I have a great deal of information to share with you this month, including why it's important to not get caught up in "over helping" people (setting healthy boundaries). Scroll down to read about this: "The wealth of your spirit...keep your energy for you." There is a great deal going on, too, that is truly exciting, but that is not easy to see for many struggling right now.  It is my prayer that this November chock-filled newsletter is helpful to you~


November's energy alone (regardless of the many astrological and celestial additional events taking place this month) is already showing itself as the very important month of self-reflection it is designed to be. Every single one of us will have events that stretch us emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, as we are pushed to continue to go deeper within ourselves, releasing that which no longer serves us for our highest good as individuals and as part of the whole.

 journaling is the key to unlocking our dreams

Note, too, that November is a month that supports us in taking the time to highlight our strengths, so take the pearls of wisdom learned from your experiences and now focus on these positive aspects of yourself you have discovered or re-discovered! This is what your soul wishes you to focus on, instead of the mental chatter of "yuck" we're used to from our lower-ego self. Work with your guardian, soul, and healing angels to assist you in achieving fulfillment, relief, release and healing, elevating you by rising out of the prison of limited thinking and investment in fear. Make a decision now to take action from love and cooperation of self first. Highlighting your strengths means you are choosing to act from love of self, self-respect, self-worth, whatever level that may be that you are currently holding in your heart--it does not matter how "small" you consider that "flame" to be--start now!


Here's a suggestion on how to do that. Take a deep breath in and out until you feel relaxed; it might take three full breaths in and out. Now, take a moment to remember a time in your life where you fell in love with someone, if you're not currently with someone now...what I mean is remember a time where you had that intense feeling of love for someone that made your heart soar! You know, that feeling that makes you feel like you can do anything! It's so exciting to be alive! The world is a beautiful place to be in with boundless opportunities waiting at every turn! Most everyone has experienced that feeling at some point in their lives, regardless of when...can you remember feeling? Take a moment right now...close your eyes. Can you feel it? It's amazing, isn't it?! There's not one stray thought or concern about limitations or "lack" of anything, is there? Can you feel that right now, too--the amazing abundance? Close your eyes and remember that feeling; let it wash over you, and focus on absorbing it. Is there a huge smile on your face?! You're aligning with these higher energies that are always with us.


Now, take that amazing feeling of love and "plenty," and turn that on to yourself. How does that feel? It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? Did you feel it? Try it again until you feel it because that is most freeing, peaceful feeling...this is where your inner power is...your light. It is the power of love, and this is THE most important relationship of our lives. This is what our souls are asking us to realize. Our souls are asking us to take actions from this space of love of self, self-respect, and self-worth. In this space, you have a knowing that there's a solution for everything, and you have amazing talents, strengthwoman with outstretched arms in joy outdoorss, and creativity bursting to come out of you!


This exercise is easy to do. It's extremely effective in how you can start to develop a healthy and strong partnership with yourself vs. being limited to the relationship one has with others. This new level of partnership with yourself elevates the vibrations of energy supporting you in strengthening your partnership with Mother/Father God and every other dynamic within your life. This is the Cosmic Law of the Law of Partnership


A beautiful "side effect" of this exercise is the realization on just how great the impact of fear can be, and how we can get in our own way. This is extremely helpful in dropping false beliefs and other illusions that became habits. FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real or False Evidence Appearing Real) is truly debilitating and distracting from living an empowered life of prosperity consciousness, victory consciousness, unconditional love, peace, etc. Another beautiful side effect of freeing yourself is how your compassion for others deepens, as your own judgments and criticisms of self melt away, your own understanding of self expands to others as what we've come to recognize:


Much of our wounding occurred during our childhood years. This includes our own includes everyone.


It has never been more important to continue focusing your attention on healing these aspects of yourself because NOT doing so keeps you in the victim consciousness of constantly trying to survive.


Take care of your inner child as you would

any child who is extremely afraid and/or wounded:


The wounded and neglected child held on to the belief that

you must control the aspects of your life which you felt were

most vulnerable in order to survive,

in order to protect yourself, in order to survive in this world.

This is a huge realization of what keeps us in survival mode.

sad child sitting under words I WAS HERE 


Take the time to continue to break down your old defenses so you can step into your truth, the core, and the power of your own light: your authentic self. When you are one with your authentic self, when your vulnerabilities have been exposed and your weakest points revealed to you in your external world, then nothing can take you down. There is nothing to hide! What you have left is your light, your truth, and what you thought were your biggest vulnerabilities and weaknesses could very well be your greatest strengths!


And by the way, the bullies of this world and that of the "unseen" world depend on your not knowing this truth. They depend on you staying afraid, disempowered, depressed, and anything else that keeps you from knowing the truth of the power of love and the power of the soul in human form.


Face your fears, all of them, including the fear of death. Nothing ever dies; all can be transformed and reformed. Consciously choose to see the light in all your experiences...take the wisdom and be thankful for all you have learned, sharing it with others when they ask you "how did you do it?" There is NOTHING to be ashamed of or feel guilty about unless you choose to stay in that lower consciousness; that is what free will is all about--choosing poverty consciousness or prosperity consciousness; choosing victim consciousness or victory consciousness. The choice is up to each and everyone one of us, but we must give others the opportunity to choose. We each came here to experience the "dark side" of life. If we rush to the aid of others to heal them, instead of helping them heal themselves, then we join them in that victim way of thinking, feeding that energy.


Concentrate your actions, your thoughts, and your words from your newly-felt heart space so that you may bring the changes you wish to manifest for your own life. Take the time to highlight your strengths, for in truth, this is what you can't afford NOT to do!woman sitting on cliff receiving heavenly abundance 


This is extremely important as this new focus will be the energies you will take into 2013, which is how we can each contribute to the greater good of the whole, but first we each must ask ourselves: what am I mastering in my own world. This month's energy update is part of "Your Map for the Year" series I've been sharing each month this year.


"May you continue to be blessed by the light of Father/Mother God, and may you enjoy your new level of partnership exploring the soul, searching it, and discovering the patterns which have motivated you subconsciously will set you free from that prison of limited thinking and your investment in fear and so you will rise, ascending another level, and truly initiating the powerful new partnerships with all levels of life." (excerpt from the Law of Partnership, Cosmic Law 30)


Many continued blessings in this month where we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA!  And much love, appreciation, gratitude, and child-like playfulness,








The wealth of your spirit...keep your energy for you.

Stepping into 10th Dimension - Return of the Monad Part 3


"...The application of love and wisdom helps you to understand the nature of duality in order to build the bridge of love and wisdom between soul and form." 


"You, precious one, have reached an important point upon the Pathway of your Destiny where the Solar Archangels work closely with you in making further conscious contact with your Monad.     


"This initiation brings you closer to the threshold of the deeper stimulation of the higher aspects of self-awareness where the Ascended Masters can teach you a different way of ingesting and digesting the Solar Initiation I, Kuthumi-Agrippa, as King of the Solar Archangels deliver to planet Earth at this time. These initiations are facilitated by many of the other Ascended Masters, but you are coming to better understand the importance of this advanced work so that the Bodies of Light which come to merge with your physical body can be safely be integrated and continue to assist you in digesting your past in order to positively and powerfully manifest in your present.


"There have been many signals within your life which have brought you to this point. 


"Thus, going back to your roots automatically propels you further into your spiritual self so that you can bond more with your intuitive instinct and spiritual intuition.


"Therefore, you will come to also see how important it is to save your psychic energy for yourself.


 "As an initiate upon this pathway as an authentic one, you have seen how drama and chaos can separate you from your body and the root system of your life. When you constantly give out psychic energies to others by becoming involved in the chaotic dramas of the world of distraction, you see how that energy leak becomes your destruction. 


"Your psychic energy is what communicates to you what lies beyond the perceptions of your lower ego. Therefore, in order for you to develop more greatly your intuitive instinct and spiritual intuition, you need to continue developing your psychic energy as being an energy you hold sacred for yourself.  Many times psychic energy depletion weakens the etheric field around you, making your electromagnetic field vulnerable. Therefore, when you are dealing with your own conflict, your own drama and chaos, you become extremely susceptible to the external conflict, drama and chaos of your world. This results in your instinctively reverting to old paradigm behaviour in order to cope with what you are dealing with.  Where you are at now requires of you to be in the moment so as to not revert back to old reference points and rather create new ones. Therefore, harnessing and holding sacred your psychic energy, you strengthen your electromagnetic field which becomes an automatic protection of you.   


"How often have you felt exhausted when people have drained you of energy with their consistent dumping of drama upon your doorstep? This is the danger many healers and psychic counsellors have faced, and are facing. This in fact has become more important to be aware of now because of the trauma the collective is currently experiencing. When one constantly delivers solutions and advice, and more specifically give answers to others, which they do not actively integrate and apply by taking action to get to the bottom of their own drama, the less you empower them and the more depleted you become.  


"This time line is not about spoon feeding anyone, it is about becoming in-dependant, facing the self, understanding the conflicts of the past, and maturing emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually so as to complete the journey of healing, and in so doing, becoming empowered.


"No soul can access the higher realms and dimensions of more advanced initiation if they are unwilling to address their fears, insecurities, attitudes and beliefs which have made up their chaotic existence up until this point.  


"By you harnessing your psychic energy, utilizing it to receive guidance through your communication with spirit, and creating a stronger bond with  God Consciousness within yourself,

you become stronger.    


"You rise above the fate woven into the root system of that which you brought into this life time and you rise above it. Therefore, the Being of Light which comes forward to take you through this powerful healing, and extend your energy deeper into the homeland of your truth, expands the energy within the Golden Octahedron already established and activated surrounding your body. This creates a secure energy enabling you to harness your psychic energy in order to better communicate with this 3rd Monadic Expression and the new Master Teacher who prepares you for the 4th gateway into your 4th leg of the 10th dimensional initiation..."    


This is part of an extremely powerful and empowering series, "Return of the Monad" available at the Palace of Peace's "Shop" under  6, 7, 8, 9, and 10D Ascension Initiations. 

All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders©  






heavenly beams of light from the skyA call to Spiritual Warriors of the Heart! 
On 12/12/12 Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants will be the recipients of the most amazing energies as the heavens open to bless us as we receive energies from the Great Central Sun. The intention of the newsletter announcing the event is two-fold: first, to inform you of the blessings coming to us, and secondly, to let you know that many of us lightworkers are assisting in the creation of one of the most powerful conscious grids of light and positive power, and since there is power in numbers, I'm reaching out to those who feel the call to support this divine work. (Click on New Energy Portal Grids for more information.) This is extremely exciting news, as we've been working towards this for a very long time!

As one of several Guardians, Gatekeepers, and Anchors for these "heavenly energies," I have been asked by Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa to anchor these energies in an area just north of Asheville, North Carolina, in the USA. This 12/12/12 date is  the first stage of the Aquarian Gateways and Ascension Waves taking place on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of December 2012. In addition to my holding vigilance while a core group of Pilgrims makes the physical journey to Egypt in December 2012, I will be leading a group to anchor the energies in the town of Hot Springs, which is about 35 minutes north of Asheville.


This is a call to powerful lightworkers to consider joining me either in person or from their location where they live. 

Website Page Link with Agenda in Hot Springs, North Carolina
Register For the Free Conference Call Link 



Psychic Event at the Dancing Moon on Nov. 18th

Faith at the Dancing MoonThe Dancing Moon is holding their annual Psychic Fair event!  Join us!

1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, November 18th

First come, first served, so arrive early to book your appointments!  See you there!
Dancing Moon Books & Gifts
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Your Prayers to the Mountains on 12/12/12...

camp fire in full flameDuring the 12/12/12 event in Hot Springs, I will be holding an opening fire ceremony on Tuesday, December 11th, which is also the night before the New Moon--the New Moon also happens to be on 12/12/12.


If you would like to write down any prayer requests, including anything you'd like to release to Spirit, the night before a New Moon is perfect: you can use this time to reflect on ending anything that is no longer supporting you, even something like a habit! On the day of a New Moon itself would be a perfect time of prayer to begin something new, like a project or anything you'd like "plant seeds for." Simply mail your prayers/requests to me and write "12/12/12" on the envelope. I will not open or read anything sent to me with this on the envelope. Your mailed prayer requests will be added to ours, and I will place them in the fire for you. (My mailing address is below.) Be sure to mail your prayer requests to me so that I receive them by Friday, December 7, 2012.


In honor of those impacted by the recent Hurricane/"Superstorm" Sandy, know that all of our thoughts, prayers, and hearts are with you all of you. It is my honor to bring all prayer requests with me in your support, whatever your needs may be, assisting you in building your bridge of love and wisdom between soul and form.

Please know that as busy as times are, I remain available for phone/Skype sessions, as well as in-person sessions. I am usually not available for same-day requests due to my busy schedule, but please don't let that keep you from setting up an appointment. It's important to write to me with the information I've requested on my web site for phone/Skype session to speed up the appointment time set up. I'm seeing an increase in family requests for assistance as it relates to family members, including those with the issues surrounding entities, attachments, dark energies, and this does require each person's understanding of their situation. I am happy to be a "tattle tale" about those who are bullying and/or leaching beings, and I use that with humor on purpose. But also, we need to demonstrate compassion towards those who are lost or stuck between worlds. Discernment and proper handling is key. We must understand how important it is to find our inner power--our light. This is our true and most powerful defense: it is our auric shield.
Much of what I write about is to assist those searching for answers and is a huge part of what I choose to donate as free services. I receive a great deal of feedback about how helpful this is so please keep my work in mind, providing my web site when people ask you for help or insight:
It is always my honor and privilege to be of service, and I truly love what I do. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
Sincerely and with much love,

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
c/o HeartLight Communications
P.O. Box 1857

Apex, North Carolina 27502


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Highlighting Strengths!
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*Remember: The free conference call about the 12/12/12 event is Monday, November 12th!