91 Project Update
January 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Riverside County Transportation Commission's 91 Project. This monthly e-bulletin offers news and updates about this project, which is starting construction in Corona and Riverside. For the latest information, please stay connected through the links below and the project helpline.

Officials Break Ground on Long-Awaited
91 Project

Federal, state and local transportation officials, joined by nearly 400 guests, gathered on the rooftop of the North Main Corona Metrolink Station parking structure on December 11 to mark the official start of construction of the 91 Project in Corona and Riverside. 


RCTC Chair and Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel noted that the project will do more than simply relieve traffic congestion. 


"Think of the families that are split apart because of tough commutes, and the businesses that are working to attract customers. This project will enhance the quality of life for our residents, our businesses, our community and our region," she said. 


Several speakers emphasized the partnership between agencies and the innovative approach to bring the 91 Project to the starting line. 


"Partnership is the key," said Division Administrator Vincent Mammano of the Federal Highway Administration. "This project is a prime example of what government can do when we work together to get the job done," he said, citing the involvement of federal, state and local elected officials and agencies.   


California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly highlighted the innovation of the 91 Project. Kelly congratulated the team "for ignoring 'business as usual' and using congestion pricing, seeking federal funding and pursuing a design-build procurement method." 


Designed to relieve traffic congestion, the 91 Project will provide drivers a choice between regular lanes and express lanes, reduce emergency response time, improve air quality, boost local circulation, provide better access to public transit and trails and enhance the overall quality of life for southern California residents and commuters.


Construction Begins: What to Expect in
Early 2014 

Construction of the 91 Project will officially be under way in early 2014. New lanes are anticipated to open in 2017. 


Activity during the first few months of 2014 will focus on safety measures and work outside of the heavily traveled lanes.  Motorists can expect to see crews clearing shrubs and debris from roadway shoulders, placing K-rail barriers, installing 55 MPH speed limit signs, conducting land surveys, drilling for material samples, relocating utilities, realigning railroad tracks, demolishing purchased properties needed for right of way, and cutting and refacing selected buildings. 


The project team will help reduce delays by maintaining the current number of lanes in each direction on the 91 and Interstate 15 during peak travel hours, except during emergencies. Freeway Service Patrol tow trucks also will be expanding their service hours on the roadways to quickly clear stalled vehicles and to keep motorists moving. Commuters also are encouraged to use Metrolink trains as an alternate transportation mode during construction. 


This $1.3 billion project is adding an estimated 16,200 direct and indirect jobs, which will support the Inland Empire's employment recovery effort. 


Construction activity during the 91 Project will make ridesharing a smart choice for commuting and recreational travel. Avoid possible construction delays by hopping aboard the Metrolink and leaving the "cone zone" behind. 
Visit www.metrolinktrains.com for daily schedules and fare information on the 91 Line, which operates trains from Riverside to Los Angeles and the IEOC Line, which operates trains from Riverside to various Orange County cities.


To register for Construction Alerts and other project related updates, visit  www.sr91project.info or call the project helpline, 877-770-9191. Also, be sure to follow the 91 Project on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest project news.

Project Overview

Led by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the 91 Project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes and a direct express lane connector from the northbound 15 to the westbound 91. Improvements to interchanges, ramps and surface streets also will be made along the 91 corridor.  

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