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Terry S. MathiasPresident's Message

By Terry S. Mathias
2013-2014 NAIFA-West Virginia President

As I prepare to attend the NAIFA National Convention in San Antonio later this week, my mind goes back to the last convention that I attended which was in Seattle.  It was a great convention with a lot of motivating speakers and informative workshops.  One of my fondest memories from that trip, however, was my visit to Pike Place Fish Market.  Maybe you have visited the market or seen video clips from the market on television.  It is truly a unique experience.
First, the fish is incredibly fresh.  The only thing you smell are the fresh-cut flowers in the neighboring stand in the market.  Second, the fish is neatly displayed on ice so that everyone who walks by can see it.  And third and most importantly, the staff at the fish market is constantly interacting with everyone who walks by.  They engage people in conversation.  They make the fish "talk" to the children.  And when someone purchases a fish, they throw the fish to the individual responsible for wrapping it so the customer can take it home.  The employees of the Pike Place Fish Market work very hard, put in a lot of hours, and yet enjoy their work and have fun while they are doing it.  Because of the way they run their business, they have become world famous.
Have you ever wanted to become a world famous advisor?  Well, maybe you have not thought about that, but I hope you would want to be someone whom clients appreciate for all that you help them accomplish.  As you work to meet the needs of your clients on a daily basis, you can become world famous by practicing the four principles that they practice at the Pike Place Fish Market.  These principles are discussed in a book entitled "Fish" by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen.  The principles that helped the fish market become world famous are:
1. Choose your attitude:  There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.
2. Play:  You can be serious about your business and still have fun with the way you conduct your business.
3. Make their day:  Look for ways to create great memories.  Make someone's day.  Engage your clients and people you see every day.
4. Be present:  Be fully engaged in your work.  Don't be sidetracked by the many distractions that come your way.  Stay on task and focus on things that are important.
As you plan for the fourth quarter, I encourage all of you to implement at least one of the practices above.  If you consistently do so, I'll bet you will have one of your best quarters ever.
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The NAIFA Quality Award provides advisors at any career stage, the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to exceptional:
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* Service to your industry association.
Advisors specializing in Life & Annuities, Financial Advising & Investments, Health & Employee Benefits, Multiline Sales or any combination of these specialties have the opportunity to demonstrate the quality that is the mark of a true professional.
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Advocacy HighlightAdvocacy Highlight

To view new Affordable Care Act Resources offered to NAIFA members, including FREE Repeat Webinar for NAIFA Members on Health Insurance Marketplace on Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EDT, presented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS):
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NAIFANAIFA Applauds House for Passage of NARAB II Legislation

The National Association of Insurance and Financial AdvisorsThe National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors applauds the House of Representatives for passing H.R. 1155, the National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Reform Act of 2013 (NARAB II).
The bill, sponsored by Reps. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) and David Scott (D-Georgia), would make it easier for agents and brokers to conduct business in multiple states while preserving state regulation of insurance. NAIFA and a number of its industry coalition partners sent a letter to every member of the House of Representatives urging passage of NARAB II.
"NAIFA would like to thank Representatives Neugebauer and Scott for their efforts to shepherd this important legislation through the House," said NAIFA President Rob Smith. "Nearly 80 percent of NAIFA members have lost clients who moved to states in which they were not licensed, and 12 percent report that they have lost more than 50 clients this way. NARAB II would offer a common-sense solution to this problem."
Currently, agents and brokers must be licensed in each state in which they do business. NARAB II would create a national - not federal - clearinghouse for insurance agents and brokers to obtain approval to operate on a multi-state basis. NARAB would be governed by a Board of Directors dominated by state regulators and would establish standards for membership that meet or exceed the existing requirements in any state.
A prospective NARAB member would be required to be fully licensed in his or her home state and satisfy rigorous membership criteria for the national organization. An approved NARAB member could utilize the clearinghouse to obtain approval to operate in any other state.
"Passage of NARAB II would be a huge win for consumers," added NAIFA President Smith. "Insurance advisors often have relationships with clients going back years or even decades.  This legislation would make it easier for insurance professionals to maintain these relationships even if they or the clients move to different states. While NARAB II keeps all of the state-based regulations in place to protect consumers, it would reduce unnecessary costs and burdens associated with being licensed in multiple states."
A Senate version of NARAB II (S.534) is currently under consideration. It has bipartisan support, and NAIFA strongly urges its passage.

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Of approximately 4,600 political action committees registered with the Federal Election Commission, IFAPAC ranks in the top tier. IFAPAC is the largest insurance PAC in the country. In the last election cycle, the national IFAPAC contributed approximately $1.1 million to federal candidates and committees.
For more information about IFAPAC and to contribute securely online, please click HERE.

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