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(Pre/Post Adoption Consulting and Training) PACT at Pavao Consulting is a leading provider of support servicesto adoption, and post adoption. At a fundamental level, PACT's mission is to help children feel safe, seen, and valued, and to help them adjust to the challenges of being, or having been, moved from one family to another.  To do that while also strengthening all of the families and family members involved is the extended family goal and vision of PACT.

Critical to the PACT philosophy is an understanding that adoption, post adoption, alternative reproductive technologies, kinship adoption and other life-altering family changes are not isolated events, but part of a life-long process. Through decades of experience working in the adoption field, PACT has developed an array of services to address the many stages in the continuum of care of pre and post adoption.  PACT at Pavao Consulting will have an extensive network of well-trained therapists to meet your family's needs and to join you in strengthening adoptions near and far.




April 11, 2012

As you can see, we are still hoping for a good logo! ...and a shortening of the many names we are operating under! All help with this will be valued, so send your submissions of graphics and fonts!

Everything is otherwise shaping up though!  

We have been working much of each of our March/April weeks with Riverside Community Care, along with Department of Mental Health (DMH), to construct focus groups for professionals, parents, and youth to find out what services are needed, what services are absent, what training would enhance the work to strengthen these great post adoption families in every community in the Commonwealth.

We are doing consultations galore - both by phone and in person- for Riverside, for DMH, and for our PACT clients.


Mary Limerick ([email protected]) is great, and is doing quick intakes under Nate Bae Kupel's tutoring. Nate is with us until his graduation in May and he has been a wonder!

Our first week was filled with lawyers calling for expert witnessing and to assess cases for open adoption. Also some out-of-state child welfare assessments and consultations came in. And a number of families who are either thinking in advance of working toward contacting birthfamilies, or who are forced to think about it, due to their child's FaceBook activities.   We have a number of 4- to 6- year -old cases where the family and school want some assessment and direction due to complex ideations of where the child comes from and what he or she is doing with the fantasies and realities of his/her life. For these assessments, we are working closely with some past CFFC therapists to work closely with me, and the families. I have a few therapists who need supervision services, and I am providing those. I have two coaching clients already - one a CEO and Founder of a small nonprofit, and one a teenager who needs a life coach to figure out her direction.

So here we are!! By all means, refer folks to us and we will usher them to the right situation - whether it is a consult with us, a referral to Riverside as we develop and expand the services there, to a DMH location, or to another resource.

Last week, the first week operating, we learned that we needed to order tissues - obviously there are tears shed in our office and somehow getting stocked, we forgot about tissues! We also realize that we have to go talk to the Catholic Church, St. Peter's, and school down the street to see if we can barter for a couple of parking spots!

Our clients are now (if they hadn't been before) huge fans of HiRise Bakery and of Armando's Pizza and Sarah's Market. We will not go hungry in this neighborhood.

We had a nice baby shower for Melissa, Sue, and Lynette and all of our CFFC colleagues came for an evening of office warming and good cheer.  

We are here to serve families, and that includes making referrals to our network within Riverside, and to our network of past-trained experts in adoption who are starting practices and/or working with us.


Our space is nice, and we are getting used to negotiating it.


The waiting area situation is difficult because there is a massage therapist on our floor, and she has her own quiet space and waiting area. The landlord says he thinks she is moving soon, and we will then have the entire first floor and things will be easier for waiting area etc. Until then, we will make do and we apologize for any inconvenience.

It will take a while to build our Clinically Supervised Visit program at Riverside, but I am working on a book to explain my model - the one that all of our staff was trained on and that we used for about thirty years.


It will take a while to build our Groups Program both within Riverside, and here at PACT on Concord Ave.


I will sorely miss a summer of writing in Truro and our 27th ARC, that would have happened this summer in Provincetown - but hopefully that will all resume next year in some fashion.   (The writing will happen, just not without interruption, and not in the lovely Treehouse in Truro.)



  • Anyone who wishes to help to build the new old programs at Riverside is welcome to send a restricted donation to:

Riverside After Adoption

Consulting and Training (AACT)

c/o Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao,

220 Concord Ave.

Cambridge, MA 02138.  



You can restrict the donation to AACT and it will be used to build the Groups, the Clinically Supervised Visits, the Trainings - year long and summer -and the Consultation and Supervision for staff.   



I know many families are eager to have those services, and the way that we can make it happen is through funding and hiring of more of our old and well-trained staff.







Center For Family Connections


Jen Malloy, one of our interns, sent this great photo of the door to Center For Family Connections on the last day and the sign that a group of kids wrote on the sidewalk

"Thank You" and a heart.




Be Batman




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  • We  need some gardening and ivy and hanging things and plants etc. to spiff up the area around the stairs, and in the yard at 220 Concord Ave. Anyone who likes to dig around and create beauty, you are welcome to come and do magic with our space. We want it to be magical and inviting.
  • We still need a LOGO
  • We could use help with website design!  


Mothers' Day (and the apostrophe IS in the right place for adopted people) is a complicated thing for all of the Mothers and Children in the world of Adoption and Emotional Adoption.

Happy Early Mothers Day to all, and thank you.


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