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May 4, 2011

I joined Literacy Connexus . . .  


Over the last seven years, my association with Literacy Connexus has helped me grow in my service to others and expand my horizons in ESL ministry. In 2004 when Literacy Connexus began, I had given up the directorship of my church's ESL classes and was training the volunteer ESL teachers of ministries in East Texas. In January 2006 I began working with Literacy Connexus when Lester Meriwether, executive director, asked me to develop a new ESL teacher training.  This request was in response to the results of a survey of Texas ESL directors. So, along with a group of editors, I began to write TEX (Teaching English with Excellence) a 20+ hour training for new ESL teachers. Joining in ministry with Literacy Connexus, I now travel throughout Texas leading trainings, sometimes working alongside the 12 other TEX trainers.


Also, as the Literacy Connexus ESL Coordinator, I work with churches seeking to begin ESL ministries. Ministries of Excellence, an ESL organizational guide, was written in response to this need. With this guide, emails, phone calls and meetings, I help churches that are investigating ESL as a community outreach ministry.


Literacy Connexus has been a helping hand connecting ESL ministries by providing trainings and sharing of information on other trainings, conferences and things of interest. It has helped many churches begin and improve their literacy ministries. I have been stretched and enriched by working with Literacy Connexus since 2004.


Robin Feistel, Literacy Connexus ESL Coordinator 


Lester Meriwether, Executive Director 

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Pam Moore, Writer