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The Power of PR
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It's been a while since we've sent out the P.R. Travel Report.  I wanted to start off the new year by wishing everyone a happy and successful 2014.

 "Brand differentiation" and "disruption"  are among current hot trends in marketing  If you're marketing to affluent travelers, what sets them apart?  And, what sets your brand apart from the competition?  
We'll briefly look at some statistics  on affluent travelers from Expedia; and guest columnist, Jim Alkon, provides useful hints to help set your brand apart.  
PR can help businesses and associations in many ways, from developing a positive image to addressing crises and helping drive sales.  To illustrate, we link you to an article on how we help one of our clients educate the public.  
And, if you think you're overpaying your PR agency, we have a reality check on what average billing in the industry is.  
As always, we hope you'll enjoy this edition, and I personally look forward to your comments.
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Marketing to Affluent Travelers  
Marketing to affluent travelers?  Here are some numbers to take into account from Expedia:
  • 32% are more likely to travel without children 
  • 75% are more likely to be business travelers also.Palm Springs
  • 38% are more likely to book 31 or more days in advance, but 44% are more likely to book 8-14 days in advance; 24% more likely to book 3-7 days ahead; and 20% less than 3 days.
  • 66% are more likely to book a package over $2,500 to $5,000.
Guest Column: Three Hints to Help your Branding Stand Out
As Managing Director of Meetings and Media (www.meetingsandmedia.com), Jim Alkon has helped organizations alter their strategies to maximize growth. He has run brands and industry publications, created content, and helped improve corporate websites. Jim has helped influence the Convention Industry Council,  Event Leadership Institute, etouches, Meeting News, Agenda/Best Events magazine, Business Travel News, Travel Agent magazine and EXPO magazine. He sits on the Executive Committee of Meeting Professionals International's Greater New York Chapter.  
 Jim offers these tips to help companies, associations and destinations increase their brand identity:
Make your website a work in progress. Many people redesign and refine their sites, then go to sleep on them. How can you keep it vibrant and changing so that your market wants to come back and check it out? 
Conduct Research.  There's nothing like snap industry polls that generate quick content and compelling information for a market. Consider one of the many reasonably priced services that allow you to survey your audience and post timely results on your site and via social media. 
Pitch a theme -- not a release. Press people get hundreds of releases. Approach the media with a theme, or a relevant topic for them to cover. Then you can lend key input because your company, organization or service happens to be an expert on the topic. 
(And, since media love to quote more than one source, expect that your information will appear as part of a round up or an example - LK)
The Power of PR
When it comes to molding public opinion, raising awareness, and conveying messages, public relations is a powerful and invaluable tool. Read our article,"Educating consumers to the safer side of travel," that appeared in O'Dwyer's PR Report, to see  how we are using P.R. to help our client, the US Travel Insurance Association, reach the traveling public.  
Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Think you're overpaying your P.R. Agency? 


StevensGouldPincus recently released findings of a survey on billings from more than 100 P.R. agencies coast to coast.  According to the survey, hourly billing rates for CEO's of smaller agencies is $356, with account executives billed at an average $150 per hour. 


But, there's another side. According to one PR pro recently interviewed in an industry publication,  fees should be based upon fulfilling value, not performing tasks.  "If your value to a customer is simply a matter of hours, days or weeks you provide, then you are no better than a commodity," notes this executive.

Public Relations in the Age of Consumer Empowerment


Do you want an entertaining, fast-paced presentation on public relations?  Our presentation, Public Relations in the Age of No, takes a look at today's communications environment, including social and traditional media channels.  The presentation examines how the media landscape is changing, the challenges it presents, and how to get your message across. 


For more information or to book this presentation for your company or organization contact us for details.

Coming Attractions

In our next issue we'll focus on the pros and cons of choosing a mass press release distribution service over a more tailored approach.  Which yields the most effective results, and why?

If you would like to see us cover a topic of interest, please email us.
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