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Mikhail Baryshnikov and Willem Dafoe, Six Characters in Search of an Author
The Free Speech Movement, early America, vaudeville, the sounds of the human condition - from world politics to world-class artistry, UC Berkeley offers a full calendar of entertainment and intellectual engagement this fall. Check out our roundup of coming attractions.
Esplanade brick work The Campanile's 100th birthday is coming up, and its historic esplanade - the terraces, trees, lawns and staircases surrounding the tower - underwent a major overhaul this summer in preparation for the celebration.

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Digitizing Hearst materials
Hackers are being invited to compete in a contest to open up the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology's digital collections to a wider public audience, making the museum's treasures even more accessible to students, Native Americans, researchers and everyone else.  

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Bear Pact presentation Grappling with issues affecting colleges and universities all across the country, Bear Pact sessions aimed to help new students make mindful decisions about their own and others' behavior, and point them to campus resources.

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Institute for Research on Labor and Employment scholars assess Garcetti proposal.

Chemist Douglas Clark searches for helpers to turn fiber into biofuel.

Equity and Inclusion adds up its growing effect on campus.

And it's throwing itself a party on Sept. 19. Tickets are on sale now.

Undergrad, sibling created Pi-Bots and STEM center to engage girls in their field.

Appointments available Sept. 12, 17 and 19 at the Tang Center. 

Chemistry professor worked on the Manhattan Project. 
Biologists find innate ability.

School of Public Health hosts Dr. Don Francis. (Video)

Berkeley Seismology Lab's Richard Allen is working on the concept.

Schoolwide focus on gender balance has boosted share to 43 percent. 
Matsui Center director Ethan Rarick takes on popular myth.

Berkeley Law's Dan Farber draws line from germ theory to global warming. 
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