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    April 25, 2013
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ELAM News to Know


2013-2014 ELAM Class is Accepted;

2012-2013 Class About to Graduate






The Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine® (ELAM) Program at Drexel University College of Medicine is pleased to announce the selection of its 2013-2014 class of Fellows. This is the 19th incoming class for ELAM®, the only program in North America dedicated to preparing women for senior leadership roles in academic health science institutions, where they enhance institutional leadership diversity while contributing to organizational strategy and innovation.


While we've just accepted the 19th class, today is Graduation Minus One Day for the 2012-2013 ELAM Class. To recap some highlights from the week so far and, we hope, bring back your own good memories (ELUM names underlined):  


- Negotiating Skills (led by Catherine Morrison, who led our first, successful ELUM program in Nashville)

- Power and Systems (Ferne Kuhn and Nancy Aronson)

 - Organizational Dynamics: Leadership Roles and Relationships (Monica Heuer, Lynn Oppenheim, Sally Shumaker)

- Diversity and Inclusion (Jeannette South-Paul, Debbie Salas-Lopez)

- Resumes, CVs, Executive Summaries and More (Judith Katz, Roberta Sonnino)

- Strategic Career Planning (Judith Katz, Karen Otto, David Bachrach, Luisa DiPietro, Barbara Graves, Shannon Marquez, Etta Pisano)

- Metrics and Indicators for Organizational Success (Mary Anne Delaney, Joanne Conroy)

- MEET THE LEADERS: Conversations about Power and Politics (Jeanne Heard, Alicia Monroe, Teresa Dolan)



Still to come - the 2013 Leaders Forum and Graduation! Stay tuned to hear more!




Quote of the Day

"If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."   -Nora Roberts





 Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Submitted by the executive search firm Parker Executive Search. An ELUM at University of Tennessee is Owen Phillips


Regional Dean, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign. Submitted by ELUM Pauline Maki. Other ELUMs at the university are Wendy Brown, Marian Fitzgibbon, Stacie Geller, Usha Raj, and Mary Stephenson; Meenakshy Aiyer, Sara Rusch (Peoria); Luisa DiPietro (COD); Geri Donenberg (SOPH); Karen Colley (GC)


Chair, Department of Biomedical Science, Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. Submitted by the institution.


Please send position announcements to Elamjobs@Drexelmed.edu.  




ELUM News 


The art of graceful self-promotion is demonstrated capably by ELUM communiques:

Jocelyn Chertoff, M.D. (ELAM '04), updated us on her latest leadership position. She has just assumed the presidency of the Association of University of Radiologists.


Geri Donenberg, Ph.D. (ELAM '11), let us know that she moved from UIC's College of Medicine to its School of Public Health: "Last August, 2012, I accepted a position as Associate Dean of Research in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have no doubt I was offered the position, in part, because of my involvement in ELAM. I also have no doubt that I accepted the position, in large part, because of my experience and training through ELAM. I greatly appreciate the learning opportunities you afforded me, and I am actively using them in my position."


Etta Pisano, M.D. (ELAM '04), forwarded a recent article,The Transformation of an Academic Medical Center, from Hospitals and Health Networks Daily, April 16, 2013, about the Medical University of South Carolina, its College of Medicine, and her leadership there (she became Vice President and Dean in 2010).


From M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's Women Faculty Programs Facebook page:

Guillermina (Gigi) Lozano, Ph.D. (ELAM '05), was selected as the 16th annual recipient of the AACR-Women in Cancer Research Charlotte Friend Memorial Lectureship. The award ceremony and lecture took place April 6 in Washington, DC, at the annual AACR meeting.


ADEA Bulletin of Dental Education April 2013 | Volume No. 46, Issue No. 4 UPDATE:

Desserts Sweeten Discussion of Gender and Ethnic Divisions
Medicine and dentistry, diversity and disparities, the age old divide between women and men. Eve J. Higginbotham, M.D. (ELAM '01), featured speaker at the 2013 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition Evening Plenary on Gender Issues: Discourse and Dessert, touched on all these topics and even questioned Sheryl Sandberg's advice while her audience indulged in after-dinner treats.



If you have news about yourself, your ELAM Learning Community, or other ELUMs that you would like to share in the Edge, please send it to ELAM@Drexel.edu.



 ELUM Articles



Journal of Women's Health Volume: 22, Number: 4, April 2013

Persistent Genital Tract HIV-1 RNA Shedding After Change in Treatment Regimens in Antiretroviral-Experienced Women with Detectable Plasma Viral Load

Kartik K. Venkatesh, Allison K. DeLong, Rami Kantor, Stacey Chapman, Jessica Ingersoll, Jaclynn Kurpewski, Maria Pia De Pasquale, Richard D'Aquila, Angela M. Caliendo, and Susan Cu-Uvin


Pregnancy Test Taking Is a Correlate of Unsafe Sex, Contraceptive Nonadherence, Pregnancy, and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Adolescent and Young Adult Women

Mahbubur Rahman and Abbey B. Berenson


Obesity and Risk of Breast Cancer Mortality in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women: The New Mexico Women's Health Study

Avonne E. Connor, Richard N. Baumgartner, Christina Pinkston, and Kathy B. Baumgartner



Articles of Note



AWIS Washington Wire, March 2013:

This e-newsletter from the Association for Women in Science cited several worthwhile articles:

The Key to Success

Ever wonder what successful people do each day, and how they became a success in the first place? Based on an online survey of thousands of individuals, the Harvard Business Review now reports on the most impactful strategies and characteristics of successful people. Top strategies include being persistent, monitoring your progress, being focused, having willpower, and being a realistic optimist.

Eight Leadership Lessons

Here are eight leadership lessons from some of the most successful and powerful women. It is not enough to just be skilled and put in long hours; you must also have a desire to do something big and stay determined, even in the face of obstacles. Other key leadership traits include taking calculated risks, delegating at home and at work, and hiring people who are passionate and smarter than you are.

10 Career and Life Areas to Focus on This Year

On the heels of Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg's new book about work-family balance, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Richard Branson, the founder and Chair of the Virgin Group offers his own perspective on creating balance. He suggests that workplace offer flexible, family-friendly schedules, that women receive equal pay and opportunities to lead, and that leaders have a responsibility to speak up for their employees and avoid the "old-school" mentality.


The Glass Hammer Newsletter, March 21, 2013:

Queen Bee or Mother Hen: The Contradictory Images of Professional Women

No doubt you've heard this sentiment or read a similar headline a number of times during your career. I certainly have and I only started my career two and a half years ago. Young female colleagues and friends talk about avoiding female managers because of concerns around lack of support, hidden agendas, and jealousy. The question here is should they genuinely be concerned? Do senior female figures in organisations really exhibit non supportive behaviour to other women (the Queen Bee Phenomenon), or do they go out of their way to mentor more junior women (Mother Hen behaviour)?


The Glass Hammer Newsletter, March 28, 2013:

"What's She Doing Here?" How to Deal with the Legitimacy Double Bind

As women advance through their careers, they often face challenges to their legitimacy, or the notion that they didn't really earn their position. Apparently, some people are incapable of fathoming a world where a woman is competent and capable of earning a job by way of her qualifications. They would rather attribute her success to a quota, or to mere optics, or to one of the other methods women are presumed to employ to make their ways to the top. It's not fair, and it's an issue that doesn't seem to be going away, either.


Center for Creative Leadership's Leading Effectively, April 2013:

Crystalize Your Career Through "Sense Making"
Career paths and development strategies are increasingly self-directed. How do you gain the information and insight needed to steer your course?

Changing Culture: 4 Phases, Not 4 Steps

Changing culture is about changing minds. Are you willing to try this approach?


What Drives Ambition - and Are You Going Too Far? You need to be ambitious to be successful. But ambition can get you in trouble, too.

HR Pipeline: A Roadmap for Your Development
Learning to lead is never a one-shot deal. CCL's Leader Development Roadmap can help you plot a course.


HBR Blog Network, April 8, 2013:

It's Not Women Who Should Lean In; It's Men Who Should Step Back

"Men should read Lean In - so said friend and fellow HBR writer Nilofer Merchant. Three compelling reasons later, I had myself a copy of the book. While it might have been written as a treatise of what women could be doing to more of to gain more leadership positions in our organizations, and how we would all benefit from that happening, there was something else that stood out for me: it read as a pretty comprehensive list of things that the men have been doing wrong...."


Knowledge@Wharton, April 10, 2013:

Givers vs. Takers: The Surprising Truth about Who Gets Ahead

A colleague asks you for feedback on a report. A LinkedIn connection requests an introduction to one of your key contacts. A recent graduate would like an informational interview. New research from Wharton management professor Adam Grant reveals that how you respond to these requests may be a decisive indicator of where you'll end up on the ladder of professional success. (Video with transcript)


Check Your Connections: Is Your Social Network Strong?

If LinkedIn is your only network, it may be time for a tune-up, according to Wharton management professor Lori Rosenkopf, who shared tips for improving social networks during a recent Wharton alumnae conference.


New York Times, April 13, 2013:

Sponsors Seen as Crucial for Women's Career Advancement

A two-year study suggests that if women want to move beyond the vast pool of middle management, they need to acquire a sponsor - a powerfully positioned champion.


Fast Company, April 16, 2013:

Networking Tips For The Well Adjusted

Is there a more off-putting word than "networking"? Probably not. Do you have to hold your nose when you do it? Probably not.  


Calls for Applications, Nominations, Etc.


AAMC - Unconscious Bias Learning Lab in the Health Professions, April 29-May 1, 2013:

The AAMC's Diversity Policy and Programs unit has collaborated with expert consulting firm Cook Ross to develop a 3-day workshop which examines how unconscious biases develop, how they influence perceptions and decision making, and their impact on institutional diversity and inclusion efforts. After a successful launch of this program in January 2013, we're excited to extend this opportunity to additional participants. The Learning Lab will be held at Cook Ross Inc. headquarters just outside Washington, DC in Silver Spring, Maryland.


The Last Word


New York Times, April 10, 2013:

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for dieting tips...for email! Here's an article with some good tech-related pointers: How to Lighten the Crush of E-mail


Fast Company, April 17, 2013:

How To Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance

Are you a certified organizational ninja? It's OK, nobody is--so steal this idea from career kickstarter Amber Rae, who shares her "Work, Play, Fit, Push" framework for getting things done while staying inspired.

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