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A Warm Welcome to YOU and our awesome community of professional women who are
busy creating balanced success through a restorative lifestyle by Working Smart, Playing Hard, and Resting Well--as best we can--in the midst of life's challenges.

Here it is our first full week of 2015 ~ It's a time of reflection, looking forward, and making positive changes.  Perhaps you've made a few New Year's Resolutions for your work and life?


After years of setting lofty resolutions--only to fail at keeping them--in 2009 I finally discovered a simple technique that helped me better sustain positive change!  It's the "Just one thing" concept based on the Japanese principle of kaizen: big changes come through continuous small, steady increments over time.


Being a perfectionist by nature had only led me down the path of burn out, so I welcomed this new way to achieve success with less struggle and strain. By cultivating fresh appreciation for each moment, and chunking big goals down into small, simple actions forward, I gratefully (and slowly) learned how to bypass the "fight-or-flight" brain chemicals that used to trigger panic and self-sabotage.


And I haven't looked back! These days my goal-setting begins and ends with grace, self-compassion, and a strong desire for excellence.  ('cause Perfect is way over-rated!) 


Integrating this concept has led me to amazing mentors and many of the practical tools for resilience that I freely share in my coaching practice. Now in place of lofty resolutions, I choose "Just one word" to guide me each year, and encourage you to do the same. (In 2012 it was "Transformation", 2013 it was "Impact", in 2014 it was "Wholehearted". This year it's the word "Becoming".  (Because actually achieving my goals is not as important to me now as who I will "Become" in the process of achieving them).


This anonymous poem called "The Value Of One" is a wake-up-call that every moment counts and every second matters:

  • To know the value of 1 year, ask a student who failed the grades.
  • To know the value of 1 month, ask the mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
  • To know the value of 1 week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
  • To know the value of 1 day, ask the daily wage earner who has to feed kids.
  • To know the value of 1 hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
  • To know the value of 1 minute, ask the man who missed the train.
  • To know the value of 1 second, ask the person who just won silver at the Olympics!

So I'd love to know... how will you apply "Just one thing" to your own goals this year? Perhaps join us at the  "Synergy Success Circle"  or register for the upcoming Time & Task Management Series? Honestly, there's really no limit to what you can accomplish taking one small step at a time!


We have only 1 Wild and Precious life. Today is a gift, and tomorrow is not promised.


My wish is that you Achieve and Enjoy your own definition of success and happiness in 2015!

Remember each moment counts, and every second matters.

Christina Kunkle, CTA Certified Life & Wellness Coach, R.N.

Master Reiki Practitioner, EFT Advocate

"Resilience Coach for High-Achieving Women

who want to thrive by building a life, not just a career."  


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8th, Thursday
Dinner Meeting 5:30- 7:00 p.m. McAlister's Deli, Harrisonburg, Va

8th, Thursday
"Beyond SOAR II"
8-9:30 p.m.

14th, Wednesday

"Synergy Success Circle" 

Lunch Meeting 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. McAlister's Deli, Harrisonburg, VA

16th, Friday
"Beyond SOAR III"
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

22nd, Thursday
"Beyond SOAR I"
6:30-8:00 p.m.

31st-February 3
3-Day Mastermind Retreat with my Mentor and Business Coach, Asheville, N.C.

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Hi, I'm Christina Kunkle, the founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching LLC and SOAR, a Leadership Development Program for women, and Creator of the Synergy Success Circle.  


My practice is dedicated to helping Professional Women squelch overwhelm and prevent burn out by promoting bounce-back resilience to stay focused, positive, & excited through challenges of work and life.  In addition to one on one coaching,  I facilitate keynotes, workshops, and retreats on topics related to Resilience and Work/Life balance. Do You know of a group that could use some inspiration and practical tips or are you curious about how coaching works?  Then I'd love to share with you what I believe to be  the most powerful tool for change on the planet! read more...

Christina's Story

Click here to read about my life-changing transformation

from Fear to Faith. 

SOAR Success Story!
Ellen Painter
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

"Being in Soar/Beyond Soar has raised my awareness about how to live my life "intentionally", both personally and professionally.  This means getting the most out of life by starting each day with goals in mind (utilizing a meaningful morning practice to get on track) and the importance of focusing each day on what I want to achieve in my work and personal life. 


 Christina has taught me how unconscious attitudes can affect outcomes, and the importance of self-care, and partnering with others who have similar life goals.


It is well worth the investment. Participating in Soar/Beyond Soar has blessed me with wonderful "sisters" who share my goals and aspirations and are my support system."


SOAR Success Story!
Kitty H. Purcell
Vice President and Loan Originator,
Farmers and Merchants Bank 
Kitty pictured left

"Being in SOAR/ Beyond SOAR has increased my confidence level in dealing with both personal and business life situations. It has made me realize how important being true to oneself is as well as making (and taking!) time for self-care. In order to help others one must first take care of self--you cannot give from an empty reservoir. 


Investing in SOAR/ Beyond SOAR was and continues to be without question one of the best investments I have ever made. It has helped me with the realization of my attributes and abilities, increased my self-confidence and enhanced my personal and work life relationships. Monies well spent!"

  Is it Your Year to SOAR?

Next Class begins February 13th!


SOAR is designed to provide Exceptional Self-Leadership Training and Professional Group Coaching, with tools to stay Focused, Positive, and Excited about Work and Life while promoting Highly Productive, Heart-Centered Collaboration and Balanced Success.

SOAR provides massive support, structure, encouragement, accountability, clarity, training, laughter, mindset shifts - and of course will teach you how to create balanced success. Here's Your Invitation to SOAR in 2015

There's an amazing group of women now forming. If you're curious, just reach out to Contact me for a complimentary 1:1 call to learn more!


Synergy Success Story!
Jennifer Cottrell  
You've Got it Made /LOTUS Holistic lifestyle practices
"Who needs a life coach?" As it turned out--ME!
I was married for 24 years, owned a very successful business and also ran my husband's art business.   I had lived in Maryland for 23+ years and was very set in a routine. After a 2 year battle with kidney disease and a transplant, my husband passed away in April 2010.

Fast forward ...

I was fortunate to have met a professor at JMU and we were married him in May of 2012. So my routine life took a WILD ride.... I moved to Harrisonburg, became "something" to 2 teenage stepdaughters (stepmother just seems to go with wicked), and had a business that suffered in the move. My life changed so drastically that I just felt like I was running in circles and kind of lost. I was happy but not settled.

 I met Christina in late 2012. I had heard about Christina and Synergy Circle from a mutual friend, but forgot about it (remember - I was running around in my own circles!) until another friend suggested I go to Synergy Success the next day. I went and loved it. I immediately joined and have really enjoyed meeting all of the great women and feeling that sense of "finding my tribe". Christina offered to meet for coffee. We met and talked, and I walked away thinking - Who needs a life coach? Later that year at a table-top Synergy event, after a conversation with Christina, I thought "Maybe I need a life coach!" Who knew????

We scheduled our first meeting and I have to say - it was transformative. I signed up for a 3 month package! Meeting with Christina is like therapy - but better. Unlike my experience with therapy, she gave me constructive things to do to improve the situation. Christina helped me gain focus and get back into that "routine" that I missed. I looked forward to each session knowing that I would gain tools to get my life more under control. I feel like a different person.... well maybe more like the old me in my new life. Instead of a feeling like a whirling dervish, I now feel in control. I won't get on a soapbox, BUT if you haven't met with Christina - stop what you're doing and email or call her for an appointment.

Who needs a life coach??.....maybe YOU!