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-- NanoGlobe secures unmatched partnerships for our international clientele. 


-- NanoGlobe connects with business and technology leaders around the world opening doors of unprecedented opportunity for our clients.


-- NanoGlobe develops its clients' business reach into Asia.

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Micro-Nano Materials, Devices &Manufacturing Technologies

- Nanocarbon

- Printed Electronics

- Nanoimprint Lithography


- Electronic Devices & Instruments


Energy and Green Technologies

- Batteries

- Photovoltaic(PV)

- Lighting

- Water/Gas Filtration

- Power Electronics

- Bio-inspired Nanostructures


Nano Medicine 

- Targeted Drug Delivery

- Diagnostics

- Envronmental Health & Safety

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11th Asia Nano Forum Summit   

September 24-26

, 2014, Suzhou, China   


September 24-26, 2014
Suzhou, China

November 16-21, 2014, Shenzhen, China

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education (NSEE) - the Next Steps (NSF Funded Workshop) 
December 11-12, 2014, Arlington, VA  


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PublicationsOur Publications
FREE Nanotech
Capability Reports:  

Suzhou, China Nanotech Capability Report (Updated) 


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PublicationsOur Global Nano-Presence
Apr.9-11,  Athens, Greece

Dr. Lerwen LIU presented an invited talk titled "Shaping Future Manufacturing-Enabled by Nanotechnology: Asia Story" at the European Commission's annual Industrial  Technologies 2014 Conference. 
Jan.29-31, Tokyo, Japan

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Warm greetings from Singapore!


Hope you are all enjoying the summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. I am sorry to have missed you in some of nanotech events in the last 6 months due to my teaching commitment in Singapore. But I look forward to seeing you second half of 2014 and 2015. NanoGlobe continues its efforts in promoting the adoption of nanotechnology through helping R&D, education and industry leaders worldwide. We started the nanotechnology education initiative in January 2014 in Singapore (and reaching out to Indonesia and beyond) through inspiring the young minds on the prospect of nanoscience and engineering and together we design and fabricate innovative products towards sustainability to improve life of people and environment. In this issue, we share with you our vision and some of our activities. Enjoy!


Lerwen Liu, PhD

Managing Director of NanoGlobe Pte Ltd



We have introduced our revolutionary nano education and entrepreneurship module at the National University of Singapore (NUS) which inspires students, not just from the perspective of science or engineering, but also to shape the future with holistic thinking with innovation and entrepreneurship.
We have the privilege to work with Surya University (, the most innovative private university in Indonesia)  to share our nano education initiative.
  EducationNanotechnology for Everyone - From Smart Phone, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Shaping the Future
We have introduced our revolutionary nano education and entrepreneurship module at the National University of Singapore (NUS), offered to all undergraduate students. This is an inspiring and unique program that has produced amazing results. The program covers not only  the technical and commercial issues of nanotechnology, but brings together diverse students from all departments, to build teams and to deal with real-life issues.
Different from many other nano education modules, it not only elaborates the scientific and technological mechanisms of nanotechnology, it also focuses on the commercialization opportunities and challenges, such as the product making process, industry value chains, experience of being an entrepreneur, global development, e-waste and environmental consequences, and how game changing nanotech innovation provides new opportunities for entrepreneurs etc.
This general education module (GEM1537) offered at NUS inspires students, from different disciplines, to understand sustainability with holistic thinking and shape the future with innovation and entrepreneurship. More details are found in our module newsletter.
  • This module aims to inspire students to shape the future towards sustainability with innovation and entrepreneurship enabled by nanotechnology. It is designed for students from all faculties.   Starting from the technologies involved in making a smartphone. 
  • Trace the history of science and technology innovations to simulate curiosity and visual understanding of technologies 
  • Address the benefits for improving human lives and the environmental consequences today and tomorrow to help students understand the societal implication of scientific and technological innovation.                  ( read more



Week 1Nanotechnology Now

Week 2-7: Nanotechnologies Enabled by Smartphone Today and Tomorrow

Week 8-10: Sustainability and an Exciting Future for ALL of Us                    read more) 


Module Highlight:

Project Highlight: 


  -   Sustainability Award   Solutions for long term clean, safe and affordable drinking water


P-MAX - Entrepreneurship Award

2-in-1 mobile phone cover and charger that harnesses the power of solar and thermal energy to meet your smartphone's never-ending power needs    


E-BUS for a Better Future - Improving Life of People Award

Emission free campus bus with minimum carbon footprint


AIMS - Improving Life of People Award

Advanced Innovative Marine Systems - Empowering Innovation, Connecting Worlds. An ambitious project for creating a ultimate green cargo ship free from pollution of the sea


Quote from Invited Speakers and Guests: 

"I am totally intrigued by the zest, creativity and innovation demonstrated by the students during their presentations. This interdisciplinary problem-based pedagogical approach provides our students an unique opportunity to translate what they learn in the classroom to solve a real-world problem. This learning experience in turn becomes part of the University's global efforts in preparing our students to become future-ready graduates"     - Chan Chun YONG, Vice Dean, Faculty of Science, NUS


"Their innovation, enthusiasm, drive and pure innocence, portrayed wonderful ideas that makes the world a better place when implemented."

- Lloyd SOONGCEO of Pasture Pharma Pte Ltd 

"I am very impressed with the overall teamwork and creativity of the students in the class. I think the function of the Nanotech class goes beyond the technical knowledge. It is apparent that the students have learnt an even more valuable skill that they will able to apply in various situations over time -- the ability to think critically.  -Bobby Bhatia, CEO of TrakInvest

Quote from Students:    

  "This module has helped me grasp the fundamentals of nanotechnology and its myriad commercial applications. . Overall, this module has left me with a better understanding of the science and business behind nanotechnology,and  most importantly the endless future possibilities."   - Pang Dao Jian Colin, NUS Business School  


"Taking GEM1537 enhanced my interest in nanoscience and technology by elaborating on the different aspects of nanotechnologies such as policy, applications, industry and economic impact, career opportunities and sustainability

"   -Bae Soo KYUNGSchool of Design & Envi. 

More details, please download
We continue to assist the TRIUM EMBA program through sharing our insightful case studies in China nanotechnology entrepreneurs. We have spent years working with start-ups in nanotech space worldwide and we find Chinese nanotech start-ups are particularly exciting and successful in getting their technology adopted in end product promptly enabling Chinese electronics and advanced materials industry to compete in the global market. The secret of the success of Chinese nano technopreneurs lies in a) close proximity of manufacturing industries b) strong motivation of Chinese industries to compete with those in developed countries c) innovative R&D and d) dynamic and down to earth entrepreneur spirit. In addition to sharing our insights on Chinese technopreneurship and innovation, we work with Suzhou Nanopolis to gain the privilege of visiting some of the successful medium size companies and sit together with the technopreneurs to have face to face experience sharing.
SuryaEducating Technopreneurship in Developing World 
We have the privilege to work with Surya University , the most innovative private university in Indonesia) to share our nano education initiative. In May 2014, our managing director Dr Lerwen Liu was invited to give a lecture at its Center for Technopreneurship and Innovation (video) titled "  
Building a Sustainable Future with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Enabled by Nanotechnology". Our effort of reaching out to the developing world was inspired by the passion and entrepreneur spirit shone in the eyes of the students and the innovative & sustainable products displayed at the center.

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