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WSCC Connect

Launching this October, the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) is bringing e-Business to you!

What is WSCC Connect?

E-Business, the ability to conduct transactions and requests electronically, is fast becoming one of the preferred ways of doing business in this information age. WSCC, with stakeholders across the North, Canada, and even internationally, is always looking for ways to improve our service delivery to everyone we work with. WSCC Connect, our e-Business service, exists to make your WSCC experience easier!

WSCC Connect provides employers with the ability to access services that typically require contact with the WSCC. Rather than having to call, email, or book a meeting with us to accomplish certain tasks, you can access WSCC Connect and have quick turn-around service at your fingertips.

During the first phase of WSCC Connect, we are introducing three services, aimed specifically at employers. These are:

Make a Payment: Pay your employer assessment fees online;

View Assessment Rates: View your own current and historical assessment rates, or view the WSCC's overall rate guide; and

Obtain a Clearance: Quickly generate your own clearance letters.

WSCC Connect will grow and evolve, with new services offerings aimed at different stakeholders, like the general public and claimants. WSCC Connect was built to help improve our service delivery, providing you with a more effective and efficient experience.

When is it Launching?

WSCC Connect is launching this fall. All employers registered with the WSCC will receive a welcome package sent to their mailing address with all the details they need to sign up for WSCC Connect.

Expect additional services to start rolling out in 2016.

What Do I Need to Know?

Everything you need to know about using WSCC Connect is in the welcome package. This package includes a welcome letter with important sign-up information, and the WSCC Connect Getting Started Guide, which outlines step-by-step how to set up your account.

Anyone can access WSCC Connect. During the first phase, Viewing Assessment Rates is open for anyone to see and verify the current and historical rates for specific industries and sub-classes. 

However, in order to conduct business on behalf of an employer, in the case of Obtaining Clearances and Making Payments, you require authorization from that employer's Access Administrator.

Employers, ahead of receiving this package, start considering who in your organization should become the Access Administrator. This is the main person who handles your WSCC Connect account, and can authorize or decline other users on the organization's behalf. The first person to Add An Employer to their account automatically becomes the 
Access Administrator. Once you've authorized other users, you can then give them either limited access to some features, or full access as Access Administrators.

Other users can request to be added to your organization's account, and Access Administrators can also invite users to WSCC Connect.

WSCC Connect gives you the ability to associate your personal online account with more than one employer. This allows you to conduct business on behalf of multiple employers, which can come in handy if you're an Accountant, Bookkeeper, or Administrator who works for different organizations.

WSCC Connect is launching in both English and French, and once users create their personal online account, they can choose their preferred language. This ensures that each time they log into the site, they can navigate through in the language of their choice.

Where Can I Find WSCC Connect?

Once WSCC Connect launches, you can access the service from the front page of the WSCC website, available at or Look for the WSCC Connect logo and click on it. This will take you through to our secure 
e-Business website. You can bookmark the WSCC Connect website, or you can always easily access it from the WSCC home page.

If you have any questions or feedback for us on WSCC Connect, send us an email at or

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