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How to Network With LinkedIn 


Question: Why do you go to a networking event?


Answer: While we go to networking events for various reasons - The real reason we go to networking events is to do one thing..... To be Seen.


Nothing Happens Without Being Seen:


  • Discussions about jobs
  • Connections for sales opportunities
  • Important information exchanges


All of those things and more happen when we are Seen


How to Network on LinkedIn --- How to be Seen

Think of LinkedIn as a giant networking event with 200 million people in attendance everyday 24/7. Then, ask this question: "How can I be seen at the LinkedIn network event?" Working with my clients I have developed many successful strategies for networking and being Seen on LinkedIn here are 3 of them:


1. Have a Remarkable Profile

Remarkable is a Latin word meaning something worthy of remembering. Some quick ways to make your profile remarkable:

  • A Professional Picture - Your appearance at any network event is important. Again, if you think of LinkedIn as a networking event; then, your picture is of the utmost importance. For tips on creating a great picture read my blog Your Profile Picture    
  • A Sticky Headline - The headline is your elevator speech at the LinkedIn networking event. The Headline tells people who you are and what you are all about. Read more about the art of writing a sticky headline in my blog Your Professional Headline
  • A Great Summary - The Summary section of your LinkedIn profile is perfect for highlighting your experience. Pete Leibman is the Founder of Dream Job Academy, he has written a very effective blog 6 Secrets For A More Powerful LinkedIn Summary


2. Become a Thought Leader

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for informative professional content. Think of content like the conversation at a networking event. Thought leaders are people with expertise in a subject. As a professional you have expertise in many areas... your work, your hobbies, your interests; your knowledge of these things qualifies you as a thought leader. Join the conversation in the LinkedIn networking event by showing your expertise via:


My blog Show & Tell is an excellent place to discover the benefit of Thought Leadership. Let it be your launch pad for sharing and creating content.




3. Become Great At Helping People

The real goal of networking should be to help other people. Yes, it would be nice if they helped you out as well; but networking is a two-way street. Your side of the street is all about helping others; not asking them to help you. Asking for favors should only become a possibility once you have learned more about the person and provided some value to them.


LinkedIn provides endless opportunities to help people; and here are some suggestions:


  • Offer your expertise to people in your field
  • Answer questions in your LinkedIn group
  • Support projects and other efforts advocated by your connections



The Bottom Line: The Power of Networking


"90% of life is showing up." Woody Allen


With a bit effort you can be Seen at the networking event called LinkedIn. I also hope you will be Seen at an event called LinkedIn Simplified. Invest 3 hours with me and learn practical techniques that will take your LinkedIn experience to the next level and beyond. So join me in Pittsburgh on September 17th for LinkedIn Simplified. Register Now



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