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May 31, 2013 – Cypress Benefit Administrators
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changedateWill Changing a Fully-Insured Plan's Renewal Date Delay Compliance with ACA?  
The answer depends on which ACA provisions are involved. Many brokers and employers are stating that insurers are sending letters to fully-insured clients urging them to renew early. The goal of the insurers is to delay the effective date of new rating procedures for about a year by taking advantage of the fair health insurance premiums and guaranteed availability and renewability provisions. While the insurer cannot cancel the policy early and renew, the employer has this option. HHS officials said that this is not illegal, but we understand some states are working to limit this option. This practice is not applicable to self-funded plans. Learn more and see the final rule release by the Federal Register on February 27, 2013.    <back to top>
cu20132nd Annual Cypress University Conference a Huge Success  
Cypress Benefit Administrators brought together clients, broker and consultant partners, prospective clients and select vendor partners from all over the country for the second annual Cypress University Conference held May 14-16 in Las Vegas, NV. We want to thank everyone who participated and made the conference a huge success. Surpassing last year's numbers with over 150 people in attendance, participants overwhelmingly felt it was a great learning experience – and fun! – for all involved. Click to learn more and link to the full news release.    <back to top>
fredhuntACA: Accidental Birth Explains the Law's Illogic Today
An Historical Perspective from Fred Hunt, Active Past President of SPBA  
Both supporters and opponents (and regulators who must implement the law) are driving themselves crazy trying to find logic and make sense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. PPACA, ACA, and Obamacare).  Relax ... it was an accident. The current text was never intended to be passed into law. It was a fluke and political accident. Also, President Obama should neither be blamed nor given credit for the law, as he had virtually no role in drafting it – so the Obamacare nickname is inaccurate. Read Fred's full Washington Insider perspective.    <back to top>
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