and cultural value of our district.


 Take a look at "Harlem the Future" and we look forward to sharing more with you! 

 Click Here for the Youtube Video

Tell Us Your Story
 As we celebrate both the 200th Anniversary of the Street and the 20th Anniversary of the BID, we would like to highlight the stories of all those that have contributed to this historical corridor. 


This month we are highlighting TWO businesses that have been located on 125th Street for a combination of over 100 years!!



Popular Community Bank

231 West 125th Street since 1913 






Y. Malik Hodges and Robert Hernandez reflect back on the history of 231 West 125th Street, which is now Popular Community Bank. Since it's inception on 125th Street in the 1880s, this location has been the home of banking institutions. 




Goodrich Insurance Brokerage, Ltd.

271 West 125th Street - 20 years

360 West 125th Street since 2008 




(From L to R: Thelma Goodrich, James D. Goodrich, Governor David A. Patterson (then Senator) and Pearline McKenzie-Garner)  



Franklin Goodrich reflects back on the history of Goodrich Insurance Brokerage Ltd. as he continues the work of his aunt, Thelma Goodrich, one of the first women in Harlem to own her own brokerage firm. Previously known as "Thelma E Goodrich Real Estate & Insurance Inc" this business has been on 125th Street for over 20 years. 



What are your most fond memories of 125th Street growing up? 
What are or were some of your favorite businesses? 
 Did you play a role in the development of 125th Street that no one knows about? We want to shout your story!

To tell us your story, Click Here 


Coming Soon
Harlem Holiday Lights 2013
Connect the Dots promotions
New LED Lights and Trash Receptacles
Update on Select Bus Service on 125th Street
Quick Links
125th Street BID
Board Member Highlights

This month we would to both highlight and thank The Fata Organization for their improvement to our sidewalks.  The area was deteriorating due to food and other liquids  seeping under the brick pavers and producing an unwelcomed odor.  Several power washing efforts  proved to be only a temporary fix.  Our board member and business stakeholder came to the rescue and repaired the sidewalk to correct the problem. 
Mr. Eugene Fata is our business hero of the month. 

Public Safety

Cell Phone Recovery Success!

 Recently a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the subway station at West 81st Street and Central Park West. The two perpetrators took the victim's purse, also containing her cellphone. The responding police officers were able to remotely activate her cellphone's tracking application and track the two robbers to the subway station at East 77th Street and Lexington Avenue.  Not only were the police able to recover the stolen cellphone for the victim, and her other property taken, they were also able to place the two perpetrators under arrest and recover the firearm used in the robbery.


Click here for the Full Report from the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau



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