Invitation to A Heavenly Event on 12/12/12 
Hot Springs, North Carolina, USADecember 12, 2012
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Heavenly Energies Arrive!
Call to Spiritual Warriors of the Heart
Hot Springs, North Carolina
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This is a most exciting time as we can merge our energies as a group in support of this activation, securing new foundations of life! 
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On 12/12/12 Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants will be the recipients of the most amazing energies as the heavens open to bless us as we receive energies from the Great Central Sun. The intention of this communication is two-fold: first, to inform you of the blessings coming to us, and secondly, to let you know that many of us lightworkers are assisting in the creation of one of the most powerful conscious grids of light and positive power, and since there is power in numbers, I'm reaching out to those who feel the call to support this divine work. (Click on New Energy Portal Grids for more information.) This is extremely exciting news, as we've been working towards this for a very long time!
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This is a Call to
"Spiritual Warriors
of the Heart"

As one of several Guardians, Gatekeepers, and Anchors for these "heavenly energies," I have been asked by Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa to anchor these energies in an area just north of Asheville, North Carolina, in the USA. This 12/12/12 date is  the first stage of the Aquarian Gateways and Ascension Waves taking place on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of December 2012.

In addition to my holding vigilance while a core group of Pilgrims makes the physical journey to Egypt in December 2012, I will be leading a group to anchor the energies in the town of Hot Springs, which is about 35 minutes north of Asheville. This is a call to powerful lightworkers to consider joining me either in person or from their location where they live. Please note that this trip to Hot Springs is NOT a spiritual retreat; the suggestions of using the Hot Springs Spa and other "nurturing" activities is to assist you in balancing your own energy as an attendee because it will be intense!  The 12/12/12 Hot Springs event will be Tuesday, Dec. 11, through Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, as we follow and support Michelle's itinerary in Egypt. The Hot Springs Itinerary can be found on my web site page, 12/12/12. I'm hosting a free call to provide more information. 

Hot Springs, North Carolina, USA
December 12, 2012

Since there is power in numbers, I am reaching out to those of you who may wish to make this important commitment to join me in anchoring these energies, which is why you are urged to respond only if you feel this truly to be your role, as your energy body will will feel the intensity of these energies--my colleagues and I have been feeling them for a few weeks now as we have been prepared for this work.   Remember, your energy bodies maintain their connection to the flow of your life, so it is extremely important that you reconnect with your body on all levels and remain grounded. It means a healthy diet and exercise, drink plenty of water, get regular and grounded on Earthadequate rest, and over all that you are taking good care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Balance is key to life in the Golden Age!


In short, our work is to ensure the debilitation of the Matrix of Illusion as a direct result of our awakening and healing and ensuring only positive power, truth, wisdom and love  "dethrone" the dark powers, and to replace it with a new group mind theme, which, too, would grow in positive power as the collective mind responds to what is feeding the noosphere. (*"There are billions of threads of Golden Light etherically flowing through the fields of energy embracing the collective consciousness of humanity. Collective consciousness is also referred to as group mind, and more scientifically, the NOOSPHERE...." "This will enable Lightworkers to more consciously understand the power being created, which forms the new foundation which becomes the main template, in other words, blueprint of the noosphere of humanity.") 

This project is an extremely important one. It is a Universal Project in establishing the 8 levels of consciousness every Lightworker needs to master in preparation for the full activation of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which anchors in it's fullness on December 20, 2020. The energies are amplified by the stellium of planets aligning within the month of December 2012. To learn more about this, and the trip to Egypt we are supporting, visit the *Egypt 2012 Intro Channelling.

Mother Earth needs our help. There are many areas thEarth and our DNAat need our attention as we "de-throne" the dark, and there are many powerful areas within her as well that are of pure divine love with no interference.  I have experiences to share about this as well.

So if this "call" resonates with you or perhaps someone you may know, to learn more about the 12/12/12 Hot Springs event, please visit my web site page dedicated to this event and consider joing my conference call on Monday, November 12th, at 8:00 p.m. EST. Click here to register for the free call to learn more.

Offer to take your prayers...

I will be holding an opening fire ceremony on Tuesday, December 11th, which is also the night before the New Moon--the New Moon also happens to be on 12/12/ fire in full flame  If you would like to write down any prayer requests, including anything you'd like to release to Spirit, the night before a New Moon is perfect: you can use this time to reflect on ending anything that is no longer supporting you, even something like a habit! On the day of a New Moon itself would be a perfect time of prayer to begin something new, like a project or anything you'd like "plant seeds for."  Simply mail your prayers/requests to me and write "12/12/12" on the envelope. I will not open or read anything sent to me with this on the envelope Your mailed prayer requests will be added to ours, and I will place them in the fire for you. (My mailing address is below.)  Be sure to mail your prayer requests to me so that I receive them by Friday, December 7, 2012.
In honor of those impacted by the recent Hurricane/"Superstorm" Sandy, I delayed the sending of this newsletter until now. My thoughts, prayers, and hearts are with you all. It is my honor to bring all prayer requests with me in your support, whatever your needs may be.
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(This is a new PO Box and address, so please update your Contacts List accordingly.)

In Closing...

There is a great deal of information about this time of great change of the Golden Age as humanity Angel Wings with Inner Lightsteps out of the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius.  You will find most of this recently released information at the Palace of Peace under the "Shop" tab and click on ***NEW***.  There are several messages regarding the Egypt tour, as well as many powerful messages, including a recent message from Lord Maitreya. It's an extremely empowering message about each of us standing in our own light and being in service in this most amazing time of change!
As we move closer to the date of 12/12/12, I will continue to receive more specific information, and I will be updating my web site to reflect any updates, as well as using Facebook and this e-newsletter service.  Thank you, and it's truly my honor and it is most humbling to be a part of this most amazing time of humanity's spiritual and emotional growth!   
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