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Kid & Frog Remember show and tell from school? I recall it as a wonderful opportunity to display, share and explain something that I had an interest in.   And what excited me most, was when my fellow classmates and teachers liked what I had brought to class.  

The LinkedIn homepage has become a worldwide platform for show and tell. However, just having a great profile is not enough to get noticed on LinkedIn. Ninjas are using the homepage as a giant show and tell classroom -- displaying blog posts, images, documents, and presentations to their contacts and beyond.  


With the potential to reach 200 million people who can have an impact on your professional life, I believe that everything we do on LinkedIn must have a strategic purpose. In last week's post Know Your Purpose, I talked about the importance of establishing and understanding the reasons why you are on LinkedIn.    

Personally, I'm on LinkedIn to garner the attention of people who'd like to hire me as a writer, speaker or business strategist. I drive potential clients to my profile by being a Thought Leader who's actively producing intellectual content, in addition to Liking, Commenting, and Sharing content developed by others.

Thought Leadership 


Liht bub LinkedIn's popularity explosion has been powered by the site becoming a home for professional thought leadership. Simply put, Thought Leadership is the notion that knowledge can be shared and exploited for some money-making, or other useful purpose.

-        Job seekers use thought leadership to showcase expertise to potential employers

-        Companies use thought leadership as an interactive tool to reach customers

-        I use thought leadership to develop a trusted "fan base" who will like, comment and share my content, thus leading to potential writing, speaking and business strategy opportunities

If you are not using thought leadership by liking, commenting, and sharing intellectual content that you or others have produced, then you are missing a golden opportunity to be of greater service to your network. You also miss opportunities to drive more of the kinds of contacts and attention to your profile, that's needed to achieve your goals.

Show & Tell The Easy Way 


By now, many of you are thinking that while the idea of becoming a thought leader by liking, sharing, commenting and possibly producing intellectual content sounds great... you simply don't have the time. I understand your time crunch, and as your helpful LinkedIn Ninja, let me proffer a solution:  



Share My Content - I've done all the work, and you get all the glory!

Each week I produce three blogs in support of my intellectual thought leadership content: 1) How to be a LinkedIn Ninja,2) The Open Jobs Report, and 3) The Commentary Blog. These blogs are distributed on four platforms:



How to Share My Content 

1. If we are connected, find this post on your news feed. If you're not connected to me, just go to my profile and find this post.

2. Click Share 


1 share

3. Choose to send the post to a group or to your contacts


  4. Simply type in a letter of the alphabet and the names of your contacts/groups will appear

5. Click Share

For more information on Homepage Sharing go to the LinkedIn Blog


The Bottom 21 Century Line: Show & Tell  


Whether it's a thought provoking presentation about the future of Amazon rain Forrest, a picture of your latest invention, or an inspirational quote, the show and tell possibilities are endless. So get out there and show the world what you know. You have nothing to lose, but lots of customers, jobs, sales and other opportunities to gain.



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Marben Bland is a Writer, Speaker and Strategist focused on working with emerging biotech and high tech companies. Comment on this post at   

He writes the weekly How to be a LinkedIn Ninja blog and is a popular speaker at trade shows and seminars. Call Marben today at 608.358.1309 to have him train your company or speak at your next event.
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