Come and see for yourself the rapid developments  

and dynamic environment in China, including sessions on:

  • MEMS 2014

  • Bio-Medical Separation and Purification

  • Clean Tech - Water and Air 

  • Asia Nano Forum Summit 2014 

Innovative Printed & Flexible Electronics Hub


Suzhou has an innovative environment for printed & flexible electronics: 

  • The Printed Electronics Center (PERC)
  • Dynamic Environment of Innovative Companies & Spin-Offs

  • Printed Electronics Collaborative Ecosystem  


Suzhou, China
September, 24-27, 2014

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Warm Greetings from Suzhou!


I personally wish to invite you to the CHInano 2014 Conference and Expo in September, and take the opportunity to see the Nanopolis for yourself. I would be glad to give you a tour of the facilities and ecosystems in Suzhou, including the new MEMS line.


Together with my team, I will be also happy to assist you in identifying potential business partners in Suzhou and China.nanopolise


We look forward to seeing you in Nanopolis Suzhou in September!


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Xijun ZHANG

President, Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd.
About Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. is the most progressive government owned organization that leads the planning and executing of strategies to promote nanotechnology R&D, commercialization and adoption as well as providing leadership in China nanotechnology development.

For more information visit Nanopolis website.


  We welcome you to join us at CHInano 2014 Conference & Expo in Suzhou

  • Unique focus on accelerating nanotech commercialization
  • A chance to observe China's rapidly advancing nanotech ecosystems and massive investments
  • Find your nanotech R&D and commercialization partners in China
  • See Nanopolis Suzhou, the largest nanotech hub for innovation and commercialization in China

CHInano 2014 is one of the largest, most authoritative international events on the industrial application of nanotechnology in China. 

Come and interact with the key players in nanotech R&D and commercialization and find your business partners in China. Seeing is believing! 



Focusing on accelerating the commercialization and adoption of nanotechnology,

CHInano 2014 encompasses dedicated symposia and forums focusing on:

  • MEMS 2014 - Annual MEMS industry conference highlighting commercialization in China and international developments
  • Bio-Medical Separation and Purification
  • Clean Tech - Water and Air 
  • Nanotech Investment Matchmaking
  • IP Summit - see China's efforts on IP to drive R&D
  • Asia Nano Forum Summit 2014 - gathering of Asian nanotech leaders  


Also features the International Roundtable on Nanotechnology (IRN) with delegates from worldwide.


CHInano 2014 Exhibition:    

  • Over 180 companies exhibiting. Featuring MEMS, Nano Materials, Life Sciences, Clean Tech, Equipment and others.
  • Key opportunity for brand exposure to Chinese and global customers 
  • Unique insights to Chinese industry developments enabled by nanotechnology



                        See further CHInano 2014 details.

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Please come and see for yourself this dynamic nanotech environment in Nanopolis Suzhou!

anchor2Innovative Printed & Flexible Electronics Hub


Suzhou has a dynamic environment that is focused on the rapid commercialization of printed and flexible electronics. These companies and institutes are moving up the value chain to supply the next generation of materials, devices and manufacturing.


Printable Electronics Research Center  


The Printable Electronics Research Center (PERC), within the Suzhou Institute of Nanotech and Nanobionics (SINANO), is a hub for printed and organic electronics research with a focus toward commercialization. The Center provides expertise and facilities in the areas below:



The Center utilizes a wide variety of printing technologies and equipment, such as aerosol jet, gravure, slot, ink jet printing etc. PERC's new facility has large space for expansion, for example, roll-to-roll prototyping production lines.




The Printable Electronics Research Centre, led by Prof. Zheng Cui, and his team was recently awarded the 2014 Printed Electronics Europe Award recognizing their breakthrough innovation in printed nanomaterial process for manufacturing transparent conductive films. This is significant, as the award demonstrates that Chinese researchers are doing world-class nano-material and manufacturing innovation, again showing Suzhou, and China's, transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China".


Dynamic Environment of Innovative Companies & Spin-Offs

There are many companies in Suzhou that are utilizing printing and coating technologies not only for flexibility but also to try and achieve lower cost solutions as well as new functionality.


These companies are pursuing not only new materials and processes to create their products, but some companies are even designing and making their own equipment. That is, they are working at an advanced level, at that intimate connection between process and equipment, such that they know how to optimize and tune materials and processes.


NanoGrid, a spin-off company from SINANO, is using not only using an innovative nano-imprinting manuf acturing technology, but also a new material, nano-silver, for transparent, conductive touch films.


NanoGrid's films are produced efficiently on roll-to-roll, and are already in mass production with a partners for tablets and PCs.   

Hanano is producing flexible transparent conductive touch films using carbon nano-tubes (CNT).


SVG Optronics is a leader in nano-imprint and nano-patterning for displays, lighting, OLEDs, optical security. SVG has large format roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.


Other companies such as UC Nano develop large size flexible touch films, while equipment companies like GD Nano, develop nano-imprint equipment.


Printed Electronics Collaborative Ecosystem

With the Printable Electronics Center as a hub, as well as innovative, dynamic companies, Suzhou is creating an ecosystem for rapid commercialization. Suzhou welcomes industry collaborations with materials, equipment and device partners for printed and flexible electronics.


VTT of Finland, a leader in printed electronics, has set up its R&D  in the China-Finland Nano Innovation Center in Nanopolis. VTT is combining their expertise with that of companies and institutes in Suzhou.


Come to Suzhou to see these rapidly developments and

partner for innovative technologies and fast commercialization


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