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Investment in our team pays dividends to our customers!

At WH Bagshaw Company, our "Quality In Every Step" mission starts and ends with our team. We put a priority on training and continuous education. Lou Davis, our CNC Manager, also happens to be an Adjunct Professor of CNC Programming at Nashua Community College and our highly certified in-house trainer. Lou trains our seasoned team members on topics like 5S Principles, Kaisen and Lean Manufacturing. A group of new hires were just trained  on: Overviews of Collets and Guide Bushings, Safety for CNC Machines and Facilities and Emergency Response Awareness.

As we discussed in our August newsletter (August e-letter), technical education is critical to narrowing the skills gap in our country's manufacturing workforce. As a company that has, since 1870, set the highest standards in quality manufacturing, we understand better than anyone how paramount job training is to not only the longevity of our company, but in maintaining a highly skilled and motivated staff that consistently delivers for our customers.

Part of the Month

Bulb flange for the advanced light source industry.

Material: .850 diameter 6061-T6 aluminum. Electroless nickel plate finish.

Dimensions: .850 diameter x .601 inches long.

.025 inside diameter hole.
.02 inside diameter grooves
                                                  2-56 tapped holes
                                                  .03 face milled slot
                                                  4-40 outside diameter thread

Continuous Improvement

This SlideShare slide show I came across on LinkedIn, published by Kunal Purohit, Exective at Premier Ltd, explains 5S Planning and Kaizen in an easy to understand way that I think you'll find helpful when implementing in your shop. All the key elements are applicable to your organization and can lay the foundation for a lifetime of continuous improvement. As a company that's been around for 145 years, take our word for it!
Make it happen!
Aaron Bagshaw
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.

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October 2, 2015