91 Project Update
May 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Riverside County Transportation Commission's 91 Project. This monthly e-bulletin offers news and updates about this project, which is starting construction in Corona and Riverside. For the latest information, please stay connected through the links below and the project helpline.

Railroad Work and Utility Relocation Under Way


While tree removal along the project corridor continues, the team also is working to realign and relocate railroad tracks and relocate nearly 100 utility lines.


The 91 Project crosses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway tracks at four locations, including a railcar storage yard near the 91/15 Interchange. To accommodate the roadway widening and construction of bridges and interchanges, the team is coordinating with BNSF to reconfigure the railroad storage tracks to create space for construction. Crews also are building a 380-foot long retaining wall near the 91/15 Interchange; the wall is expected to be complete this spring. During the upcoming months, BNSF is expected to build a new storage track next to the new retaining wall.


Beginning this month, the Gas Company will be cutting and capping approximately 10 pipeline crossings throughout the project area, with most of the work occurring between W. Grand Boulevard and E. Grand Boulevard and along Pomona Road. Relocation of Southern California Edison and Sprint lines also are occurring, primarily near W. Prado Road.


Although this work is taking place outside the 91 roadway and is not expected to significantly affect motorists, please be aware of all construction related activity along the project corridor. Remember to slow down, watch for workers and heavy equipment and allow extra travel time. 

Historical Preservation of the Circle City 


RCTC recognizes the importance of sustainable design and construction practices on all transportation projects. As part of the 91 Project's sustainability efforts, various historical, archeological and cultural preservation efforts will be implemented, including the preservation of lighting in the Grand Boulevard Historic District.


This district is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Grand Boulevard is not only uniquely shaped in a circle (giving Corona its name, "the Circle City"), it also features historic acorn-style streetlights, which will be affected by construction. The acorn-style lights will be carefully removed, dismantled and stored in a protected location during construction. Once construction is complete, the iconic street lights will be reinstalled at locations designated by the City of Corona. An architectural historian will be on site for quality assurance throughout the removal, dismantling and reinstallation processes.


Please visit the project website for other sustainable practices that will be implemented as part of the 91 Project.


New Mobile Website Helps You Stay Connected 


Smartphone users now have 91 Project information right at their fingertips with a new mobile website, launched April 25. Mobile devices will detect the streamlined version of the website, www.sr91project.info, which includes links to the latest Construction Alerts, Safety Tips, alternative commuting options and information about Tolled Express Lanes. The mobile site also offers links to provide feedback, ask questions, call the helpline and connect to social media. Visitors also can click through to the full website. Click here for the latest "91 Seconds on the 91" Video, showcasing the features of the new mobile website.


No matter how you choose to stay connected, be sure to register for Construction Alerts and other project updates at www.sr91project.info or by calling the project helpline, 877-770-9191.


Now Hiring DBE Subcontractors

Atkinson/Walsh, the design-build contractor for the 91 Project,  is hiring Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) to perform specific work for the 91 Project. A DBE is a for-profit small business that is at least 51 percent owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged. For information about the certification process and how to apply, firms should visit the CUCP website at www.californiaucp.org. RCTC believes that small and disadvantaged businesses are key drivers of the economy and supports their involvement on the 91 Project.


 Description of work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bridge joint seal assembly
  • Drainage work
  • Drill and bond dowel
  • Fencing and railing
  • Flatwork - minor concrete, curb and gutter
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Metal beam guard rail
  • Painting and paving markings
  • Pipe boring and supply
  • Trucking


A pre-bid/outreach meeting is scheduled to provide additional information: 

  • Friday, May 23, 2014
  • 9 - 11 am
  • Ayres Hotel Corona West - 1900 Frontage Road, Corona, CA 92882


Please contact Atkinson/Walsh at 951-280-6130 if you are interested in attending this event. Please direct other subconsulting inquiries to dbeopp@atkinsonwalshjv.com or subopp@atkinsonwalshjv.com.

Project Overview

Led by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the 91 Project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes and a direct express lane connector from northbound 15 to westbound 91 and eastbound 91 to  southbound 15. Improvements to interchanges, bridges, ramps,  and local streets also will be made along the 91.

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