December 2012 Newsletter
Explaining December 2012 Key Dates
Crossing the Threshold 12/12/12 ~ Ascension Wave 12/21/12
Wow, the dates of December 2012 have finally arrived! A key activation date, 12/12/12, that is a threshold for those who are ready to take the first step in the direction of a new world, and on 12/20-21/2012, an "Ascension Wave," which brings a new lease on life. You will find yourself actually redefining your life purpose, your perspectives, and your understanding of self, if you so choose it.
Although our consciousness is in a constant state of evolution, we are being granted access to a whole new way of life, but it does mean each of us accepting the challenge of saying "no" to the comfortable and familiar ways of reacting to life that we "fEarth Matrixell" into, creating the limitations of our past. Our lower ego is being challenged to do what it hates most and that means releasing and purging that which is familiar, finished, and dysfunctional. Moving from this lower vibration of consciousness to a higher vibration of consciousness is what Alchemy Consciousness is, and we are being invited to create a new life and a new earth by focusing on our strengths, our inner light, to serve our own greatest and highest good, as well as that of humanity. Holding on to the "old ways" and our comfort zones is the self-induced prevention of living in the freedom, positive abundance, and growth we so often pray for. This is what we've been pushed to face this year. And, by the way, this transformation does come with "Ascension Symptoms," which can include symptoms such as wanting to cry just out of the blue, extreme fatigue that you just have to nap--even if you are not one who takes naps, headaches, joint pain, flu-like symptoms, back pain, and if you notice, the discomfort is near a chakra that is also asking for your attention to heal so you can have this inner harmony you wish to have in your external life.


Since I have received many requests to explain these symptoms, as well as key dates such as 12/12/12 and 12/21/12, I have written an article to overview these important "heavenly" events, pointing you to more detailed information for your use, reference, and reflection.


This is an extraordinary time of amazing love and connection with Spirit and the higher realms, including the higher parts of ourselves, that we have yet to ever experience while in human form. You may be surprised about what you'll learn in this article, including the importance and higher power in the proper use of our ego! ~ With much love, wishing you many continued blessings and happy co-creating, Faith

Offer to Take Your Prayers...

heavenly beams of light from the sky"Invitation to A Heavenly Event ~ 12/12/12" 


There is room for Spiritual Warriors to attend in person or from your location!  Read the 

"Invitation to A Heavenly Event on 12/12/12" for more information and email me if you would like the recording of the informational call held in November.


NOTE: Tomorrow, Sunday, December 2, 7:00 p.m. EST, I am holding another call to bring us together as a group to assist in anchoring these energies. If you are interested in attending this call on Sunday, please email me. For those of you in attendance, check your inbox for a private invitation I sent out a few days ago.

camp fire in full flame
Taking Your Prayers...
I will be holding an opening fire ceremony on Tuesday, December 11th, during the event in Hot Springs, North Carolina, USA. December 11th is also the night before the New Moon, and how perfectly fitting that the New Moon happens to be on the key activation date of 12/12/12--Divine timing once again!
If you would like to write down any prayer requests, including anything you'd like to release to Spirit, the night before a New Moon is perfect: you can use this time to reflect on ending anything that is no longer supporting you, even something like a habit!
On the day of a New Moon itself would be a perfect time of prayer to begin something new, like a project or anything you'd like "plant seeds for." 
Simply mail your prayers/requests to me and write "12/12/12" on the envelope. I will not open or read anything sent to me with this on the envelope Your mailed prayer requests will be added to ours, and I will place them in the fire for you. (My mailing address is below.) 
Be sure to mail your prayer requests to me so that I receive them by Friday, December 7, 2012. I have received several so far, some even by email, which I have printed out and placed with the other prayers for this event.  It is my honor to bring all prayer requests in your support, whatever your needs may be.
plato drawing of crossing threshold of self
December 2012 Channelings
There are four channelings through Michelle Manders at the Palace of Peace which provide the detailed information, the vibration, love, energy activations, healing, and far more than I could ever write myself! 
On this link you will find the following free transcriptions of 3 of the 4 channelings I referenced. They are listed on the web page as:


Use this link to access the Palace of Peace "Shop" to purchase the fourth of 4 channeling transcriptions, which is the 21:12 Crossing The Threshold Celebration - Mary Magdalene - December 2012 - Transcript.

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
Limited In-Person Sessions for December 2012
Faith May 2011
Due to the many projects I am working on this month, as well as the event of 12/12/12, I will be at the Dancing Moon on Tuesday, December 18th only.  Also, I will be out of town during the 12/12/12 event from 12/10 through 12/14/2012. 
I am still doing private sessions over the phone or Skype around these above dates, so please email me as you would normally to set up a session.
 Perhaps I will "see" you this month in one of these venues!




Key Dates

12/07/12: Receive all prayers for the fire ceremony on 12/11/12.
12/12/12: Crossing the Threshold, stepping into a New World.
12/20/12: Preparing your body for the Ascension Wave.
12/21/12: The Ascension Wave arrives!
12/22/12: Between December 21st and 22nd, we have the opportunity to undergo accelerated processes of preparation and integration. To love yourself, you must be willing and able to love yourself, to love your physical body, to love your personality, to love your uniqueness, to love yourself like you love others. The energy that will come as a result of what you have been prepared for will seep into your body on December 22 OR any other time when you choose to work with this energy again. This will open your eyes to what the ego will now do with you and do for you. ~