91 Project Update
February 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Riverside County Transportation Commission's 91 Project. This monthly e-bulletin offers news and updates about this project, which is starting construction in Corona and Riverside. For the latest information, please stay connected through the links below and the project helpline.
Sound Walls Proposed to Reduce Roadway Noise for Residents

Sound walls - also referred to as noise barriers - are important to the 91 Project, since they help reduce traffic noise. As part of the environmental review process for the 91 Project, studies were conducted to determine where sound walls could be most effective in reducing noise.


Federal and state laws require that certain conditions be met for a sound wall to be built, including, but not limited to:

  • Noise levels must meet a minimum level, and the proposed sound wall must reduce the noise by 5 decibels
  • The sound wall must be cost effective
  • Affected residents must support construction of the sound wall

Based on these requirements and other factors, RCTC and Caltrans recommended that 11 sound walls be constructed for this project (see map above for locations). The walls will range in height from 10 feet to 14 feet and likely will be built using tan concrete split-face block. For more information about sound walls, visit the project website or call the helpline at 877-770-9191.


RCTC Provides Project Updates to Local Organizations and Community Groups 

RCTC has been reaching out to Chambers of Commerce, homeowners associations, service clubs and other business and community groups to provide updates about the 91 Project. For links to recent presentations, please visit the Library and Links section of the project website. To request a presentation to your organization, please contact us via the online form or call the project helpline at 877-770-9191.
Project Overview

Led by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the 91 Project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes and a direct express lane connector from the northbound 15 to the westbound 91. Improvements to interchanges, ramps and local streets also will be made along the 91 corridor.  

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