November 2012   


I know that Hurricane Sandy has had a terrible impact on so many people. If I haven't yet been able to reach you by the time you read this this, please give me a call. 
I know many
are still without power, phone service is unreliable and there has been much property damage. The real tragedy, of course, is injury and loss of life.
My thoughts are with you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


PS - Our emergency and crisis plans were not called into play this time around, but please be assured that those plans ARE in place and updated and tested regularly.



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The Year So Far

As we recover from Hurricane Sandy and help each other, I want to assure you that your money, quietly and in the background, has been working hard for you. The New York Stock Exchange, as you know, was closed for two days, but this had little effect on your investment performance. If I have the privilege and responsibility of managing your money, I can assure you that the performance has been good. As to be expected, it has been a rocky ride. The first quarter of the year was very good, only to see some of those gains taken back in the second quarter. The third quarter, ending September 30th, brought us up again and virtually all portfolios are showing nice gains for the year.


In October, things did pull back a bit, but the international markets, for the most part, were up, mitigating the domestic loss. All in all, a positive year so far.


The near term future, as always, is completely unpredictable. As I always say, a 10% correction is always just around the corner and is a normal and healthy part of how markets work. Greater corrections will come from time to time and we must simply accept that reality. Market volatility is the price we pay for superior performance over time.  


I recently attended an economic summit meeting at the New York Stock Exchange. Assembled there were some of the greatest minds in the world of economics and finance, each absolutely, positively certain of what the future holds...... yet each with a different viewpoint. I, on the other hand, am absolutely, positively convinced that NO ONE can predict the short term future. The Intelligent Decision, now as always, is to have a written, disciplined plan and to stick to it. Volatility becomes opportunity and your long term future can be bright. 


Typically, this is the time of year that options are offered and choices must be made. The deadline nears for most. Please contact me right away as I can help you with those choices. Some could have a significant impact on your financial future.

Lump-Sum Payout Offers
Many large companies are making lump-sum payout offers to former employees including retiree. These include Sears, The NY Times, NCR, Yum Brands and many, many others.
The companies want to get these obligations off their books and the offers I have seen have been very good, BUT THEY MAY NOT BE RIGHT FOR YOU. This is a decision that will effect your financial future and the smart choice is to get a professional analysis before you make this irrevocable choice.
If you have received an offer like this, please call or write as soon as possible.
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