November 2012 - Election Update 



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The Election

As you might have heard, there was a little election last week. If the statistics are correct, it is to almost exactly half of you that I offer my congratulations. To the other half, I send you my assurance that the Republic shall survive.


So now we move forward. The topic on everyone's mind is the so-called "Fiscal Cliff". That is, the expiration of certain tax cuts and a forced reduction in government spending. While it is a real concern, it is not a crisis. 


I do believe the lame duck Congress and The President will come to a compromise. This will come only after a great deal of posturing, finger pointing and announcements that, under no circumstances, will they compromise.


Even in the cliche "worst case scenario", it is not a crisis. Remember, the reduction in spending is ACTUALLY only a reduction in the GROWTH of spending and the numbers, in the scheme of things, are quite small. The problem, in the short term, will be the public's reaction, not the true fiscal consequences. I do not see market volatility easing up any time soon. While this will always be disconcerting, it is an opportunity as much as it is anything else.


As I write this, the market is in correction mode. If the compromise comes sooner than expected, and people like it, will it turn around then? What if it drags out to the bitter end (or even after that)? Have the worst expectations already been priced in? Please do not listen to anyone who tells you with certainty what will happen. Nobody knows. 


The Intelligent Decision, now as always, is to not react or over-react to short term events. Have a written, disciplined plan and to stick to it.


Longer term, of course, there are issues to be addressed. Tax revenues are about 17% of the Gross National Product (GDP) and all the tax increases in world won't raise that number by much. Expenditures are about 24% of GDP, most of it mandated. This is a structural problem which must eventually be addressed. We live in a free society so the political wranglings are public and often not pretty, but we do get get it right eventually. We will this time as well. 

Typically, this is the time of year that options are offered and choices must be made. The deadline nears for most. Please contact me right away as I can help you with those choices. Some could have a significant impact on your financial future.

Lump-Sum Payout Offers
Many large companies are making lump-sum payout offers to former employees including retiree. These include Sears, The NY Times, NCR, Yum Brands and many, many others.
The companies want to get these obligations off their books and the offers I have seen have been very good, BUT THEY MAY NOT BE RIGHT FOR YOU. This is a decision that will effect your financial future and the smart choice is to get a professional analysis before you make this irrevocable choice.
If you have received an offer like this, please call or write as soon as possible.
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