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The Street: New Business, Grand Openings and More!
New Openings on 1-2-5   
Joe's Crabshack 
The FIRST Joe's Crab Shack to come to NYC opened its doors in Harlem on Tuesday, July 30th! Visitors waited in lines around the corner to get their first view of the eatery, located in the new retail development building at the corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. 

On July 24th, the BID was able to sneak preview the wonderful service at Joe's Crab Shack while the new employees were still in training. Get ready for a youthful, vibrant, and tasty experience!

Joe's Crab Shack Operating Hours are as follows:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-12am
Friday-Saturday: 11am-2am

America's Kids
230 West 125th Street  


Fortune Jeweler 


236 West 125th Street 


Services include: Jewelry selling, buying, cutting, custom jewel making and repair. Diamond dealing, custom wedding rings, watch repair and more!


Coming Soon        
DSW: Designer Shoe Warehouse 
At the corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd.    
Business Resources
Community Popular Bank
located at 231 West 125th Street offers great

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Life & Money
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Small Business Resources
Finance Tools
NYC Community
News & Media

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President & CEO -- 
Barbara Askins, 
Director of Operations -- 
Anthony Baker
Director of Marketing and Social Media -- 
Ymani Belcher 
Merchant Organizing Project Manager
Jennifer Silverberg
A Strategic Role for Marketing
President's Message

The creation of a BID was a pivotal moment for the Harlem Community and specifically for 125th Street.  


The first BID in the world, the Bloor West Village Business Improvement Area, was established in Toronto in 1970.  The first BID in the United States was the New Orleans Downtown Development District in 1974.  The first BID in New York City was 14th Street- Union Square Partnership, established in 1984. Nine years later, the first and only BID in Harlem was created: the 125th Street Business Improvement District, established in 1993.  This could change sooner rather than later though, as we are looking at potential expansion areas and there is outside interest from others in the community to create a BID on 116th and 145th Streets and the Mount Morris Park area.


We are very pleased that we were one of the early pioneers for this growing industry.  According to Dave Feehan, President & CEO of  Civitas Consultants, "The BID phenomena has continued to grow and expand around the world in spite of a fiscal and financial crisis in the both the public and private sector.  The number of BIDs worldwide may be approaching 2,500 and are located in Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Central America." 


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Introducing our Brand


The Connect the Dots Tour Experience


The BID's new campaign "Connect the Dots", which was created to push community members and visitors to make 125th Street more than a "one shop stop", was integrated into an event being hosted by the Aloft Harlem and Red Rooster.

 (Learn more about Connect the Dots ) 


On Thursday, July 25th, the BID participated in its first  "Connect the Dots Experience: Harlem Concierge Tour" hosted by the Aloft Hotel's Aquaria Harley. With a select group of hospitality concierges from all over the city provided by Concierge Sales Network, a night of special events was scheduled to show what's available for the tourist experience. 


A top deck bus tour of 125th Street and its surrounding areas was provided by Grayline for learning about the history of our cultural corridor. Dinner with live Jazz music followed at Red Rooster's "Ginny's Supperclub", giving our guests the chance to experience a true night out, Harlem style. 


The event was a success and served as a great start point for many more "CTD Experiences" that promote 125th Street to come!

Tell Us Your Story

Tell Your Story
is a part of the Connect the Dots platform and the Celebratory recognition of contributions to 125th

 Street over the last 200 years.  


What are your most fond memories of 125th Street growing up? What are or were some of your favorite businesses? Did you play a role in the development of 125th Street and no one knows about it? We want to shout your story!
Next month we will be featuring stories from 125th Street businesses in the banking and insurance industries. Click below to learn how to tell us your story for the BID's future announcements, social media postings and more!

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West 125th Merchant Organizing


August 13th, 2013

8:30 am


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

700 West 125th Street

At Twelfth Avenue




Please RSVP to Jennifer Silverberg.

(212) 662-8999  

Quick Links
Sanitation & Street Maintenance
The NYC Department of Transportation has approved the 125th Street BID's request to undertake its own program in the BID area to provide high-end Litter and Recycling Receptacles in the 125th corridor.    Currently, there are 6 different receptacles on 125 (pictured below).

The new cans pictured above - which will be stainless steel to match our up and coming street lights - bring several benefits to the corridor:
  • Promotes the Mayor's Recycling Program
  • Reduces street furniture
  • Provides 125th Street with a cleaner look by consolidating litter, recycling, and newspapers into one container.
  • Allows advertising for local businesses
  • Provides another vehicle for the BID to promote its brand.
Public Safety

This past month, New York experienced some of it's hottest days. The BID's Public Safety Ambassadors reported back
2 cases of injury on 125th Street due to heat related dizziness and fainting. 

As the summer continues on, we want to give you all a few tips on how to keep cool and stay safe!
10 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer
Provided by AARP
1. Drink Water
2.Stay in the shade
3. Schedule around the heat
4.Have a BBQ
5.Close the Curtains
6. Use a fan and/or air conditioner
7.Wear white
8. Squirt Yourself
9.Maintain your Air Conditioner
10. Think before you Fan

125th Street Deals
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