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Upgrade Update 
September 10, 2014

Dear IndieCommerce Store, 


The summer of Drupal 7 has been both interesting and informative. I want to thank the IndieCommerce team and the many individual store contacts who have worked hard to identify and squash bugs, discover surprises, and help ABA appreciate the many ways in which stores use their websites. 


Earlier this summer we announced the four boarding groups, along with a commitment to open the platform to all types of sites, from simple to complex, before the holiday season. I'm happy to report that we have been able to keep that commitment, and thank those of you who let us know about your preferred timing. If we haven't yet heard from your store about the best time to migrate your website, expect to hear from us within the next few weeks.


Two things to note:

  • During the summer, we developed a "no touch" service for simple sites whose DNS is hosted by the ABA. In these cases, we are able to complete the entire migration process with minimal store involvement and with little disruption to the store's online presence. Stores whose DNS is not hosted by ABA may still be eligible for an "almost no touch" service; this option will only require store personnel's cooperation at the very tail-end of the process (the "go live" switchover to the new site)In either case, we will offer these "no touch" options to eligible stores as we find them in the queue. 
  • Many stores have opted to migrate their sites either later this year-including during the holidays-or after the first of the year. We can easily accommodate these preferences and will do all we can to have every store site migrated to the new platform before the end of March, 2015.  

Thank you for your attention, patience and help during this project. Please write to us at to add your store site to the queue. We'll be in touch later about specific timing options. 



Neil Strandberg


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Thanks for reading!
-IndieCommerce Staff
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