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December 17, 2014
Thankful for the fleas . . .

I am intrigued with the first lines of obituaries. Robin Feistel's simply says that she "went to be with the Lord on December 10, 2014." Our ESL (English as a Second Language) ministry leader signed her e-mails: ESL -- Enjoying the Savior's Love. The brilliance with which she approached the teaching of ESL to internationals was always an extension of her faith, her deep commitment to Christ.


Since her diagnosis with cancer in March of 2012, Robin and I had a number of exchanges about faith and healing and God's care. We disagreed on the interpretation of one verse: 


"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18 


Corrie ten Boom and her sister Betsie also disagreed about this verse . . . about coming to the point of being thankful for fleas in a pest-infested barracks in a concentration camp in Germany during WWII. Betsie encouraged her sister to "give thanks in all circumstances." Even living with fleas. Because the guards would not enter those rooms and therefore would not see the Bible so dear to the ten Boom sisters. Robin lived that kind of faith; thankful in all circumstances. I struggle. Thankful for so many blessings that came Robin's way in the course of her illness; not, however, thankful for fleas, cancer, or the like. Robin was special.

This past summer Robin was featured in CommonCall magazine. The article is entitled Making Every Moment Count. Robin was also featured in our first Literacy Connexus newsletter in May of 2011.


Following are comments from just a few of those whose lives were touched by Robin Feistel over the past 30 years.  


Dora Parnell, San Antonio:  

I have known Robin since the late 80's and did not one time see Robin in ESL settings when she was not passionate about what she was doing.  Whether it was her teaching, training, writing, or if she was helping us to do the same, it was going to be done professionally in order to provide the best that could be done for those who needed to learn to speak English and, more importantly, show them the love of the Lord.  


Kathleen Yarborough, Houston: 

Robin was my inspiration, my mentor and my friend. I always ask myself, "What would Robin do?" The many books she wrote, materials she left and things she taught us will never fill the void in our hearts, but they prepare us to continue. And so we move forward.


Karen Peiser, San Angelo: 

She was such a wonderful woman and such a dedicated servant of the Lord.  We are going to really miss her.


Martha McDade, Houston:  

Robin started as my teacher ten years ago. Over time she became my mentor, encourager, inspiration, role model, and my friend. Robin was a wonderful guide, not only in ESL, but in life. She made me a better person.



 Elsa Romero, San Antonio: 

Robin was a great role model of strength, faith and excellence. I will always remember Robin and cherish the words of wisdom and her great example as ESL teacher.


C.L. Pickle, Willis: 

Thank you, Robin, for all you've done for the ESL ministry. Thank you for spending your time for years studying what works best in teaching English to people who speak different languages.


Lynn Marie Kramp, Nashville:

I met Robin back in the mid-80s at our first ESL training at Baylor. We did our first ESL workshop shortly thereafter, combining volunteers from our churches, FBC Richardson and FBC Garland. Even back then, Robin displayed her gifts of organization and administration as we divided sections of the workshop to teach and ran off what must have been 20 lbs. of handouts. (No workbooks back then.) Lester was our cheerleader, and a great help.  




Phyllis Merritt, Waco:

It was my great blessing that Robin and I began attending some of the same Literacy Missions training sessions---at least as early as the 80's. Her passion and calling from God to do this ministry was very apparent.  




We will miss her, but we trust that God will bless what Robin has begun.  

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