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Issue# 10: Getting Ready & Going Live on Drupal 7 
July 14, 2014
D7 Site Requests Now Available for Groups 1 & 2
Last week, the very first IndieCommerce site went live on Drupal 7.  As you may notice, Island Books of Mercer Island is using the Newsflash theme, a Drupal 6 favorite among our stores.  While some users will choose themes that are newly available in Drupal 7, others may keep the same customer-facing layout and opt for just an upgraded administrative back-end.  For more on selecting themes, please click here.

All Group 1 and Group 2 are now invited to request a Drupal 7 site.  If you feel that your store is ready to begin the transition, please reply to this email with your intentions. Stores will be entered into the site queue on a first-come first-served basis.

For a review of the steps and procedures of the migration, please read this email from June 16th. If you do not recall your group assignment, contact

Depending on the influx of demand, the first replies may receive a Drupal 7 site within the next few weeks. ABA staff will respond with a more definitive timeline when your site is ready to be assessed.
The Benefits of Hosting DNS with ABA
As part of the move to Drupal 7, you may need to make necessary changes to your domain that will require interaction with the company hosting your Domain Name Servers or "DNS"

What the heck is DNS? Long story short, it's what routes users to the location of your website -- almost like the internet's version of a telephone operator.  A full explanation can be found here.  Every alphabetical website address ( has a corresponding number or IP Address.  In order to point your domain name to your new Drupal 7 site, the listing will need to be updated to reflect the new numerical location.  In other words, it would be like if you changed your phone number and were updating the "Yellow Pages" listing. 

About half of IndieCommerce users host DNS directly with ABA.  The other half still hosts with another company.  Generally, this is wherever the domain name was purchased (eg. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, NameCheap, etc.).  We recommend hosting with us directly to minimize the steps taken with your hosting company and to cut out the confusing tech jargon.  ABA staff will make any necessary changes for stores that host DNS with us.

Hosting DNS with ABA will also save your store money, since it's included in the cost of IndieCommerce.  Please keep in mind, ABA does not provide email hosting services.

Not sure if you're hosted with ABA?

1.  Go to MX Toolbox.
2.  In the field provided, type in (ex., Click "Look Up".
3.  If the Primary NS is you are hosted with ABA.  If it's anything else, you are hosted with another company.

Still using a address?

It's time to purchase a domain name.  As part of the move to Drupal 7, all stores will be required to have their own domain name or web address.  In addition to being easier for customers to remember, you will have ownership of that address should you choose to someday move away from the IndieCommerce platform.

Domains and hosting can be pretty tricky topics.  Our team would be happy to discuss them directly, just email to set up an appointment.

Stay in Touch!
The upgrade is now in full force, and we're still working to keep everyone up-to-date on upgrade news.  Sign up for Upgrade Update calls with Neil, available every Tuesday & Thursday at 4PM Eastern.

This week our team will start to roll out a new ticketing system to organize our support inquiries for the upgrade. If you receive an automated response, know that IndieCommerce staff will get back to you shortly.  This service will allow us to provide the most accurate and speedy responses during this extra busy time.

Thanks for reading!
-IndieCommerce Staff
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